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This essay is about the merits and demerits of three of options that an entrepreneur jay and Seymour Butt a software engineer encountered when their business jayware, which was four year old company that designs and sells software which make it easier for sales team to record and analyze their critical information of the company or sales. The company was founded in the year 2010 and released the software in late 2015. The company had challenge in converting free users into paying clients. Even with a newly hired sales team, Jay ware’s sales were terrible and the company had yet to crack a profit. In this essay we break down and look at three options which may increase the sales or structure the sales team to get more users supporting and which one has less demerits and more merits than the other which may successfully be implemented with minimum loss in the company. The options are that Jay the co-founder to step in as manager sales for Jayware and supervise and coach the employees and hire a chief operating officer serve in his place, secondly hire a new manager of sales who would be in charge of employing, coaching, dismissing employees and thirdly jay would promote a candidate within the company who had experience and coaching leadership and coaching qualities.

Introducing a New Chief Operating Officer

Almost all the people involved in managing a business have difficulties in handing work responsibilities to other employee when there are changes in the business. Hiring a chief operating officer is the best choice for a company in order to manage employees. Chief Operating Officer manages the daily running and operations of the business and informs the chief executive officer if that company has and act as the second in command. Hiring a chief operating officer may be costly that would weaken your budget

Merits and Detriments of Hiring Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer is responsible for ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that there is proper management of resources, delivery of goods and services to clients which would benefit the company. Responsibilities of the Chief Operations officer may depends on the strengths and choices of the company chief executive officer management. If you classify the common day to day duties of a chief operating officer communication with the chief executive officer of the company daily understanding of working strategies and sharing that with the employees and creating policies and operations plans that the employees would follow, they would include supervision the company's daily operations and supervising human resource development and building employee position with company goals which the new COO would step by step monitor and gain respect. Hiring a chief operating officer takes time and company resources because the time it take to finally get the perfect chief operating officer to suit the specified position within a company. Firing all seven of the ten employee would over load the firm with work, rather learn weaknesses and strengths of everyone in the team and start there the process to fire.

Merits and Detriments of Hiring Sales Manager

Business managers have variety of duties depending on the size of the business. The hiring and firing of the employees is often related duty of the manager commonly shared with the HR manager or department. When stepping in as manager of sales and devoting the necessary time to training and supervision would inherit some advantages and disadvantages because manager may have to undergo additional training and listen to long speeches at countless seminars which sometimes he will have to attend he will not be able to supervise during that time meaning business will be slow. There is even be a need to offer hands on training for other employees and the task that can reduce massive resources of patience and understanding. It is also advantageous to have an experienced sales manager who knows the competition and would continuous network with the clients and up to date with the market trends and pending developments within your industry. An advantage if managed to appoint, a good and right manager takes charge of every one when work must be done and flexible sometimes which is good than manager who always give their relax all the time. Which means that he would be able manage the employees due to the number of them being dismissed.

The new  manager would when it comes to recruiting they would recruit the right people, appropriate training and development would be offered in time to create a strong team also notice underperforming employees and offer mentorship and coaching where needed. Manager that creates a base for customer loyalty.

Merits and Detriments of Promoting

Promoting of the best sales person among the three employees he considered worthy of keeping to manage the team would have its merits and demerits which would either benefit the company or cause a loss within the company.

Some of the advantages of hiring an employee internally is that the jobs can be occupied faster and have the insight of current situation the business is in and the performance of employee hired within the company is much better than hiring new person. There is no need to spend money in advertising the post and the time to slot and prepare for interviews for external candidates and wait for weeks to choose the perfect candidate. Internal candidates have knowledge about they would take or appreciate what company is putting in the table or offering and might have no external job offers at that time. Promoting inside enables the company to hire outside as startup or beginner in the company which allows the company to train and evaluate the employee if that user desires higher position and by doing this the company saves because beginner salaries rate low meaning it’s not expensive to hire. Also letting employees know that there are possibilities of being promoted lead them not looking for vacancies elsewhere. As we all know that all our advantages are always followed by disadvantages which will be listed below.

I will be looking at the risks of hiring within the company and how it may effect choice of doing that. Employees that are not promoted could be irritated and try to discredit the other which may be negative and bring poor service to the company. The most experienced person sometimes does not constantly mean the applicant will successful. Skilled applicant mostly became not as active or good as manager or supervisor which could cause the applicant to be demoted when He / She was promoted to the position. The candidate might not offer new or fresh ideas that are required by the company where as an external applicant come with fresh ideas that are needed. Employees that just started and new most of the time, training them is need for the to familiarize them with their jobs for them to be perfect.


Having looking at all the three options finally will conclude with one that I thought would be the best solution out of the three because I learned that is the best because if jay hires a manager that would benefit because he also has experience a manage which means the manager would bring fresh ideas, new activities because in sales you also have to think outside the box and due to time there are changes that you have to adapt from. Hiring a manager would also save more money and resources than hiring a chief operating officer which requires more salary out of the budget. The negative thing about hiring it can take up to six months of which jay can manage using tools to keep track of sale of employee performance and motivate them. Jay and the new manager could work together in building a more efficient sales team. The manager could even work with jay to look at their own employees who has weak spot monitor, motivate and even dismissing them to form a strong team that could close deals and create and attract more sales. Also the manager should show strong will to lead and take charge

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