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A well-trained and competent project manager can create an effective team which is a key factor in the success of a project. Davis (2014) stated in her paper that competencies of the project manager is one of nine themes in order to describe success factors of projects. So it shows that a competent project manager will lead the project to a success.

A competent project manager must have knowledge about schedule and cost management, stakeholder management, communication management and human resources management to mitigate the challenges during the period of the project (Hwang et al., 2011). All these are needed as to avoid dispute within the parties involved in the project. If the project manager is not competent enough, he cannot handle the parties involves, then it will leads to dispute between parties and will cause extra time and cost to complete the project as it will affect the schedule of the work.

Also, as a competent project manager, they should have analytical, decision-making, team working, delegation and problem-solving skills to make the project runs smoothly (Hwang et al., 2011). As for project team, the work shall be clear to be executed. If the project manager do not delegate the work accordingly, it will cause confusion between the parties involved and then will lead to delay. Then, during construction, it is normal to have problem such as material not suitable, delay in supply material and dispute between parties involved. As a competent project manager, he should know how to solve this kind of problem to avoid the project to be affected by it.

Project manager also should have behavioural and social skill to deal with the project related issue (Mahsa et al., 2016). Similarly, a recent study conducted by Stevenson and Starkweather (2010) investigated the human characteristics necessary to achieve project success across US industries. The results identified six critical core competences: leadership, verbal and written skills, the ability to communicate at multiple levels, attitude, and the ability to deal with ambiguity and change that were indicative of important skills and characteristics of successful project managers. Project manager should be a person who can control the situation when the problem occurred. A project manager need to deal with the supplier, contractor and consultant to make sure the construction work runs smoothly. Project manager should have leadership skill and leads all these parties as if there is no leader, the parties will only concerned about their responsibility as example the Architect will only concerned about the design without thinking about the cost and the Quantity Surveyor will only concerned about the cost. So this situation will leads to dispute and the project will never be done in time. It will be too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Then, if there is any discrepancies between work programme schedule and current work progress, project manager can urge the parties to justify or improve and follow the work programme without causing any fuss.

Also, the main skills essential to successful project management include planning and scheduling, budgeting and cost control, estimation, quality control, and construction management (Hwang et al., 2011). These skill is needed to assess project risks and to make trade-offs of cost, schedule, time, and quality. As for construction project, whether the project is success or not can be determined by three factors that are time, quality and cost (Amin, 2011). For sure, client will always want the project to be high in quality with the least cost and the shorter period of time to build. If the project manager is competent, he will be able to manage these three factor in order to please the client and bring the project to success. Lastly, time management is always a key factor to success of construction project (Amin, 2011). As in construction, delay always occurred. If the time is well managed, it will reduced cost as extra time will lead to extra cost need to be paid by client. The project manager is the one who holds the reins for a construction project, so if a project lead by a competent project manager, effective team management will be created and will lead the project to a success. This show how important a competent project manager in order for a project to obtain success.

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