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According to research conducted on twins, it was established that character is determined and can be seen from birth. Therefore, nature rather than nurture is responsible for forming our personality. Twins are used in such cases since they share the same home environment with each other. Identical twins also have the same genes. Edinburg University carried out research on approximately eight hundred sets of twins to determine if genes or upbringing affect how successful people are in life. This study was done on identical and non-identical twins and focused more on personality traits that influence the chances of success in life by looking at how people deal with challenges (Collins, 2012).

Two distinct characters are also brought out in Lord of the Flies by Golding (2012) Jack is the direct opposite of Ralph. Jack’s leadership skills are more barbaric while Ralph leads in an orderly and civilized manner. Ralph’s leadership ideas work well at first but later some members join Jack’s leadership. In this case, we see how leadership also affects who we become and how we act.

How different environmental factors affect human behavior      

Genes affect how we relate to others and also determines our personality traits compared to how we are nurtured by our parents. This contradicts with psychologists who believe that our environment plays a vital role than our genes affecting our personalities.  According to Collins( 2012)genetics mostly influence people’s self-control and social being., ability to learn and their sense of motivation. Studies have determined that self-control was a great factor because of people’s ability on how to handle certain challenges in a certain manner.

Besides genes and other environmental factors that influence human activities and behaviors. Martin (2011) adds that self-discipline is very crucial in achieving success. He argues that it is something acquired by practice. The more effort put into perfecting the skill, the more productive one becomes. Some people refer to self-discipline as self-control or improvement. Others simply define it as simply avoiding being lazy in your job it mostly requires one to do something despite liking it or not. Naturally, this means that you will have to put aside what is seen as easy and fast and deal with the hard and necessary details. Most people are not successful because a large number of people especially in western society are greedy, lazy and want quick gains. Most people concentrate on actions that fulfill their short-term goals rather than long-term goals.

Parents play an important role in shaping their children’s lives. We all start by being totally dependant on our parents. Therefore, if they raise their children in the right manner they will become responsible and respectful.this also enables the children to cope with the challenges in life. As we grow we realize that everyone is not the same because each person has a different level of self-esteem, confidence, respect, and self-value. All these are influenced by the role our parents play since childhood. Generally, it can be concluded that there is two kinds of parents. The ones who treat their children with respect and love.  These type of parents help their children to grow in confidence and self-esteem. The other kind is the parents who do not show love or respect to their children. These type of children usually have low self-esteem and confidence (Martin, 2011).

It is also important to note that how the parents carry out their children’s development is what is more important. Martin (2011) argues that most parents are likely to treat their children how they were treated by their parents. For example, if their parent would regularly beat them if they made a mistake they will react in the same way to their children. This results in the children having the same characters as their parents. In as much as the subconscious mind will change as one grows older due to the acquisition of new skills and information, most people will still behave exactly how their parents shaped them.

We also see how leadership influences characters.  Golding (2012) demonstrates how Jack uses his power as an experienced leader to influence the team. Everyone including Ralph joins him in his barbaric and bloodthirst leadership. His love for authority and violence are connected. He learns to use his skills to control the behavior of the group. Such leadership skills are also witnessed in religion and superstition. The novel basically also highlights how human nature is manipulated and the conflict between nature and human behavior.


According to  Kharjhanzl (2010), every individual has their own reasons why they behave the way they do. From the above-mentioned examples, we can determine that a number of factors affect human behaviors. Human behavior is affected by both internal and external factors some of which affect a large social group while others affect just a few individuals. To determine the cause of human behavior factors such as past experiences,  future expectations and how people relate with others should be considered. Peoples personalities are interlinked with their values, traits, attitudes lifestyle and environmental behavior. Martin (2011) adds that the amount of psychological visibility or invisibility that one experiences as a child greatly influences how they turn out to be when they grow. The visible children grow up more confident and easily speak in front of people and feel important and understood. The invisible ones, on the other hand, might be shy and lack self-esteem. This makes them feel that their opinion does not matter and they always believe they are still invisible. Therefore to ensure that everyone grows and becomes successful, it is important to reprogramme the mind to goal setting, affirmation, and meditation. Becoming more aware of one's life and personal goals also shape behavior.

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