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Interview with Marcelo Quirino

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Published on 30.10.2012

We see in our churches a great unpreparedness to child labor, in fact not all. Many have been highlighted in this great work. However, most of them just entertain the children so that they "do not disturb" worship. The children go to their "cultinhos" to paint, play or watch a movie and there is a specific message for your Christian life.

According to Lionel Hunt survey, 1% of the converts made their decision before 4 years of age, 85% to made between 4 to 14 years. From 14 to 30 only 10%, and only 4% after 30 years. These data reinforce our responsibility: "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22 6).

If there are strong children's ministries in churches, also there is not a closer look at their spiritual, psychological / emotional and physical needs and much less to the theme "Counselling for children" which is something brand new.

In this interview with Jetro Institute on his book "Child Counseling," the psychologist Marcelo Quirino shows the importance of this work.

Marcelo graduated in Psychology at the Psychology Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with Full Degree in Psychology at the Faculty of Education of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Technician in Business Administration from Educational Complex Vilar dos Telles. Performed volunteer work in the UNESCO / State of Rio; Resurrecting the NGOs, the INCA and the Federal Government / SESI. Clinical Psychology held calls in Duque de Caxias / RJ. It is currently Clinical Psychologist in the Treatment Reference Center for Children and Adolescents II in Campos dos Goytacazes in Rio de Janeiro.

He is a member of First Baptist Church in Guarani - St. Johns Wood / RJ 13 years and speaker in the areas of Organizational Psychology, Psychology and Education and Relationships. Meet the author's website.

 Marcelo Quirino

Why is the production of this book and what is its goal?

I still look for a publisher for the book. For now it is an independent production. The production of this book is due to two main factors: my professional experience with care with children and the lack of counseling material geared specifically for children. At the time of launch of my book I did a literature and there was absolutely no book with the theme.

Secondary reasons are difficult to treat in counseling with children, infrequently children's pastoral care and the lack of adequate training of pastors and leaders to perform the task with quality of pastoral care.

This book is the result of experience with child care in private practice and later in the Reference Center and Treatment of Children and Adolescents, where I work as a public servant. It is a theme which I really like. Currently I see an extreme shortage in parent education skills. This book can also help parents and educators in this regard is not only facing advisors not.

In the interview "Educating the next leaders" of Jetro Institute Cris Poli (Supernanny), she says: "The Church must have a ministry for children which is developed a work in unity with parents through lectures, workshops and meetings for guidance about how to educate their children. " In your opinion, what is the role of the Church for health physical-emotional-mental-spiritual children?

The church has an indispensable role in the overall health of the child. I would not say that this work is optional, but I understand as a duty of the church to have a specific ministry to children and to address the various dimensions of the little ones, such as physical, emotional, social and spiritual health.

Many churches have limited EBD and child worship. I emphasize that this is extremely insufficient for a ministry that wants provider of comprehensive services for the child.

With this current limited view of the churches, activities for children is restricted to social activities and spiritual learning, however, the activity of emotional care, prevention and intervention is not performed or when a lot is done by kindergarten teachers who at least know the stages of child development and are there on loan after much begging to be that responsabilizassem by the ministry. They have no psychological much less academic preparation for treatment of children in the church. We know that work is voluntary, but criticize the lack of a pastoral vision towards a full ministry with academic training of children's teachers in the churches.

Who can act as a child counselor? What are the characteristics, knowledge necessary to perform this function? What kind of Child Counseling tools you propose in the book?

The prepared, whatever. The question is what will establish as a criterion to define who is prepared and what kind of preparation is necessary for the effective performance of this important task.

I believe that common sense should guide the criteria for defining the preparation. A course of counseling, supervised practice of counseling, the taste for activity, and the ability to ludic care counseling are already starting to prepare kicks.

Not necessarily the counseling activity should be performed by a pastor or ministry leader. Counseling is a divine gift as described in Romans 12, I Corinthians 24:14 and Ephesians 4. The gifts which usually has an advisor are multiple, such as exhort, teach, discern, science, knowledge, discernment of spirits and healing, leading themselves in consideration the gifts described in these biblical chapters.

The proposed tool in the book is essentially the management of playful techniques to listen and understand the child in your problem which is usually inserted in the family.

Changes in society and the increase of divorce, outsourced education to schools or babysitters, technological advances or consumerism, have passed the mental-emotional health of children?

Yes, that's what I see in my clinical care. I would say that 10 children's care that I do, 8 is directly related to the problem of parents.

Be familiar crisis, separation, inability to educate parents' problems with their parents, recurrent pathogenic patterns of family interaction, projection on the child of parental emotional problems, unconscious hatred against children, children taking the role of father or mother, delaying or making early child development, cognitive and cultural failure of parents, among other pathogenic factors.

What we need to realize is that psychologically we are indebted to our time. We are historical, cultural, symbolic beings and therefore located in a specific time. Since the post-war where the number of male labor has declined, the female revolution in the 70s with women entering the labor market seeking equal rights, technology, liberalization of the right for minorities, globalization and transculturalism among other social changes, we see a change that puts us in what we call postmodernity. A peculiar period and forming social collective identities and mainly a formative period of ecclesiastical and religious identities inclusive. Evil Blessed is the leader who can not read the psychosocial consequences of that time in their team.

What the church / Child Counselor can do on the knowledge that the child suffered some form of violence (sexual, psychological, moral) or suffering from psychological disorders such as ADHD (Disorder Deficit Attention, Hyperactivity and Impulsivity) cibervício , depression, ego misfits and conduct?

The activity of child counseling has a limit, intervention mode, a specific focus, spiritual goals, indications and contraindications. Why is this important training so there is no iatrogenic activity (harmful therapeutic activity) in child counseling.

A children's counselor can be either someone with a focus on spirituality as a psychologist with specialized care. professional inserted in the church could play a therapeutic activity counseling aimed at working together with parents and the child.

The non-psychologist who counsels children in the churches must understand that their work is restricted to the Bible and spiritual treatment of children. In this sense, his work has educational and spiritual focus for the child, for the parents and family in any case.

Already on specific issues, monitoring by a professional is a sine qua non for the efficient operation of the advisory activity itself. The counselor can comfort biblically the child, family and spiritual support hyperactive children.

We can not fall into romanticism that child counseling activity is recommended for all cases. There are cases where it is contraindicated by its limitations and constraints of structural objectives.

What advice to pastors and leaders how to care for the children of his Church.

In general, preparation, taste for activity, vision to form counseling leaders, not only teachers EBD and development of whole ministries specifically directed to children. Technically, development of recreational activities in counseling, detachment, simple language, expression, patience, attention to child expressiveness not always clear.

As professional advice, indicate working together with psychologists, social workers, partnership with the family, a lot of wisdom and insight to not exercise iatrogenic family activities and care for the health of the child.

Tactically, the leader must develop a preparedness plan leaders, structure of the full children's ministry with professional advice included, and resources necessary for the proper development of the project.

One has to bear in mind that the emotional health of children and work with children's counseling can be a family path of evangelization in the church community and a good reinforcement in members and future psychological bases of the local Christian community.

Authorized reproduction since maintained the integrity of the texts mentioned the author and the site and communicated its use by e-mail [email protected]

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Article title: Advice for children

Author: Marcelo Quirino

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