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Actually, the education in general or nowadays is a very crucial from kindergarten till after graduation or post studies, the concerned party has been doing the best to completely carry on the process of teaching in all stages of teaching.  Headteacher and the school administration play very important role in keeping and completing the learning process in the school. This paper aims at identifying the head teachers' role in the education process and the factors that which might affect them. For this paper, the researcher will use both quantitative and qualitative methods (a questionnaire and a survey) to perform the present study. The results of the paper show their essential role as leaders for the educational process in the country. A type of cooperation between the school, the teacher, students and the parents is needed for the process of a successful learning. This study goes as follows: Abstract, Introduction, Review of the related literature, Research Significance, research of the question with the objectives of the study included. Ethical Consideration, Limitations of the study, Expected results and findings; and at last, the researcher listed a list of the references of the previous writers and researcher who talks about the same topic and from whom the researcher gets to benefit from them.   Thus, the researcher will conduct this research paper the above general plan identified or specified by the researcher.


Education, generally, needs many different factors to be integrated with each other to complete the process of teaching perfectly and in a very well manner; these are such as teachers, learners, books, administration aids, etc.  T he process of teaching as a whole, there is a growing concern about the job of the head teacher and his role in the school in general. However there are some studies investigate this matter in the world generally and in Saudi Arabia in particular. The most popular studies about this matter in Saudi Arabia are done by Gaziel (1986), Johnson &Holdway (1994), alga by (2003), and Oplatka and Mimon (2008). Most studies address the important role of the job of the head teacher who can be an English teacher in the school itself. The most contribution study is done by Spector (1997). He identifies three  reasons for job satisfaction: are human values which are essential in orienting the organization by treating the staff fairly well; second, the behavior of the organization’s staff effects on its operation, either positively or negatively. Third, the assessment of employee satisfaction identified the area in need of improvement. This is the process of teaching in which teachers are dealing with the future of the community or society. Johnson and Holdway (1994) mentioned the importance of researching jobs. Actually, one can find that there are a relation and links between the quality and life in the society, the modernization, the assessment of new technology, these impose a great deal of pressure upon teachers and draw attention  to the need for more concern over job satisfaction   .         

Literature Review:

      In this field, there are many researchers who have attempted to define the concept of job satisfaction. This job guide is very important in the process of education as of its crucial and vital role they play in this respect. Funnyman (1992) pointed out that, according to the literature, job satisfaction factors are divided into three groups. These are 1(organizational characteristics focusing on issues such as reward, supervision, and decision-making practices, 2) specific aspects of the job that include workload, autonomy, feedback and the physical working environment, and 3) individual characteristics concerning personal characteristics such as self-esteem and general life satisfaction. The encouragement of the students by the teacher or head teacher by rewarding them by   encouraging them, giving them rewards and gifts; and even ask the administration to reward a pupil by giving him money. These need from the teacher himself to of a good mastering of the language; while the teacher is doing his job he has to pay a certain attention to the individuals feature and differences. Pupils r student dissatisfaction has to be highly considered, meanwhile, the decision which will be taken by the teacher or head teacher can be regarded as very important just can be considered as a hygiene factor which can prevent dissatisfaction. So, the role of head teachers and administration is of high importance and can't be avoided in the process of learning.     

Significance of the Research:

The role, of the administration and head teachers in the schools, is very important in keeping and completing the learning process in the school. This paper aims at identifying the head teachers' role in the education process and the factors that might affect them in what future such as the rules subjected by the official, their age, students behavior, the treatment of the administration towards teachers …etc.

