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Kazi Islam

Professor Guthrie


8 December 2017

Research paper, Final Draft

A Tale of Dystopia

Dystopia, the opposite of utopia, is a community or society that is not ideal and undesirable. People who live in such a community have very strict rules. Imagine living in a society that is in a totalitarian state run by a chancellor, being under curfew with secret police patrolling the streets at all times and continuously being fed propaganda by news stations. This dystopia is shown throughout the film “V for Vendetta”. The film takes place in Britain in the future. Things such as anarchy, fascism and bigotry are the three common dystopian themes presented in this film.

By watching the film, “V for Vendetta”, the viewer can tell it is not like the average comic-book film. The protagonist is a likable terrorist named V. The character V is extremely different from the typical hero like protagonist. The film is based off a cult classic comic book. This work of literature was very popular. The comic was written in the 1980's by Alan Moore. The intense story about a dystopian society is focused on a political agenda. Moore's comic portrays a dark and oppressive Britain  society in the future. The society has converted into fascism. In this society, homosexuality has been criminalized and state-sanctioned torture is present. In the story the protagonist, V, is presented as the ultimate tool in ending the fascist government. One night, V rescues a would-be teenage prostitute named Evey Hammond, from the secret police (Porton).V took in the girl and raises her as his accomplice in this revolutionary tale.

Throughout the film, V attempts to create a plan in which the fascist government will no longer control. The film comes to a climax in the destruction of the Houses of Parliament. This plan was created by V and implemented by Evey. The two of them destroyed the Parliament by bombing it (Porton). The rest of the world, except the United Kingdom, has been destroyed by a nuclear holocaust brought on by the American tensions with the Soviet Union. This was the zenith point of the film. Throughout all of the action, V remains the same character he always is.

During the film, it is apparent that the society is now Facist. Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, basically a dictatorial power. The fascist party exterminates its disbelievers in concentration camps and rules the country as a police state. Although this is just the setting and plot of a film, it is also a real life scenario. Fascist societies have existed in the past and it is not a small matter. Examples of fascism in history is with Adolf Hitler in Germany, Benito Mussolini of Italy, and Sir Oswald Mosley of Britain.

In history one of the most ruthless rulers is known as Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party from 1934 to 1945. At this time Germany was coming out of World War II and was in a depression. Many of the citizens were easily manipulated into believing Hitler would make all their economic problems go away. Although, the German economic system remained capitalistic, the state played a very intense role in managing the economy. In this time, industrialists were told what they can make and how much they can charge for it. By doing this, Hitler's government was able to control factors such as inflation and unemployment. Usually the government allowed companies to maintain their profit margins but industrialists had to lose of some of their freedoms (Simkin).

 Another ruthless fascist leader in history is Benito Mussolini. Benito Mussolini in Italy, his fascist one-party state emphasized a national unity, hatred of communism, admiration of military values and unquestioning obedience, and intense patriotism (Simkin). Hitler was deeply influenced by Mussolini's Italy and his Germany shared many of the same characteristics (Morgan). During his leadership, Mussolini, declared war on Britain and France. Mussolini advertised the war as a revolutionary war. The war turned out to be a Fascist imperialist war which resulted in the redistribution of territory and resources, and the realization of Fascist aspirations for Italy to dominate the Mediterranean area (Simkin). Mussolini ran a very strict and heinous Fascist society.

Throughout history, Sir Oswald Mosley was known as a Fascist ruler. He was born on November 16th, 1896 into a noble family, in which he inherited his title. Sir Oswald Mosley went to school in Winchester at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. When he was eighteen, the First World War emerged and he served in the military in France. He worked at the Sixteenth Lancers in France and then in the Royal Flying Corps. His experiences during the First World War had a serious effect on him. This trauma shaped many of the views that he took into politics (“Life and Times of Sir Oswald Mosley & the British Union of Fascists”)

A is for anarchy, V is for Vendetta. The idea of anarchy is the condition of a society, group of people, or a single person rejecting hierarchy, usually aiming for a self-governed society or a stateless society. This was V’s goal, he wanted to overthrow the fascist government of Britain and replace it with anarchy. To V, anarchy means a society without leader, but not without orders. Therefore he begins to destroy and bring down the government. Throughout history there have been many examples of anarchy and some examples of it are the Spanish Civil War and the French Revolution.

During the 1860s, the Anarchist movement emerged in Spain. At first, the main impact from the movement was on lower class communities.  A French anarchist named Pierre-Joseph Proudhon had strong views on the ownership of land. He was one of those whose teachings influenced the views of the Spanish lower class.  By the beginning of the 20th century the anarchist movement in Spain was the strongest in Europe. The most support came from the industrial workers of Barcelona, activists that formed the Anarcho-syndicalist trade union, and the National Confederation of Trabajo. This anarchist movement in Spain emerged as result of the execution of a popular anarchist named Francisco Ferrer. During the Spanish Civil War, anarchists set up the Anti Fascist Militias Committee in Barcelona. (Simkin)

In history, the French also had a revolution. The French Revolution occurred because of two concepts. One being the ideas concerning the political reorganization of the state. The other being the  action coming from the people who wanted improvements in their own personal economic situation. The French Revolution can be seen as the source of present communist, socialist, and anarchist conceptions. However, the Revolution did not result in a socialist state. The French Revolution is also the credited to the creation of the current democratic society. It was a revolution against the state and church. The country’s punishments eventually became more political rather than social consequences. In many articles about the French Revolution, there are two things that are evident. First of all, the articles never shine light on the role of an anarchist. Secondly,there is no mention about the sacred position of women in this movement. Throughout this revolution, anarchism is used in a political way. The revolution created a centralized state with more developing political power for the  bourgeois.  The basic purpose of the revolution was not social, but political. The revolution created a new method to arrange the the government of the society. (Gisteren)

Another theme present in “V for Vendetta” is bigotry. Bigotry is not having a tolerance for those who hold differing opinions from the ones they personally have.  Throughout the film the Norsefire government celebrates the achievements of one specific racial group. That specific racial group being Caucasians. The government in this film attacks and tortures members of all other races. Some things they did is sending many of the non caucasians to die in concentration camps. The Norsefire society also shows bigotry towards women. In the society every prominent authority in the government are men. The women are shown to have few career opportunities stereotypical degrading women jobs such as prostitution and chorus line dancing. Bigotry, is not just a thing of the past, it is present in many countries today such as, the United States of America.

Bigotry has always existed, since America was basically built on racism, but it has not been as bad since Trump has been elected. Donald J. Trump had, if one had been keeping with current news, has had done nothing but promote bigotry whether it be towards women or people of minority.  Trump's election has caused many radical republicans to act in a disturbing matter. Hate symbols are showing up all around the country. Some of these hate symbols that have been seen are in racist graffiti on the front gate of LeBron James' Los Angeles home, on a banner with an anti-Semitic slur over a Holocaust memorial in Lakewood, New Jersey. These symbols are just the beginning of the country flaunting its heinous and inappropriate history due to trump's election.

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