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Introduction: My assigned company is CBS corporation, which stands for Columbia Broadcasting System. CBS is a well-known American mass media company that engage in various platforms of entertainment and media. Through the company website, I have learned that CBS was first founded in 1928 by William Paley as a radio broadcasting company. Nowadays, CBS expanded their corporation through various field of media and entrainment, such as music, motion picture, interactive media and cable television. It is important to mention the broadcast television, CW, a joint venture between CBS and Warner Bros. Entertainment, which shows the popular TV show, The Flash. Some of CBS most successful programs are The Big Bang Theory, CSI, the broadcasting of National Football League and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Based on Fortune 500, the market cap of CBS is $19.9B and their ticker is currently $55.32. In June 6th 2018, CBS had about 14,715 employees that were working for the company, with sales that reached $14.1B. CBS current position in 2018 Fortune 1000 ranking is 197.

Sustainability: CBS is a corporation that pays great attention to the protection of the planet and it aims to continue their long term commitment to improve the approach on how they manage their resources in a more responsible way. I think CBS shows its commitment through a well written sustainability report named “Green Report”, which was published on CBS website in 2011. Throughout the report, I learned CBS deep commitment to creating a more sustainable environment that positively impact their operations, employees and the various communities around the world. The report walks us through different steps that the company is taking to improve its impact on the environment. CBS even invested to improve its facilities. In fact, the corporation decided to install solar panels which led some stages, buildings and production vehicles to be powered by renewable electricity. Moreover, they installed in their facilities motion sensors and new highly efficient A/C technologies which helped reduced energy-waste. They also made a commitment to invest in “Cool Roof” technology, which is an efficient green roof technology that further helps the company to cut the energy consumption, and to remove greenhouse gases and rainwater pollutants. CBS also concentrates in improving its recycling choices and aims to increase the usage of recycled materials, such as papers and office supplies, within the company. An example of the company’s reduction in paper usage is the wide spread of electronic implementation for documents, photos and other media, which led to the elimination of the need to have them printed. CBS key metric for carbon footprint measurement goes through the Climate Registry, a North American non-profit organization that sets consistent and clear standards to calculate and publicly report greenhouse gas emissions into a single registry. Moreover, I believe that they show their commitment further by sharing their carbon footprint in their European offices, such as Italy and U.K. However, CBS not only works to invest and improve within the company, but they also try to use its media resources to reach out to various communities and to encourage others to support environmental changes. That is why in 2010 CBS launched a program called EcoMedia. The goal of EcoMedia is to help the communities that need to be eco-friendly. EcoMedia helps those communities improve their living conditions. Throughout the years, CBS and the EcoMedia program have been recognized by various organizations and important politicians for their innovative ways to help the community. Robert F. Kennedy once said how corporations such as CBS have the ability to improve the communities by providing “…cleaner water, air and green spaces...” to better society (The Green Report, 23). Moreover, on CBS website page, “Eye on the environment”, is explained how CBS has earned the Green Seal certification, which is an Environment Media Association recognition for environmentally-friendly sets. I believe that CBS is successfully reducing their waste, in particular, their carbon footprint.

