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Dear Ms Bainbridge,

I am writing this letter in application for the position of Prefect.

The role of Prefect requires someone who consistently shows full commitment to the school environment and also shows confidence in being a major representative for the school. Throughout my five years at Emanuel school, I have become very aware of the strong community values that the school holds. As I embark on the final year of education at the school, I would cherish to be given the privilege and responsibility of being able to make a significant contribution to this distinctive spirit the school has. I trust that this will not only be beneficial to me and my peers, but also for the younger years growing up through the school.

From the first week that I joined Emanuel, I took a very keen interest in everything the school has to offer. Within the first month, I had joined four music societies and was working on that years’ school musical production, all while excelling academically. As time has gone on, the need to balance academics in relation to extra-curricular activities has diminished the time I can allocate to such activities, but I have still upheld the majority of them, while continuing my academic success. As of this year, I have spent three consecutive years representing the school at national sporting events, as the coxswain of my year groups’ First VIII crew. I have also formed important ties with the music department, currently holding an Exhibition for composition, percussion and violin. I therefore regularly take part in department concerts and have my pieces premiered at such events. In my free periods, I often help the music staff with their interactive lessons given to younger years. I also have strong ties to the drama department, having taken a major role in the backstage element of over 10 productions at the school and earning a drama badge for my persistent work. In the classroom, I always take initiative to engage in productive discussion with the teachers, ensuring that I maximise the knowledge and experience I can gain from them.

A key attribute I feel that I can bring to the role of prefect is my ability to work as a leader, but also as part of a team. My participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver schemes, has enabled me to hone and develop these skills. At times when my group struggled to navigate towards our next destination, it was vital for us to work efficiently as a team to achieve our goals. Another example of my showing of progressive leaderships skills takes form in the role of conductor of the Junior strings group that I have been doing for a year now. This responsibility involves me ensuring a regular attendance of the members of the group, as well as the need for leadership in the form of conducting, all while keeping the younger members of the group fully engaged and enjoying the activity. Being at the helm of this group has given me a very valuable opportunity to interact with younger year groups on a regular basis, and to greatly improve my communication skills. Another attribute I believe I could bring to the role of prefect would be my ability to confidently speak to large groups of people at a time and having good public speaking skills. During my time in Years 8-12, I have taken part in multiple public speaking competitions, debates and Model UN competitions, within the school, and representing the school in competition against others. All these experiences required one to show show confidence in communicating the specific point of view/argument that you are presenting to an audience.

In regards to improvements in specific areas of school life and the role prefects could play in implementing these changes, I feel that it would be a good idea to have the prefects give a termly assembly to the rest of the school, detailing and giving insight into the changes and improvements that they have helped implement. I believe that the majority of improvements should be focused on the younger years. Having joined Emanuel in Year 8, I struggled a great amount in my first term, both making friends and also finding my way around the school. This was due to the majority of friendships groups having already been formed the previous year. I believe that students joining the school in intermediate years, or at non ordinary points in the year should be immediately paired with a prefect who might have experienced a similar situation to them, or who they share interests in common with. This form of support system would greatly decrease issues of bullying, as well as boosting the new student’s self-esteem and ability to communicate with his own year group. Although multiple peer mentoring support systems already exist within the school, I believe a vital role that the prefects should take part in is in aiding the younger year with any queries they may have. Having an alternative to teachers to ask questions about issues such as revision processes and ever careers for the older years, would greatly help strengthen the school community, help form stronger relationships between the Sixth-form and younger years whilst building inter-personal skills


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