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The main aim of this feasibility study is to help i come up with the most standard for the managers to use i their organizations for risk management. The main important reason for the system is to increase the awareness to the managers concerning the principals that are ethical which are normally expected to be applied in the workplace by the employees. In most organizations they believes that after when the policy  of the management has been adopted, it will be easy for the organization managers to be able to recognize the threats  that normally exposes the practitioners into risk. After realization of these threats, the organization has been able to utilize them and make an opportunity from them where they are able in achieving the management policies for the organization.  This system will also be able to help manage who are in the top rank being able to understand the risk that are potential which usually affects the business profitability (Anderson, D. R., Sweeney, D. J., & Williams, T. A. 2012).

Resource planning

For the effective running of the software system, resource plan must be there which will ensure that there is no wastage of any form. This plan will ensure that the time has been utilized and other resources are utilized to the best level due to the scarcity and the planning that is improper. This project will be able to determine the human labour perfectly and also be able to show the number of the hired employee correctly from the begging of the project. The system is able to project the time line of the projected for the possible adjustment so that they can be estimated. If this system is properly utilized, it can help in saving allot of time for the organization.  The raw materials that are used in the project, they are normally well estimated by software system where even the transport cost in given where it is according to the data that is fed in the system. This system is not a resource demanding by itself (Sweeney, D Anderson & Williams 2011).

Risk analysis

This system normally contains only two risk kinds. These risks are the natural risk that is believed to exist due to the circumstances that are natural and the other risk is the manmade which is believed to source from the human activities. The steps that are involved in the process of analysing the risk are through indentifying the risk that is in the organization where most of the risks are associated with the organization objective. Through the objective realization for the organization, it becomes very easy in determining the risk that is likely to be face by the organization. The next option involves the examination of the effects that are possible believed to affect the organization in the existing risk and prioritize the risk in an order that is from the most hazardous up to the risk that is less hazardous which helps  in knowing the best way of solving the  risk (Keppell, M. J. 2007).

Schedule analysis

Delay in the project brings many impacts to the system. The system cost changes and other activities for the system changes.  The schedule analysis is very important since it will help in estimating the full cost of the system implementation. It also helps in creation of the most appropriate system plan. For the project, the data collection is referrers to a process where the data is fed in the system. the estimated cost for the project has been determined to be of around $5000 dollars. This estimation has been done on the higher side of the cost to avoid any shortage of the fund during system design process. This is the cost for all the process that will be involved in the implantation of the system in the organization.

Technical analysis

 This is the most effective organization system since it is able to serve all the purposes that it is intended to serve. Since this software is compa5tible with all types of windows, it is the most recommendable to be used by the organization managers to eliminate the risk challenges.  This system is composed of very unique features that are different from many other systems since it will be keeping data for all moment for the manager to be able to view them any time that he requires it. This system will also have different ways that were used in solving a certain risk. This information can be used by other managers when they come to the organization being new and with no idea of solving the kind of risk.

Political analysis

This stakeholder’s attit5tude towards the system was totally positive. For this system, w2ill have no negative impact on the organization leadership because it only helps with data from the past. This was the reason why the stakeholders appreciated the software.

Legal feasibility

This system has been assured to be totally legal because it is meeting all legal requirements. It has been produced with great standard where it cannot affect any other software since it is independent and is compatible to all kinds of windows.

Operational analysis

For this software, has been designed to solve all the challenges that are brought about by the risk and polices of the organization. It has been designed with great technology which has brought many advantages for his use. The system is being encouraged to the organization since the technology is available and the problems that it is designed to solve are affecting the organization. The designing of the hypothetical system is an interesting task. This is because it helps in knowledge of designing system and has a positive attitude towards innovation of some new and unique information technology system that can be used to solve challenges and risk in the organization.  


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