Community Engagement: Throughout all the corporation departments there is a strong commitment in social responsibility and community engagement. CBS has various programs that directly or indirectly help the community needs. CBS social responsibility report illustrates to us all the generous activities that the company and its employees have been engaging in to give back to the community. In 2000, CBS launched CBS Cares campaign which has won various awards throughout the years, such as CINE Golden Eagle Award for projects that used humor to strengthen serious health messages. In 2009, CBS Cares partnered with the NIH’s National Cancer Institute and Weill Cornell Medical College to inaugurate the CBS Cares Colonoscopy Sweepstakes, which was the first-ever broadcast health sweepstakes. The reward was a free air travel to New York City, accommodations in a luxury hotel followed by a colonoscopy. CBS Cares initiated a partnership with the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School to create the first Network PSAs on pap smears, a screening used to detect cervical cancer. This PSA campaign helped spread the word and raised awareness on this health issue. I think that these PSA campaigns show CBS desire to raise community engagement. In 2010, CBS decided to acquired EcoMedia, which is a program that transforms corporate advertising money to support the work of the nation’s most effective nonprofits organizations. The perception that I got is that the goal is to use a portion of the company advertisings’ profits on CBS media to effect positive social changes. Their website shows that EcoMedia has delivered over $85 million in funding to many nonprofits organization supporting many initiatives across US, such as education, technology for terminally ill children and veterans’ causes. This improved the quality of life for more than 36 million Americans. EcoMedia has earned many recognitions for its effort to help the community, such as the Cynopsis Media Social Good Leader of the Year Award and the Volunteers of America Good Samaritan Award. Not only is CBS actively engaged in helping the community, but also its employees participate in many volunteer programs, which contributes in giving back to the community. The department of CBS Sports Communication in 2009 started a tradition to volunteer at a local community center in the city hosting the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball. In 2010, this department volunteered at the Shephered Community Center in Indianapolis. In 2006, WCBS employees formed Team CBS for the ‘AIDS Walk New York’. From 2006 to 2010, they were able to raise more than $220,000, including $90,000 of company matched donations. These are just a few examples of how CBS corporation and its employees try to help various communities through awareness, donations and other social responsible actions.

Diversity/Inclusion: CBS is fully committed to welcoming people with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs and races. I think that CBS aims to have a working environment full of diversity and acceptance. Therefore, it creates a positive impact on business conduct and services that CBS provides to the communities it serves and society as a whole. CBS enhances its mission to have a diversified community through some goals that the company sets. There is a specific diversity council that helps the company in achieving these goals by identifying the most effective practices from across divisions. This helps build the careers of diverse employees and works to implement them within the company. This council also reinforces the discussion about Diversity and Inclusion throughout the different departments of the corporation, and improves the communication tools of diversity efforts and initiatives. CBS aims to have representation of diverse groups in all levels of the company. In October 2017, CBS, along with 76 other companies, signed a “friend of the court” legal document in support of the existing legislation that prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation. CBS offers the opportunity for its employees to actively share their ideas and projects and to promote interdepartmental networking, diversity and inclusion. Within the company there are three groups that were created by its employees: Respect Appreciation Development (RAD), Affinity Network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees (ANGLE), and CBS Women’s Networking Group. I believe that these groups benefit the company environment by raising awareness on the value of diversity in the workforce and by directing issues regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, and promoting women’s empowerment and a multicultural environment. In 2018, CBS created a program called “Eye Speak”, a leadership program that provides insight and opportunities for women, both within the company and media industry as a whole. Moreover, CBS promotes diversity not only within the company, but also outside the company through many sponsored, diverse events. For example, CBS sponsored the Chicago Latino Fashion week, which is a celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month. CBS also sponsors the Chicago Football Classic, a non-profit organization whose aims to encourage African-American students through events and programs. CBS received many awards for their generous and active support in the delicate topic of Diversity and Inclusion. Some recognitions that CBS were given in 2017 were the Alliance for Women in Media Gracie Award, Gold Communicator Award and GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Daily Drama, which honors media for their accurate and inclusive representations of issues that affect the lives of the LGBTQ community.

Conclusion/Summary: Throughout this assignment I have learned how CBS positively influences the communities it operates in and how CBS wants to be an example for other companies to encourage social responsibility. It was interesting to see how much positive impact a big media corporate like CBS can have in communities. CBS has the resources to raise awareness on many different social issues, such as domestic violence and AIDS. I think the company is doing an effective job in delivering the messages of social issues through different media approaches, such as through TV series and news. Moreover, CBS has created many programs to support communities and the environment. Through programs such as CBS Cares and EcoMedia, the company is helping thousands of people, directly or indirectly, to improve their living conditions. I think that overall CBS does a good job at helping various communities, however I believe that they could improve their reporting on diversity, sustainability and community engagement. In fact, the social responsibility report and green report, which is the sustainability report, that the company shares with its viewers were written in 2010. Therefore, it was hard to assimilate details on their various programs because I had to go back and forth between the reports and the various pages on their website. Moreover, I think CBS should offer more data on their projects and more statistics, like the percentage of different ethics groups within the company and how many women are in the upper level management. My suggestion would be for CBS to offer an updated and clear social responsibility report and an updated green report.

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