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Interpersonal skills:

Interpersonal skills are the skills that people use every day to be able to deal with others as individuals and in groups. People who have good interpersonal skills usually are successful in their professional and personal lives. That is why, managers often employ people who have strong interpersonal skills because they will perform well in a team and be able to interact effectively with their peers.

Interpersonal skills Communication:

Interpersonal skills communication is the process that people use to exchange information, meanings and emotions through face-to-face interaction. Communication happens through interpersonal skills which Include: verbal and non-verbal communication, negotiation skills, listening skills, problem solving, decision making and assertiveness skills. This variety of skills can help people to have successful interaction with others as individuals or groups.

Why interpersonal Skills are Important to build a group?

 Verbal Communication: Transferring and receiving messages orally as face to face communication through words is called verbal interacting. People should choose their words and be aware of what they say while talking to others to avoid misunderstood or confused ideas.  Having these skills creates an opportunity for discussing, motivates thoughts, and deepens group member’s relationships.

 Non-Verbal Communication: As an addition to oral skills, people use their body language, tones of the voice, facial expressions and eye contacts to also communicate with people. For example, controlling tones in the voice is a skill which effects and ensures a relaxed conversation in a group. Eye contact and facial expressions show many feeling and ideas that words may not express.

Negotiation skills: From time to time, conflicts may arise while working in a group where all different ideas, beliefs aims and needs are brought together.  The point of negotiation skill is to try to reach agreements and to discuss towards a Win-Win outcome without causing dissatisfaction in the group. Group members should prepare their ideas, discuss it, clarify their goals, reach to an agreement, and finally implement action plans.

 Listening Skills: People should give just as much of their attention to a message they are receiving as to ones they were sending. Group cohesion relies on each member’s feedback to their colleagues and listening to each person's input will result into having an effective team because every member will feel that he or she is respected, valued and listened to.

 Problem Solving: It is very important to have a logical way of thinking, and be able to work with others to identify conflicts issues, define the ways they could be solved and make an action plan to solve problems. This skill of problem solving is important in a work group to keep it going on smoothly without confusions and stuck in collusions.

 Assertiveness: It is the ability of a person to stand up for his/ her own or other’s rights in a calm and positive way without being aggressive. People should communicate their values, opinions, beliefs, needs and ideas by expressing their feelings and beliefs in a way that others can understand and respect.

As a conclusion, interpersonal skills are important to build groups of organizations, because they are used to give and receive information and emotions successfully, influence the attitudes and behaviour between members, form good relationships and maintain them, understand the needs of peers and succeed in making decisions and solving problems. These results will insure a strong team that will be relaxed to work in a satisfied and motivated work environment where each member has excellent interpersonal skills which leads to better performance.

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