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What did you discover about your leadership level?

    There are three values that I will not change not matter that circumstances. These three

values that define me are example, integrity, and transparency. These values I keep them intact

without changing them in anyway. The three values have helped me become the person I am

today which is perseverant and authentic in everything I do. The value of being a person of

example I demonstrate it in my employment and out of my employment. The value of

demonstrating integrity by doing the right thing no matter the circumstances. The value of

demonstrating transparency by showing my true self very time and never be what I am not.

These values I have demonstrated them on every stage of my life until this moment.

    I define being an example as a person who does the work and inspires others though hard work and dedication. I believe that one must lead by example in order to gain the followers. I always show others by example and humble myself and do the same work as others instead of

just ordering them. In the article “7 Ways to Lead” by Brent Gleeson it read, “Leaders have

many responsibilities, but it is important to work alongside your team,” (Gleeson). I always want

to demonstrate being exemplar by never just standing still while others work. The reason I value

example is not to gain recognition but to inspire others by example. Being an example is not easy because one must do the work even when I don’t want to do it. One must fight with one’s own self and always thrive to be the example that not many can be. I understand that being an

example to others in not easy to demonstrate but one must always try to do it every day. I believe that showing difference through hard work and always being humble is being an example to others. The person who leads by example is the way I want to be seen by my coworkers in and out of my employment. When I have been granted a chance at leadership I will lead with example.

I always thrive to demonstrate honesty and integrity in and out of the workplace. Integrity

is having honesty and always demonstrating the right thing to do. Integrity has been a great part

of me since I was a child. My parents taught me what being a person of integrity is and to

always demonstrate it everywhere I went. Integrity is the bases of getting a person’s trust at work and out of work. The action of not lying and not deceiving is what integrity is all about. I always thrive to demonstrate integrity to my coworkers and every aspect of the work I do. I understand that one must never compromise integrity with anything. When one loses integrity it will never be gained again. In the article “ Leading with Integrity” by Michael L. Stallard it reads,

“Conversely, a leader who lacks integrity is not perceived to be solid, dependable or reliable,”

(Stallard). The loss of integrity is the loss of honesty in one self and the trust of others around

you. I will never try to compromise my integrity because it is one of the values that define me. I

have never betrayed myself to do something that is wrong to me or wrong to others. Integrity has been a base of my reputation and I will not break it no matter the circumstances.

    The transparency of not showing who you are not is a value that I demonstrate in and out of work. In the article “Who You Are Is How You Lead” by Jesse Sostrin reads, “To grow into

your best version of a leader, start with a commitment to authenticity,” (Sostrin). I always

demonstrate who I am and always show it to everyone I meet. I am a person that will treat you

the same no matter where I am. I am person that will demonstrate what I say and do with actions. I demonstrate transparency with honesty, integrity and example through actions and not words. I will show transparency by humbling myself and be willing to learn from others. I’ll be

transparent by always keeping my promise and always going through with them no matter what.

I will show transparency by never letting my team or my family down when they most need me. I’ll never change my drive to always give it my all in everything I work for.

Consider this week’s readings as you reflect on how might these insights influence the development of your leadership skills?

The excellence in an organization and in one’s self can be given to the teamwork that is being contributed. When one gives the opportunity to share knowledge with one another there is where the growth on an organization begins to improve. The fostering of one anthers ideas and ways of thinking is where can also improve in knowledge and the strengthening of relations in the organization. The respect of each other and their ideas is what must be accomplished in order to succeed in an organization. The investment of ideas and the diversity of the people can contribute to the cause. I believe in the collaboration of diversity and cultures in an organization. In the book “The Leadership Challenge” it read, “Exemplary leaders foster collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships,” (Kouzes and Posner). That together we can learn from each other and work with each other. The setting of different ways of thinking and the contribution we make on each other. The contribution of culture to make an improvement to any organization is what makes this country great. The different cultures in diversity are what make a collaborative culture. In the collaborative culture is the collaboration of different cultures and ways of thinking. The collaboration between cultures collaborating with each makes any organization move forward for improvements.

    I believe that a leader must see the contribution of the differences between each human being. That a leader I believe must take advantage of the talents and abilities that each person has around them. In the article The Wisdom of Teams it reads that, “A "high-performance work team" refers to a group of goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills who collaborate, innovate and produce consistently superior results,” (Katzenbach, J. R., & Smith). And what a great advantage of the opportunity that those difference make on the abilities and talents off each person. In any organization we see that those difference that each human has are the things that makes us contribute and to overcome any difficulty with teamwork and innovation.

    I believe that the building one’s self and the efficacy of collection is of the opportunity trusting the each other. The trust of one’s self is the start of building the foundation of self efficiently. The trust of giving the opportunity to the followers on contributing into a part on the organization is the foundation of collective efficacy. In the book The Leadership Challenge it read that, “This requires considerable self- confidence, but the payoff is huge. Trust is contagious. When you trust others, they are must more likely to trust you,” (Kouzes and Posner, 2017). The collect of the input of ideas and ways of things that the followers have is the building of a trust in them. The trust of doing the work and not letting the team down is an input that the followers and leaders have to have. The trust is the way for self and collective efficacy to work in the leader and follower relation.

    The values that a leader is being an example of what he must accomplish. The accomplishment of self and collective efficacy must be dealt with opportunity and hard work. The understanding of the contribution of the trust of the team that is working in the organization. The action that a leader must contribute is that of inspiration and example of doing work as others. The person who does the work and inspires others is being an example. One must lead by example in order to gain the followers. Being an example to others is to humble yourself and do the same work as others. An exemplar leader cannot just stand still while others work. The humbling of leadership is not to gain recognition but to inspire others by example. Being an example is not easy because one must do the right things no matter what. The action of becoming an exemplar person is a key element of a person that must lead.

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