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Question 1 –

In today’s time there are lakhs of companies that are formed and only a handful get successful, the major reason that differentiates these few successful companies from other companies is the team and the people who are working for them. The most important asset for the company these days are its employees so one should know how to main its employees and keep them happy and motivated to work.

So I would like to have my career in a leading company in Human Resource Department as it is the key to maintain the asset for the company.

In today’s world, the employers expects the graduate employee to be sufficiently effective to understand of the business activities that they are taught in the college and grasp the working while they are at work through on the job training. It is through that procedure that one gets enough information and experience to work in a specific sought manner to accomplish their objectives. In one’s life the inspiration that drives us to accomplish the yearning of life is different from one individual to another individual. There are particular hindrances that an individual needs to confront and manage them in best possible way. To get success in life, utilization of employability aptitudes and furthermore academic accomplishment is required by an individual.

In the wake of differentiating all the perspectives in me I have found that the experiences capacities and practices that are evaluated by the graduate managers are the:

1. Critical and analytical thinking

The basic intuition capacities that reflect critical thinking under critical situation, I can deal with the issues using my aptitudes. Through critical thinking aptitudes, I would have the capacity to determine the specific issues which stimulate at their work output and furthermore motivates the people to cooperate in peace and congruity by accomplishing their specific targets.

2. Oral & written communication

Oral communications and individual social capacities this is an another important skill which one should have with the objective that he gets himself ready to deal with the issues which may happen as his work put e.g. Once there was a fight between my two employees working under me but with the help of my aptitude I had the aptitude to resolve their fight and had the capacity to make a peaceful domain for working again.

3. Thinking out of the box- Innovativeness

Creative ability and imagination, this is another imperative skill which one should possess as we all know each work require new creation and contemplations in each field I use my this inclination to make my work more imaginative and creative. For each work in the association there is another way which is coveted to work there in setting of the rehashed circumstances even, one ought to be sufficiently proficient to work under them for better objectives to be accomplished.

4. Team work

Teamwork, it is another important vital that one should have with the objective that one has to bring out the best from the team that they are working with especially without making confusion or conflict. The main aim should be to work in tantum with the team members.

5. Client Satisfaction

Client consideration, this is a champion among the most fundamental ability that one should have that is to explore his customer loyalty  which is the main target of any running association one should know how to satisfy his customer needs and have the resilience to deal with them with extra thought and satisfaction.

6. Time organization

Time organization it is crucial which must be managed that is to work in a sorted out manner and effetely with the given edge of time. Timely working and delivery of the work leads to fulfillment of desired goals in life. I have always been able to organize my work properly and have been able to deliver what is asked of me in timely manner.

7. Enthusiastic learning

One should always be ready for learning as there is no age for learning. Growth happens when the person learns, learn from the environment, colleagues, other companies, etc. I think I have the ability to learn new things as this is what we are taught in our graduation

8. Leadership Skills:

To become a good HR one needs to be a good leader one who not only leads the group but also keeps them motivated to work efficiently and perform to their optimum level. I think I need to improve on leadership as it is not an easy task to motivate people and lead them in a certain way.

9. Problem Solving Abilities

There are different people with different opinions so an HR should have the abilities to solve the problems between various individuals incase there is a problem because of difference in opinions.

10. Computer Skills

One should be well equipped with the latest technology as these days all the companies data, information, communication, etc happens through emails and other softwares available with the companies. We have been familiar with these softwares as we need to submit the projects and other information through these only.

Question 2 –

In group working, there are various types of individuals who work with you. Along these lines, as to one needs to take after every last stride and make their associates fulfilled toward the day's end. The group working abilities are distinctive each time as it changes with various individuals at various circumstances.

In this EES Module I have learned how to work effectively in various teams in groups we had many activities like, mock assessment, Business challenge 1, business challenge 2, etc. Where we were divide in to the groups of 4 and every time our group was different picked by our teacher hence we have experienced working with different individuals. Also learned to how to brainstorm in the team, choose the best possible idea and them make the complete presentation based on the topic. Then, how to deliver the presentation

These group working activities have taught us a lot of things like:

- Coordinating with other team members

- Communicating with team members

- Team working towards a particular goal

- Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of all the members and try to work accordingly

In one of our groups we had an argument between two team members – both of them wanted to do a particular part of the presentation which caused lot of chaos in the group and we ended up wasting a lot of time.

