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I'm will be comparing 2 different types of government and I'm choosing dictatorship and Democracy.

At first I will be comparing between these 2 types of government by finding the differences. At second I will be contrasting these 2 again by finding the similarities. I will exactly point out the facts and what type of leadership they are.

Democracy (President):

Democracy basically means a system of government controlled by a population or a certain group, city or countries and typically controlled through elected representatives. Countries that uses democracy are: U.S, Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands and many more.

Dictatorship (Dictator, or can also be a king or president):

Dictatorship basically means a system or a type of government ruled by dictators. There are not many countries with dictatorship but there are some which is: Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, North Korea, led by Kim Jong Un, Syria, led by Bashar al-Assad and more. In other words dictatorship This is a form of government where only one political party, entity or leader is in control of running a nation. It is a type of authoritarianism wherein a person or a political party dictates on the behavior of the citizenry as a whole. Dictatorships are acquired in four ways, namely: family dictatorship, military dictatorship, constitutional dictatorship and self-coup. Dictators can rise to power by either inheriting the position from family ties, taking over the government through coup d’etat, getting elected brought about by an emergency or doing away democratic mechanisms after being elected constitutionally


The differences are that one is led by a group of communities and one is by a dictator. And for democracy, people can vote in and out office like at work and you cannot vote in office for dictatorship. For democracy, the people can tell the president what to do while DOR dictatorship they can't . Mostly for democracy they would have a president and for dictatorship They would have a dictator.


The similarities are both governments have power to do stuff like creating laws and other things (Kim Jong Un created new laws in North Korea). Both governments are also controlled by leader, one being led by a president, and one by a dictator. Both types of governments have gone into war because the types of governments have been trying to force themselves on them so that the other ruling power can be changed into or take over the ruling power into whatever the types of governments are.


There are a lot of advantages for each of these two governments. For democracy, it is good that it can be controlled by the people because if they don't like the leader they can vote to change them, like in the U.S, people can vote a new leader or a president every 4 years. Also it promotes equality like: In a democracy, there is equality among the citizens since anybody of legal age and a citizen of a country has the right to vote regardless of status, gender and religious affiliation. This also goes for any citizen who wants to serve the city or the country as an elected official it also gets everyone involved because every citizens can vote no matter what. For dictatorship: it has the ability to make nations progressive, like any kind of government can make mistakes and make flaws however it can make good decisions. Dictatorships result to stable governments like supporters of dictators are drawn to this form of government because dictators usually stay in power for years and even decades. It will have lesser crime rates, like for example in North Korea, no one dared to comment huge crimes due to the consequences that will happen and it's made by the dictators, like in democracy it it the direct opposite because elections can make chaos and rally like U.S Elections 2016 where they had Trump and Clinton rally as a lot of things went ot of control. It is good for economy due to the fact that elections can be very expensive This is something that democratic countries have to shoulder but not countries run by dictators. People who are in favor of dictatorships add that the money can be spent on other important government projects such as housing and help for victims of natural calamities.


There are also a lot of disadvantages in both type of government. For dictatorship is like it leads to the abuse of power and also dictatorship can lead to mass killling like for example, Hitler's mass killing against the Jew back in the World War 2. The other biggest conflict with dictatorship is that people get power hungry very easily even the best intentions can become selfishness and greed at the expense of the citizens of the society. Also they have no checks or balances, like one of the things that keeps government running smoothly is the checks and balances systems. At last for dictatorship is that it it very prone to collapse as people tend to get very tired of the dictator and their extreme /chaotic rules very quickly. For democracy it opens opportunity for corrupt officials as elected politicians will have access to budgets for governments projects. By having his things, there is a possibility that some officials will get like tempted to us the money for their own personal interests. It also takes time to make decisions and favors the majority.


In conclusion I think that both of these 2 types of governments are quite similar but also very different at the same time, and both of them has a lot amount of disadvantages and advantages.

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