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See racial discrimination in America from Hollywood movie the help

Abstract: the film the help reflects the social problems that have existed since the founding of the United States. A racist film tells the story of the struggle of black maids from the perspective of women and the rare story of white people helping black people. With a gentle force, it describes a bleak and warm history in the United States. Some ethnic minorities, especially black people, have been subjected to all kinds of discrimination and difficulties in the white society. Based on the film, this paper discusses the issue of racial discrimination in the United States and its great influence on American society from the perspectives of historical roots, social culture, economy and politics

[key words] the United States; Race; Item: race discrimination \ help -

The 20H Hollywood film the help tells the story of a white housewife and a black maid in Jackson, Mississippi, in the early 1960s. This is a film that reflects the social problems of the United States. The film depicts the story of three common women, red, the black maid Abilene, and Minnie, in the way red is played and in the seemingly peaceful setting. They live in the stifling west west because of the racial system in the mountains, skeeter is the daughter of a white farmer, because he was taken care of by the black maid in the family as a child and deeply affected by the black culture and have deep feelings for the black, when he grew up in the black maid left without saying goodbye to skeeter had a great blow. With the longing for the black mother, skeeter decided to do his best to help the black maid, the black servant suffered a variety of miserable experiences recorded into a book. From the very beginning, the film skillfully used all kinds of contradictions between the hostess and the maid to replace the racial conflicts between the black and white people. As can be seen from this film, racial discrimination and racial problems in the United States are deep-rooted, which have brought great influence on the American society. The help: personal destiny under the banner of race

The film the help is an adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name by American writer Catherine stout. This is a film carrying the author's infinite gratitude and yearning for the black maid in the family. From the perspective of skeeter, it mainly reflects the misfortune of black maid abiline and Minnie. Skeeter is an outcast of white women in Jackson town. She hates the oppression of black maids by white men and decides to write a book to help black maids change the status quo. So she will be the eye on the town's black servants, hope they use real experience to help her to write a book Ji brigitte Lin is a typical black maid, she was of a calm and steady, the care of 17 white kids, but abandoned by continuously firing and child as she was for a white employer paid to take care of their own mother's love and with all my heart and soul, and her only son, but after a car accident with white hospital refused to rescue, eventually died on a sofa all suffered by aibileen is her for white felt frightened, so she initially refused to help skeeter. The film's other host, gong Minnie, is Abilene's best friend. Minneapolis and aibileen completely different temperament, her from the urine of white oppression, but can only be forced to submit to humiliation, and their four children education employers obeys to the movie, Minneapolis finally because of his personality was the hostess xili revenge but Minneapolis is bold, and for the sake of her children are no longer white oppression, she tried to to declare war on white employer with aibileen secret involved in the plan, close-up book. However, Minnie eventually became a victim of racial culture.

The whole film tries to reflect the apartheid system and the black liberation movement in the southern United States half a century ago for the audience in a peaceful way with the background of racial discrimination culture. Although in reality, there are still many difficulties for the disadvantaged groups to get rid of the shackles and achieve real equality, the film still presents us with a touching and inspiring story

This paper discusses the problems of urban blacks and the root causes of racial discrimination in the 1960s

As reflected in the film the help, race has always been a major problem troubling the American society. Although African americans have fought for many times and the government has tried to solve the problem, racial discrimination has been deeply rooted in the American society. In 1956, under the leadership of Martin Luther King jr., the leader of the civil rights movement, black americans launched a large-scale civil rights movement. However, due to the strong obstruction and interference from various aspects, the problems of segregation of black residential areas and economic poverty after the movement were not solved but worsened. Violence between urban RACES is escalating. In the 1960s, urban blacks in America mainly had the following problems

Negro housing problem

Two world wars led to the mass migration of black americans and black people

At the surge. America began to have clusters of black people. Especially in the 1950s, the rate of black migration accelerated. Because of the white block, black people could not enter the white residential area, and they could only pour into the already very crowded and run-down black neighborhoods, which led to the continuous deterioration of the black residential environment. However, discrimination against the black housing is not only a social individual behavior and the government there are provisions in the policy of the federal housing policy wrote, if you would like to keep a stable relationship between neighborhoods, it is necessary to make the real estate to continue for the same social and racial hierarchies possession, 'black situation worse by such a policy, also deepened the society for the racial prejudice and discrimination. Since 1949, "urban renewal, urban policies" have made the living environment of black people more miserable. On the one hand, this policy aims to eliminate the slums in the city; on the other hand, luxury non-residential houses are built on the land of the original slums and have been sold at a high price. This in turn prevents black people who move out of slums from moving back to their homes. It is because of all kinds of discrimination and oppression in the white society and the strict restrictions on residence that black people have to be separated from white people, which leads to the apartheid school system in education, and black people are forced to accept the poor education.