Then we all decided to go for chit system where we wrote different topics and each one had to pick one, this way we all could settle the issue without arguing anymore. Though the idea was very childish but then it was fair at the same time and fun too.

Like this it becomes easier to work with different individuals. In our semesters teachers have always tried to impart these skills in us, which I think will be very useful in day to day activities while working in the company.

Question 3 –

The selection process these days have become more complicated than just a CV selection and Interview. But the companies have made integrated selection processes in order to find the right guy for right job so that the person in there for a long term.

The selection process that I recently analysed was the selection process of Reliance Mutual funds for an internship process that one of my friends had undertaken under the field of HR.

The selection process started with:

1. First of all the candidate should be having more than 60% aggregate in all the semesters and also should be having more than 60% aggregate in 10 as well as 12th standard. This makes me eligible for the interview process as I have been able to maintain my percentage above 60% throughout.

2. After getting eligible to apply the step is to submit the CV with the covering letter. This exercise was during our semester and our mentors and teachers have helped us showcase our best traits through CV and the covering letter, which will definitely present a good picture.

3. After getting the CV shortlisted the next step is one on one discussion with the HR on the technical part so that they can understand the depth of our knowledge and then the final result is told to you after 2/3 days of analyzing.

To conclude, on the off chance that we need to see there are some set of skills in a particular individual which are required like that of group or team working, oral and written communication, critical thinking, problem solving and so on. One graduate worker having these set of skills will make the work simpler for the recruiter to make the right selection. Simply that one ought to know plainly by portraying in their C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) or in their working style.

With a particular objective to see the aptitudes I have I did self-evaluation trials of employability capacities. It safeguarded me out in searching for the outcome result of it. In any case, the Mock Assessment Centres have similarly helped me in giving me a point by point detailed perception of the decision approach and the challenges in doing that. This made me understand  how to overcome all of the troubles I would go up against in that particular procedure.

Most of this have achieved I have had the ability to use my character and employability limits. I am having an inspiring aura and it is inferable from my cheerful nature that I have the possible results of being favoured by the selectors.

Such experiences have helped me in advance to work on my skills and improve my weaknesses for which I may be rejected by the employers. The prime issue that I have been able to pin point is to get specialisation in particular business activity or various abilities to deal with various business activities.

Additionally, I have to work for the prosperity of my weakness with the objective that I don't transform into a deterrent. In any case, regarding assurance meeting I am having good conviction as this is required other than the enlightening essentials. It is with my devotion and responsibility that I am certain to be picked by the graduate administrators.

Question 4 –

Having an action plan always helped me to set minimal achievable targets and move towards a huge goal in life. This always made me learn and passed on me to reality. According to the skills improvement plan which I made for the accompanying five years is focusing on every area where the changes are required.

In the wake of completing my graduation in a prestigious school, I hope to do my MBA. I would like to do my specialization in forward in Human Resource. Likewise, for this with my graduation itself I have started to work with my father in his business. I have started to understand every one of the thoughts and I am endeavouring to apply them in my work too. The excitement of me taking Human Resource as a profession I am more concerned and related to people's welfare and their needs. I am more inclined towards their necessities and requirements. I jump at the chance to work for them and help them in the best possible way I can.

In the meantime, most of this is will be possible in case I secure extraordinary grades in my graduation and for that I am working really hard. My point furthermore lies in the way that I should get good grades in this semester. Most of the set objectives are arranged in a way in which my dreams can be achieved. All of this is possible when the self-evaluation test which showcased me the consequence of all my useful and hostile parts of my character and my working style.

Of course, most important is to get specialization and be more productive in Human Resource Management and this is quite recently achievable if I steadily understand and pick up from my present work environment. It would help me to bolster myself towards specialisation in this field. Furthermore, along these lines, my SMART targets are to complete minimal achievable targets which aggregately will enable me to move towards the huge goal profitably and feasibly.

Be that as it may, my fundamental enthusiasm is towards getting specialization in the field of  Human Resource is because of the way that I get a kick out of the chance to help individuals and make them comprehend couple of things in the most ideal way, with the goal that they don't need behind or have issues. This really makes it simpler for any new representative in the organization. As the HR, is the main individual in the entire association who is with the representative and comprehends his/her worries and tries to illuminate them out in this way, as the worker to not to confront any trouble and in coming about it's not influencing the work toward the end.

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