     No doubt, that the role of head teacher and the administration is a significant role that can't be neglected during the process of English language or any other language, and even it is an important role that can play in the local community . The main object of this research is to identify and show the administration and the head teacher's role in the teaching process and in the community as a whole. The researcher looks at the importance of the administration and the head teachers that they play in controlling the whole school and in adjusting or correcting in wrong behavior from the students or the learners and from here emerges the importance and the significance of this research, so; he decides to write on this vital matter.  The researcher considers the role of the head teacher as a great role in managing students in the school and inside their classes. Head teachers and administration can participate positively in the community, solving problem, in the school all kinds of festivals can be held there; thus, the role is essential even outside the school     

Objectives of the Research:

     The researcher main intention is to study the head teachers (first) in the school and the school administration participation in the school and in the local community. In his attempt to conduct this study, the researcher puts

Certain goals to be the main or basic for this study and he tries to fulfill or reach a conclusion that can best serve these objectives and goals.The main aim of this research paper is to identify the head teachers' role in the education process and the factors that which might affect their role. The matter of the cooperation between the school and the home is also concentrated on by the researcher for the best performance of this study.

Research Questions:

The researcher, before commencing this study, he thinks deeply about the questions of this study and then he will put the following question  s for this study paper.

 What are the aspects of the community, the school can participate in?  

 Identify the role of the administration and the head teachers’ role in the learning process?

 To what extent is the role of the head teachers in the learning and in the community?

Research Methodology:

        This research is about the role of administration and head teachers in the learning process at the intermediate stage or schools in, the researcher uses various sources to collect data and information so as to reach to suitable results at the end of the processing of this study, The researcher first collects his data from previous studies by writers who tackled and spoke about the same topic; then he will make a questionnaire and a survey. As for the questionnaire, the researcher will design it to suit the goals of this study. He puts a plan to conduct it as follows: first, the researcher chooses the schools of participants getting assistance from the teachers of English at those schools; then getting help from some of his relatives (students), colleagues and  teachers; he will distribute the questionnaire to these schools, each one at certain time. The researcher supported his questionnaire with approval from the university and schools.  After, finishing off the participants dealing with it, the researcher will collect it back to be studied and analyzed.     

     As for the survey, the researcher will first administer it with whole participants as one group, and then he will conduct it with individual participants one by one. It will be collected back since it finishes one by one till it finishes; then it will be subjected to analysis and categorizing, From the results of the questionnaire and the survey, the final results of the whole study will be formed.  The researcher hopes finally, to be able to conduct this study perfectly to reach to suitable results for this study.

Ethical Consideration:

     The study will be about the role of administration in the teaching process. The participants or the sample of the study may be afraid to reveal more data and information fearing that it may be used for another purpose other than the specified one, Because of this and fearing from not achieving all the goals of the study, the researcher will try

Heavily to take an approval from the target both the university and schools where this research will be conducted to assure to all the participants that their information and data will be secure and safe

Limitations of the Study:

     Each research can be limited by some elements that may stand heavily on his way to complete his study perfectly. Here, in this research and from its title there are likely some of these limitations such as the sample which may be used or be chosen from male schools, and the number of the sample of the study which may be used for the last time. In addition to that, there are the normal factors such as the local time (when?   ), place (where?) and (how). Time, place and the way or the method.   

Expected Results:

      The researcher will expect some results to have resulted from this study : the researcher's results from this study show that the school administration and the head teachers' role are very vital and important in the process of teaching. Parents have to be in a continuous contact with the school, and their sons - students  


 Alagbari, A., 2003. Job satisfaction among a sample of general education heads teachers in

The Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia. Journal of Gulf and Arabic island studies, 29, 169-197.

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  • Appendix :

  • Questionnaire

    Agree Disagree Neutral

    Head teacher's in the school can't be avoided

    The weakness and strong of school administration can determine the progress   

    Cooperation is needed between the school, parents and student themselves are of a great importance for the learning process  

    The administration can indirectly help in encouraging the student

  • Survey

    Student name: ………………………………………………………..Age: ………………

    Place of birth: ………………………………………………. level of education: …………

    What do you think about headteachers' role?     ……………………………………………………………………………………………

    What kind of cooperation between the school and the head teachers or the administration that you expect?


    Can the administration and the head teacher play any role in the motivation of the students?


    Is there any negative role of the head teacher's job?


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