Black people's education problem

Due to the living environment on isolation and policy regulation, black 丿 L child cannot enter especially for the northern city of white school. 1954 southern states desegregated public schools. However, due to the immobilization of segregated living patterns and policies in the north, it was difficult for black children to enter white schools. Apartheid still exists.

Mainly white students, education quality better suburban schools. This led to the transfer of education funds and resources. As a result, rich suburban schools were well equipped, education was thriving and inner-city schools were failing and the DE facto segregation of public schools in the north is still very common today. It is precisely because education has been unfairly treated for a long time and education is of low quality that black youth cannot compete with white people in society. As a result, it is very difficult for black people who are already discriminated against to obtain employment, and most black people can only engage in occupations that white people do not want to do

(3) employment of black people

Racial discrimination in the United States is a complex and historic problem. White americans' discrimination against black people was not formed in one day, let alone born, but experienced a series of evolution and a complex process involving many factors. Even now, although the legal discrimination system has been eliminated, due to the influence of the concept of white supremacy for a long time, the invisible concept of racial discrimination still affects the American society, causing the black people to encounter unfair treatment everywhere

Because of the unfair government policies and inferior education, as well as the discrimination of the white society, it is very difficult for African americans to find a job. Blacks have far higher unemployment rates than whites. The decline in employment has led to a deterioration in the economy of the black has been affected. Such a vicious circle brought a severe test to the living conditions of black americans. After the end of world war ii, the proportion of black people in the national economy of the United States dropped significantly. In addition, employment discrimination has always plagued black people. The world war ii caused a shortage of domestic labor force, but American society still excluded black people from important industrial sectors. As a result, blacks can only undertake some low-skilled and low-paid jobs. The root causes of racial discrimination in the United States

Racial discrimination began in the ancient Roman empire, is the product of class exploitation system

Its modern form begins from the primitive accumulation period of capitalism. Racial discrimination in the United States has a long history. Ancient westerners divided the hierarchy by skin color. Whites are considered the noblest race, while the darkest blacks are considered the lowest. This absurd speech provides a theoretical basis for white view of racial discrimination, however racial discrimination is of the essence of interests white supremacy has always been the essence of American racial discrimination, the 18th century, black slave trade began to become popular in order to make the white can legally to the slave trade and reasonable profit, the slave trade related content is written into the law so black completely lost the freedom of the americas, the legalization of slavery, more make the racial discrimination theorists had good reasons for black people. Then, the black people began a century of miserable career. It was not until the American civil war in the 1860s that the slavery system was abolished in the United States. However, driven by interests and guided by the society for a long time, the low status of black people had been taken for granted and the situation of black people being bullied was still not substantially improved. They just changed from slaves to inferior citizens of the United States. Black people who are free because of lack of connection

Social experience and education, as well as money and technology, are in desperate need of white help in order to produce well. Even before the 1960s, the American south

In fang city, some public places such as libraries, restaurants,

Theaters and other restrictions are open to blacks. Unfair treatment makes black americans unable to accept normal education and material resources to help. Because of the poor ability of black people and the selfish mentality of protecting their own interests, the discrimination against black people cannot be eradicated. All kinds of reasons directly lead to the continuous deterioration of the environment and economy of the black gathering areas. In a vicious cycle, it is difficult for the black people to change the fact that they are discriminated against and get truly fair treatment

The road to black people's awakening

In the film the black maid, made of scythe, believes in fate.


Social influences and psychological cues have long made whites see themselves not only as superior, but also as the majority of blacks who are born with an unalterable sense of misery and inferiority. Aibilin also think so, her grandmother is a maid, her mother is a maid, she felt helpless and naturally their destiny is to do a qualified maid. In suffered endless supercilious look even abuse, however, the only son died because of the apathy of white, she woke up and thought of change, with the help of miss white skeeter, combining all the maid aibileen began to rebel against their female employers will own the inhumane encountered in public, white ugly face torn apart at the end of the movie, aibileen and Minneapolis, fight for their own pay the price, however, such a self-fulfilling inspirational story, still inspire people. In reality, the movie is set in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when the black civil rights movement emerged. During this period, the black civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. was in full swing, and black people's ideological consciousness and political consciousness began to rise. For a long time, black people played little role in American politics. But by the 1960s and 1970s, the population composition and class structure of black people in the United States had undergone great changes. Some black people began to participate in politics, and the change of population proportion had a favorable impact on the participation of black people in politics. The black people fought hard for the equal rights of every citizen in the constitution. Although the result is not satisfactory, the problem of black people being discriminated against is not due to the hard work of black people

However, the awakening of black people has a decisive impact on the fate of being discriminated against.

Four, conclusion

The United States is a nation of immigrants. Its prosperity and glory are created by immigrants from all over the world. The American dream has always advocated equality, justice and the true universality. However, the real equality has never existed between blacks and whites in the American society. This makes us sad and moved. Although the reality is very cruel, racial discrimination has never disappeared. But we have reason to believe that with the continuous struggle and efforts of ethnic minorities, real equality will one day come


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