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Communication & Professional Nursing I – Essay re Group Work

Sharon B. Sin (a1729193)

As a part of the working in health care practice, team working is very important and it can be explain with the following reasons. Firstly, researcher have discovered that cooperating lessens the quantity of medicinal errors and increase the safety of patients (Morey et al 2002). Team working can additionally decreases the issues caused that prompt burnout. Taking care patient’s health is no longer a responsibility to one person but the whole team of health workers which comes together to take care of one patient's health (World Health Organization 2009).

secondly, teamwork is focused on strong correspondence, patients and their families once in a while feel more calm, report they accept the treatments and feel happier with their health care services, health care workers are likewise to be found more happier with their work (Amos et al 2005). A study discovered nurses who experience effective team building efforts are more happy with their work (Amos et al 2005).

As this experience of group working to me, I found it was a little bit difficult for me since I my groupmates are new, or I have known him/ her for a while but we never work together. In this team working collaboration I realized that communication is really important in group working because it provide us a ‘place’ to solve all the problems together, like when I need help for the questions, by talking with other group mates and discuss about the difficulty I have can help me solve the problems. Also through talking with each other can help us decide which of us is doing which part of the report quickly. Group working help us to finish the matrix faster because it reduce the workload and time to finish the whole matrix (it takes more time to finish by one person.) and with good communicate, it makes the matrix ‘less difficult’ to finish because everyone of us are good at different area, so based on our strength to assign us to the part we are good at can definitely reduce the time used to finish the work. What is more, everyone of us share the responsible to the matrix, which means it is the same important to us and our group mates.

I do believe that group working is extremely important in health care practice.

The reasons why I think that group working is very important in health care practice is that we all seeking for the same goal as to provide the best care and solutions for the patient, and what makes the whole team reaching to the same goal is by team working and never the less, communication is also important. I’ve learn a lot after this group working matrix that we all have our strengths and weaknesses, by communicating we can seek out the best solutions as well as in health care practice, also it can help us to catch up the status of the patient. What is more, each person who work in the group will share the workload, so it means it is less burden to each of the partners, it helps to reduce the pressure and time that used to finish the work. As a research found that health care workers found more satisfied and happy with their job when they have a successful team building and leads to better outcome, results of the working (Carvalho, Samira F, Monica Chiodi C 2004). And this can related to our group working that from the beginning it is really hard for us to ‘build up’ the matrix because there is no communication between us. So one of us have start a chat group and gather us together. Things were working smooth after we started to talk, and it is very important to have a leader in a group, brings all of ideas all together and giving us directions and seek for the same goal (finish the matrix). From my experience of working in a team is not easy but through communication and understanding, it can make the team working better. I played an online game which it has a high requirement of team working, and I found out that a team is likely to fail when they are no leader and groupmates remain silent, but when there is someone comes out and lead the team, that team is more likely to win the game. I realized this is not just an online game but it is also a training of group working skills, strategies as well. I believe that those I have learn from the online game can apply to health care practice too, since there is research found out that working as a team can reduce the medical problems.

Here is a summery flow chat below of I have learn from this group communication matrix and combined with my past experience. And I believe that this flow chart can fully apply to the future when I become a part of the health care practice. No matter as being a team leader or member, it is also important to understanding our partner and encourage each other in the same team, because we have the same goal and all we need to do is to help each other and fulfill our goal of success. There is one import point that mentioned in Starbucks Partners’ Handbook that: ‘Never call our co-worker as ‘co-worker’ but ‘partners’ because we are together as one team, responsibility is share by us but not one person and also, there is no one-man-team’ (Coffee Concept Company 2016) and I believe that all the ideas of team working are the same, as there is also no one-man-team in health care practice as well. The experience of group communication matrix is definitely a chance for me to put all the things about group working I have learn together. Group working is all about communication, understanding, and always work together.

Work as a team

        /                 \

Good communication,                lack of communication, poor leadership

Leadership, working together                        \

 /       likely to be fail

        success                                        \

                       / reduce the ‘morale’ in the whole

Teammates are more satisficed, team (everyone hates fail)

                                             /                                                                  / \

It encourages the team to have a feeling of                Things getting worst.           leader needs

‘we are go to be successful next time like this time’                                             encourage the team


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