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Chicano, also termed the  Mexicans Americans were people who were subjected to a lot of national oppression by the U.S, hence they were considered as second class citizens. They were facing neo-colonialism inside the united states, hence this led to the upcoming of the Chicanos, which were an oppressed nationality that faced a common experience of national oppression (Rodolfo 1988).  The treaty of Guadalupe Hildago,which is officially known in the unites states of America as the treaty of peace, friendship, limits and settlement between the united states and the Mexican republic, is a treaty that was signed in 2nd February 1848, in the villa de Guadalupe Hidalgo. This signing of this treaty led to the termination of the war that had existed in the Mexican and American borders in the year 1846-1848. The treaty after its full signing, came into force on July 1848 ( Mario T. 1989).

With the defeat of the Chicanos’ army and the fall of major cities, the treaty ordered the united states to pay Mexico US$ 15 million and also to pay off the claims that the American citizens had against Mexico. The signing of the treaty that led to the end of the war can be seen as the beginning of the Chicano people. After the signing of the treaty, the united states took authority of the Northern Mexico, but it later became ratified since they didn’t want most of the Mexicans to become American citizens.  It is clear that even though the signing of the treaty took place hundreds of years ago, the legacy that it has still remains to date, and will forever remain with its repercussions set to affect the future. The origin of the Mexican nation on this land is very deep and it can be traced to thousands of years ago before the leadership of Columbus, hence this clearly indicates that this land was fully filled by the indigenous nations( Juan 1990). As Mexico was developing as a new nation, it faced a lot of challenges in relation to its leadership. The nation faced weak leadership as the expansion was going on in the united states. The misguided attempt by the Mexicans to encourage the settlement of the immigrants is what was called the Texas of Anglos, is what led to the encroachment hence the onset of the war.

The signing of this document has significance up to date. The treaty gave the Mexicans living in the northern territories that were taken by the united states to become the citizens of America. Most of the majority actually enjoyed and found their stay comfortable, hence started to consider it as their homeland. The treaty allowed the new citizens to have the same rights as those of the Americans. They retained their properties, language rights and the cultural properties as in Articles VIII and IX of the treaty ( Gutierrez and Ramon 1993).

The other part of the treaty showed how the nations would deal with the indigenous citizens in the territories, hence this can be a guarantee of cooperation between the united states and the Chicanos against any raid that could exist between the savage tribes. With this cooperation, peace in the territories is always guaranteed hence this promoted trade and cooperation between the two countries.

The signing of the treaty redefined the borders and the regions around it. Previously, there were no borders, as they were imposed by the military conquest. Despite the presence of the borders, there is a lot of migration through the Mexican borders, hence this leads to a rising number of the Chicanos. With this rise in migration, there is reinforcement of the Mexican culture into the region, from their historical language, normal way of practice and its economic impacts. This strongly reinforces Mexican ties to the land.

When relating the information from the different literary sources, Chicanos were internal colonies. The treaty with all its terms, brought the war to an end, but it will always remain to be used as a reminder of the American occupation. In the struggles for the daily rights, the struggle that was initiated by the will always be referenced to, as a self determinatio

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