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I was born in Trenton, New Jersey and as an infant we moved to New York City, New York. We moved a couple of times since I was little to New York City, Atlanta and Austin. At the age of seven, while living in New York City; I sustain a head injury while missing a stone step, I tumbled and fractured my skill. So, there is a lot I do not recollect about my childhood. The thing I do recall about living in New York, was my first day in the first grade. I attended a private Catholic school, were I had to wear a school uniform. Majority of my childhood remembers are from Atlanta and it prepared me for the man I am today.

Both parents are from Trinidad, so I had an accent. Atlanta was challenging at first for me, because of my accent. Kids would make fun of it. So I had to be creative with it and I learned how to play the dozen. I became good at cracking jokes, so they started accepting me for who I was. Before my eighth grade year, we moved to Austin, Texas, that is where I discovered my passion for sports. Leaving Atlanta to a smaller city, many of the other kids would be like, “he is so cool and he is from ATL.” During my brief stay in Austin, I mostly focus on playing basketball and making it thru high school. After my sophomore year in Austin, my parents decided to move back to Atlanta, which is where I graduated high school.

Communicating with him it is obvious he is intelligent, sophisticated and a natural born leader. For 18 years, he has been a proud member of the United States Air Force (USAF). He clearly understands the Air Force culture, core duties and most importantly in servicing the American people. He is propelled by meeting set tasks before the cutoff dates, because it gives me a sense of achievement and it is something that he can reflect on and say “we achieved that”. He is also motivated by recognition, for example, when he writes reward packages for his airmen for their outstanding achievements, he gets a sense of accomplishment from seeing how they have contributed to the success of the USAF.

He prides myself on his managerial skills and his ability to resolve what could be problematic circumstances. With 6 years of experience as a superintendent, he has learnt to effectively understand and resolve unexpected issues. He also has strong communication skills, which aid him in working well with customers, team members and management. He is an effective team member with a gift for giving motivational speeches. He has often been told that labelled as a perfectionist. He puts too much of myself into job, in which he struggles to get the right work-life balance.

He generally accepts criticism, if it is due. His very critical of his own work and he appreciate and welcomes beneficial criticism and advice from others, especially those who may has more experience and a different point of view. He was recently tasked to draft a tender document for a new contract which is outside his normal duties and his expertise in this respect is naturally limited. He enlisted the aid of other colleagues and they provided him constructive criticism on different ways to perfect the document. They won the contract and he gained a wealth of experience which will be valuable to him in the future.

He decided to join the USAF at 19, he recalled standing out the recruiting station of 4 different military services. He thought long and hard about all of them and narrowed it down to this: did he want to join the Navy and ship full of guys; join the Army in dig trenches and carry a duffel bag; join the Marines and become a jarhead or join the Air Force where they are focused on education, sit behind and stay in hotels. The rest is 18 years of great memories!

Senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO), must be an extremely operative leader with a self-confidence, fosters communicate, listen and interpret leadership orders into precise tasks and duties their teams can comprehend and perform. Our primary purpose is mission accomplishment. We are leaders who can receive and comprehend a mission and make it happen. It is an honor to serve as an SNCO, there is honor in leading airmen to success. He invests in each or group of airman by example, instruction, and properly represent the missions and standards of USAF.

A SNCO, must personal know and lead each Airmen under his command. When he first introduces myself to a newly assigned airman, he makes it clear that in order for us to succeed; it is essential that everyone of us are strong and able body of our unit. This requires me to pay attention to all the airmen strengths and weaknesses. I ensure that are prepared emotionally, mentally and physically to perform their assigned duties. It is our duty to ensure that each of them are trained, equipped, use applied knowledge and overcome their fears.

Reconnecting with my family, friends and becoming a full-time student. I see myself, maybe as a youth counselor. I like working typically troubled teens between the ages 10-21. I think it is time we start providing positive role models for these young people. We need start communicating with them versus being afraid of them. Let them know there is life outside of being placed in social services or court systems, but have to be willing to make that change.

My cherished family tradition is Thanksgiving feast, were majority of our family members spends meaningful time together. With our bellies full and glasses near empty, we would sit around in the living room or dining table, thanking God for all the thing we are thankful for. What I love about this tradition is the What I love about our family tradition is the love and bond that each person of us shares. Often the stories are of caring for someone and their everlasting love for them. It is not unusual for us to be sniffling and crying. There is a heavy dose of giggling, as well.

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