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Neel Parikh

Address: 203/c Sarthi Tower, Samrajya complex, Fatehgunj, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Mobile: +91 8401868763 |Email: [email protected]


   Career Objective

To achieve a Masters level degree in the field of Computer Science and Technology

which will utilize my hardware and software skills so that it would help me to achieve professional growth while being resourceful and lead me towards success.


Pursuing Bachelors in Computer Engineering with 6.9 CGPA (6TH Semester) from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology (Currently 7th Semester).

Completed Higher Secondary Education in June 2014 with 45 % (percentile) from Rosary High School.

Completed Secondary Education in June 2012 with 94.1 % (percentile) from Rosary High School.

Technical Skills

  •   Programming Languages: Java, C++, C, Python.

  •   Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP.

  •   Database: MySQL, Oracle (SQL).

  •   Computer: Microsoft Word, Excel & Proficient with Microsoft Office and Internet.

  •   Languages: English, French, Hindi and Gujarati.

        Personal Qualities

  •   Excellent logical, analytical and computational skills.

  •   Strong motivational and leadership skills.

  •   Ability to work under pressure.

    Work Experience

    1) Working under the project of “ Prolancer “ which is related to freelancer.

    Main Feature : This project gives any user and buyer a platform to get their work done in a simple way. The User can use its creative ideas to create any project using any language which would be uploaded on a medium where a buyer can buy it a fixed price.

    Duration : 1 year (2017-2018).

    Semester : 7 and 8.

    Language used : Android.

    Database : MySQL.

    2) Made a Project called “Easeride “ which helps a customer to reach his destination at a cheap price.

    Main Features : This idea was made possible for the older people as travelling was a big concern to them. We provided a simple website where anyone can use it with a click and an Autorickshaw would help them reach their destination safely. Providing cheap rates and tracking it were some of the features of our project.

    Duration : 2 years (2015-2016).

    Semester : 3 and 6.

    Position : Group Leader.

    Language used :  HTML, PHP and CSS.

    Database : MySQL.

    Achievements And Experience

    Participated in a workshop on ”Microsoft and Oracle” in Baroda Institute of Technology (BITS) on 19th August 2017.

    Selected as Head for On the Spot Event for the College Technical Festival named Prakarsh for one year (March 2016).

    Managed an Photography Event as “Photophilla” in SVIT in a Cultural Festival Prakarsh in 2015.

    Secured 4th Rank in the Computer Department in top 10 Seminars during 4th semester in SVIT in year 2016.

    Elected as a best event Volunteer in the National Level Technical Symposium Prakarsh 2016 at SVIT in year 2016.

    Won a Certificate for Outstanding Performance as Decoration Team Member in Computer Department in Vision 2015 – Intra College Technical Festival at SVIT,     Vasad on 15th September 2015.

    Participated in a “Tripster” Event Organized by Myself in the Cultural Festival Prakarsh on 20th September 2014.

    Participated in a “Fun Tac Tic” Event in the Cultural Festival Prakarsh on 20th September 2014.

    Hobbies / Interests

  •  Reading, Blogging and Writing.

  •  Sports

  •  Singing, Travelling and Exploring.


    Name : Hamming Code – Computer Networks                      Semester 1-2014

    Name : Data Types and Instruction format of SUN SPARC -

                  Microprocessor and Interface Communications                      Semester 2-2014

    Name : Design of Combinational Logic with Decoder –

                  Digital Electronic                                                                                   Semester 2-2014

    Name : Library Management System – Database Management

                   System                                   Semester 3-2014


     Name : Introduction and basic syntax of PHP – Web Technology         Semester 4-2016

    Name : Mobile TCP – Design Engineering         Semester 5 - 2016

    Name : 4D Visualization – Design Engineering                      Semester 6 - 2016

    Name : Attribute relevance analysis - Database         Semester 7- 2017

                   Mining and Business Intelligence

     Name : GPRS Architecture – MCWC                       Semester 7- 2017

     Name : Syntax Directed Translation Mechanisms and Attributed

                   Mechanisms and Attributed Definition - Compile Design            Semester 7- 2017

     Name : Pseudo Random Number – Internet Network Security                 Semester 7- 2017




  • Mary Khankar :  Researcher, Vision Graphics and Visualization Group, Microsoft Research India, +91-080-66586000, [email protected]

  • Rhythm Patel:  Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian     Institute of Technology Delhi, +91-011-26591288, [email protected]

  • Shraddha Shah : Associate Researcher, Algorithms Research Group, Microsoft Research India, +91-080-66586000, [email protected]

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