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Animal farm is a story of an animal rebellion written by George Orwell. Mr. Jones, who is the owner of the farm, is an old man characterized for being a heartless man. He was in charge of taking care of the animals. In the novel an animal rebellion occurred against humans, and the whole story occurred on a British farm. The farm was first called Manor Farm, later it was renamed Animal Farm, and finally Manor Farm once more. Everything started with a pig explaining a dream that he had; his name was old Major, and he was the oldest of all the animals. The dream was about animals controlling society; a world where all animals lived free from the evil of the humans. While discussing this dream the animals were listening a melody called ¨Beast of England¨, which is the original anthem of animal farm, it corresponds to a famous socialist anthem called ¨The Internationale¨. The animals sang frequently after the rebellion, and especially after meetings. The song helped the animals to keep the spirit of rebellion alive in their hearts. The song refers to the Beasts of England as the humans who have abused the animals.

Old Major died a couple of days later, but the rebellion continued. Despite of his dead, three pigs took the leadership. The three pigs were called Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer, they were all strong. They were the only animals that could read and write, which gave them power. Together they stated the seven commandments; it was about animals being equal. What they were trying to communicate with the seven commandments was that animals should never act like humans. Animals created these commandments to represent a movement called ¨Animalism¨, but when talking about Animalism the author is referring to communism. The seven commandments help to understand better the novel, which are the following: Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy, whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend, no animal shall wear clothes, no animal shall sleep in a bed, no animal shall drink alcohol, no animal shall kill any other animal, all animals are equal.

Animals were feeling better ruling themselves, instead of being under the rule of the humans. However, the animals started to have differences between each other and Napoleon and Snowball started to fight for the leadership. They both started to wear human clothes, walk in two legs, and even being around humans. The commandments disappeared, and instead it was written in the walls ¨All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others¨, meaning that there is equality for the citizens, but it gives power and privileges to a small group.

In addition, this novel refers to the Russian Revolution. It involves the way of government by using animals instead of humans. The author appears to have an objective behind the use of personification; in my opinion this tool is not used for entertaining, but it helps the readers to have more details about the characters in the story. With the information that I have researched I believe that George Orwell was trying to give his opinion, his point of view, and impressions about the Russian Revolution. I think he was trying to say what he thinks about it.  

 I think that one of the most important lessons learned from this book is to show how cruel people can be when they have power over other people. People abuse when they have authority.  The novel teaches us about life; it gives examples using animals, but what it really means is real life. Many abuses of power happen in the world each day; specially in the government. The book shows two pigs, Napoleon and snowball, which practice corruption. They both began to act differently and to take advantage of their position in the farm. The most important message that I gained from this book is to respect, and treat people equally even in power. We do not have to be afraid to say what is wrong and what is right. As it happened in the book Napoleon took the leadership in the farm, and he stopped thinking about the others. He started to lose respect for others because of his power.

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