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Leicester Tigers are the most successful Rugby club in England, claiming the position as English champions ten times and winning many cups. However, unlike their Rugby rivals Saracens FC and Wasps FC they currently don’t have a female squad competing at Premiership level. Therefore, a change to this organisation would be to produce a female team which would compete within the Female Premiership Rugby league and experience success similar to the Men’s first team.  I believe this will have a positive impact on Leicester tigers as it will enhance their image as a club that supports equal opportunities, which will lead to an increase in interest from female rugby fans and will increase their revenue due to ticket sales and sponsors.

Mckinsey’s 7S Model helps organisations to achieve their objectives using 7 key elements which are split into hard and soft elements. The hard elements include strategy, structure and systems, which are much easier to manage and identify than the soft elements which include style, skills, staff and shared values (Jurevicius 2013). When Leicester Tigers produce a female team all of these elements will be impacted.

Strategy is “the direction and scope of the organisation over the long term.” (Whittington et al 2005 pg 9), and this will be significantly impacted when a female team is produced. Currently, one of Leicester tiger’s strategies is to get the male first team squad to win the Premier League, using its resources to the best it can. However, a new strategy will involve them producing a female rugby team who will be successful within the female premiership. Therefore, similarly to the male team the management will have to ensure all the resources are being used effectively to improve their female player’s performances so that when they compete they are successful and achieve their objectives.  One example of the resources that Leicester Tigers can use is the strength and conditioning support. According to Taylor et al (2013) the most common female injuries during the female rugby world cup in 2010 was knee ligament injuries at 15% and ankle ligament injuries at 13%. Therefore, the strength and conditioning coaches can use this information to ensure that conditioning work is done on the muscles and ligaments around these joints to prevent this happening. This will help to ensure the best players are fit for matches supporting there attempt to be successful in the premiership.

The staff element will also be impacted by this change. This refers to the employees and their need to develop and be motivated (Singh, 2013). When Leicester Tigers produce a female team the current scouts would have to seek good players from other top women’s rugby teams to join them. Therefore, the role and skills of the current scouts will have to change as they currently seek talented male players and now they will also have to seek good female players, therefore the criteria of what they are seeking may differ. Consequently, the rugby scouts will have to be trained and developed by management and the Head coach on what type of players they are looking for. Furthermore, a management team for the females will have to be produced, which includes a manager, coaches and sport science support. When selecting a new manager according to Bernadi (1997), it’s important that the person you are selecting best meets the needs of the rugby team. Therefore the manger will need to be experienced in rugby, have experience working with females and had previous success in the manager role. All of the new employees can be found through word of mouth which is most common in elite sport, or advertising and networking (Bernadi, 1997).

The Shared values element of Mckinsey’s 7 Model will also change if a female squad is produced. Shared values are the organisations shared beliefs and attitudes (Singh, 2013). Leicester Tigers current beliefs are based around hard work and strength. When searching for players to be in there male academy squad they look out for those who can be identified as “warriors” and “Doers” and their core working principles include honesty and high intensity. However, these core working principles may need to change for the female team. It’s more likely that a female rugby player would gain an ACL injury than a male (Peck 2013), therefore working at “high intensity” all the time may put the females at risk, and instead the working principles for females could be focused on effort and good rest. Leicester Tigers mission statement will change, it will now be focused on producing a successful female team alongside the male team. Therefore, all staff will have to adopt this value, for example the new coaching team will have to produce good training programmes, the Sport Scientists will have to give scientific support, and the male rugby team can show public support to the female team to help increase their publicity and awareness.

The chairman of the last 20 years at Leicester Tigers is Peter Tom CBE. He made 130 first team appearances and is a “well known and respected businessman” according to Atlantic.  Once a female squad is produced it will be important for Peter Tom to adjust his Leader style in response to the new team. Leadership style is “the way in which the manager typically behaves towards a group” (Mullins, 2010, p. 380). Two of the dimensions of leadership include “showing concern and interacting with the team” and “leading by example” (Arnold et al, 2000). Therefore it will be beneficial for him to give lots of guidance and encouragement to the female team, such as listening to their needs, having a great interest in their training and following their games. This is more likely to lead to success of the team as having good guidance and encouragement from a leader can lead to an increased cohesion (Mullins, 2010). Peter Tom will therefore be leading by good example, which can lead to the male rugby team showing support to the females which will help to increase their publicity and interest from fans and the media, which can lead to increased income.

Therefore, the elements of Mckinsey’s 7s model which will be impacted most by this change are staff, shared values, style and strategy. All elements of the model are interconnected, therefore when one element changes this can impact the others.  

Due to the staff element being changed when a female team is produced this will cause the skills component and the structure of Leicester Tigers to be impacted. The skills component of Mckinseys 7 S will be impacted as skills link to staff attitudes. When Leicester tiger’s scouts are selecting the female squad, they will have to be retrained on what they are looking for in the female players, therefore this will involve them learning new skills.  Also, because Leicester tigers would have to produce a new management team responsible for the female squad this could also impact the structure of the organisation. The structure would become a more Hierarchal structure, as there will be a new department within the organisation. Therefore at the top of the structure there will be the chairman, then underneath there will be both Director of female rugby and Director of Male rugby. Which will then each have their own departments staff underneath starting with Head coach, then underneath them would be the rest of the staff such as assistant coaches, sport science support and strength and conditioning coaches. Therefore, the new hierarchal structure will look like this –

Due to the new strategy of creating a successful female rugby team, there will also have to be changes in the systems within the organisation too. These are the processes of the company, such as the I.T, communications and Operations. Within the first couple of years of the female team starting out they will have to be advertised so rugby fans gain awareness about them, this can be done by I.T and communications using social media accounts. Therefore, this also links to the skill element as staff will have to be trained on how to effectively use social media.

Overall, Mckinseys 7 S model is useful as it compares the present state of affairs with the desired state of affairs and allows organisations to see how all elements of the model are linked (Singh, 2013). Therefore, Leicester tigers can use it to judge how successful the female rugby team are by comparing their revenue and interest from fans to previous results. However, in Peter and Watermans study on Mckinsey 7s model the companies that achieved “excellence” didn’t sustain their success in the long term, which suggests Mckinsey’s 7s isn’t always successful on its own. In conclusion, a possible improvement for organisations using the model would be to use it alongside the balance score card model which according to Kaplan (2006) aligns well and complements Mckinsey’s 7s model, as it considers long term growth and customer values.

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