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My personal hero: Yang, Jiaming  

Ziheng Shen

Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership

Full Sail University

Professor Miles


My personal hero: Yang, Jiaming

In this paper, I will be discussing the background of my person hero, Yang, Jiaming. I will discuss key points for the three steps that in Mastery written by Robert Greene and talking about one creative strategy relates to my person hero. I will also discuss the emotional pitfalls that relates to the master in my area. Last, I will provide a cross comparative analysis between one of nine people profiled in Mastery book with my person hero journey.

The personal hero of my mastery journey is named Yang, Jiamin that is the CEO of SEVENAGES in Beijing, China. “Yang, Jiamin graduated from Beijing University, major is British and American literature. After graduated, she worked at Softbank Corporation and China Growth Capital. In 2012, she held her own company SEVENAGES for bringing in Broadway show and making it localization” (, 2017).

Based on the creative task, the creative strategies, and the creative breakthrough, which I read from keys to mastery in Robert Greene’s Mastery book, I am going to talk about key learning from those three steps. I will also select one strategy under the creative strategies to compare with Yang, Jiaming. The key from the creative task I found is “You must begin by altering your very concept of creativity and be trying to see it from a new angle” (Greene, 2012, p. 179). In the world, I believe every signal idea can help people to develop their creativity but sometimes people will be disturbed by those brilliant ideas. Moreover, I saw people begin to forget what they really want, and go to the wrong way. By the time, I am sure they will use run their energy out to do nothing. Therefore, when people ready to put their entire energy into a thing, they have to think about that first, and make sure that is the right thing. The key from the creative breakthrough I found is “But Masters are stronger. They have been through this before, and on an unconscious level they understand that they must plow forward, and that the frustration, or the feeling of being blocked, has a purpose”(Greene, 2012, p. 199). I think people know themselves and possess theirs emotion well are the most important part to be master in their areas. Sometimes I work so hard and spirit gets high tension, I prefer to take a break or short time vacation. That helps me a lot and when I come back to work, I feel comfortable. Last, in the creative strategies, I think allow for serendipity is more related to Yang, Jiaming, which is the master of my area. Just because of serendipity, she held her company for Broadway show. Her major is British and American literature but she did not work in that area. “In the interview, she told to audience, she wants to be a Chinese Broadway maker instead of only be an artist. That idea comes from a talking between she and her college professor who is her partner also” (, 2017). She connects literature knowledge that she learned from college and business working experience that she gained from jobs, and the resource come from her professor to get Broadway scripts. Combined all three together, and her intelligence, she become a master of Chinese Broadway show maker.

According to the emotional pitfalls section, I found out a point to related with the master of my area, which is dependency. Robert Greene states, “It is not that you must ignore these judgments, but that you must first work hard to develop internal standards and a high degree of independence. You have the capacity to see your own work with some distance” (Greene, 2012, p. 203). I think Yang, Jiaming is facing on the dependency problem right now. Broadway show production is a new industry in China but Yang, Jiaming is not the first person to do that. From what I know, she did not copy what the other people did before and she started a new path in Broadway show production. Even though Yang, Jiaming worked hard, and tried hard to develop deeply in how to make Chinese people like Broadway show, what she did have tons of judgments at the beginning. However, she did not give up or just do what audience used like. She kept working harder and selectively picked good judgment to listen and gave feedback to audience. Currently, she also starts Broadway show education in high school. People who work on education department of the company teach students about famous Broadway show scripts such as Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Moreover, her team also teaches the Broadway show that make by themselves, Chinese Broadway show. I think that is a really good idea to let Children get in touch with different cultures and they can have their own thought in the future.

The strategy for creative-active phase I found out to compare with my personal hero journey is natural powers. According to Mastery, “It involves so many constraints when it comes to actually realizing a structure-the desires of the client, the budget, the materials available, the landscape, and even political issues”(Greene, 2012, p. 219). In contrast, the same part between both two is what Yang, Jiaming did is also need many constraints just like what Santiago Calatrava did. For example, Broadway show has lots of traditional scripts. Some of scripts were written by old version of English, which no one uses currently. It is really hard for Yang, Jiaming whose native language is not English. Nevertheless, the different between Yang, Jiaming and Santiago Calatrava is obviously. Yang, Jiaming studied and learned knowledge from college and work first, and then she starts her company to make Broadway show with fully prepared. Santiago Calatrava went to Federal Institute of Technology to study and learn to become an engineer.          

In conclusion, I discussed the background of my person hero, Yang, Jiaming. I discussed key points for the three steps that in Mastery written by Robert Greene and talked about one creative strategy relates to my person hero. I also discussed the emotional pitfalls that relates to the master in my area. Last, I provided a cross comparative analysis between one of nine people profiled in Mastery book with my person hero journey.


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