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Field Observation 1

Site Visit: April 23, 2018

Instructor: Jason Rodriquez

Facility Name: Tri-Valley YMCA

Location: Pleasanton, CA


The first place I observed was Tri-Valley YMCA in Pleasanton, CA. The head leader of this organization was Jason Rodriquez. Mr. Rodriquez, as known to his students, is a charismatic 30-year-old whose passion for kids is extremely noticeable and shines right through the room. I went to observe at around 8 A.M. which is right when the parents drop off their kids to go to work. I noticed that as soon as the parents dropped off the kids, Jason immediately acknowledged the kids by their name and began to interact with them by asking them how their day was going and if they were ready for the day. Jason was always sure to encourage kids to participate in the in-class activities, and if there were kids that didn’t want to participate, which there were, he would give them an option. He would say, “Alright. If you don’t want to participate in the in-class activities, then you won’t participate in the outdoor activities either. Your choice.”  I personally thought that was a great way to encourage the kids to participate because who wants to miss out on recess? Furthermore, in the beginning, Jason had the kids sit in a circle in the famous form of “criss-cross, apple sauce.” He would then proceed to tell the kids what was in store for the day, and if any kid was talking while he was talking, he would call them out and ask them to, “quiet down.” The activities that the kids participated in were age appropriate. A lot of the kids were about 4 years-old. Some of the activities that they participated in were a couple board games, personal toys from home (which they are only allowed to bring if they are willing to share), and one that I enjoyed was plays. The kids were put in a group and were to use their imagination to create a play and perform it in front of the class. After observing, I noticed that their strength was how Jason did a great job at making sure that everyone participated in all activities by giving them basically an ultimatum without being too “mean” about it. However, their weakness I would say is that they are a little understaffed for the amount of kids that they have. I want to say that there were about 35 kids with one leader and only 2 other helpers. It also doesn’t help that the helpers, in this case teacher assistants, were on their phones and not paying attention most of the time. However, over all, I would allow my kid to participate in the leader’s program because I noticed how much Jason cared about the kids, and to me, that is awesome.

Field Observation 2

Site Visit: April 27, 2018

Instructor: Julie Cannon

Facility Name: Manteca High School

Location: Manteca, Ca


The second place I observed was my former Physical Education teacher, Julie Cannon. First, let me start out by saying that Ms. Cannon is an incredible, beautiful, and motivating woman. She is always sure to positively push her students to do their best on physical activities. I observed the freshman class, so, that is, to say, that the students were between the ages of 14-15. Ms. Cannon begins her class by having all the students meet down at the track. At this time, the students are asked to warm up, do leg work, arm work, and ab work. While the students perform these activities, Ms. Cannon takes the time to educate them on the muscles that they are using based on the workouts that they are doing. In her class, there are 43 students and just her as the leader. When I went to observe, the students had to run the mile. Before the mile, Ms. Cannon delivered a motivational speech. She said, “I want you guys to run the best mile that you have ever ran. You can do it. Keep the eye on the prize because you are the prize.” Of course, even as freshman, some kids did not want to run the mile so she said that whoever didn’t run the mile would not participate in the soccer game activity afterwards. I believe that the activity was age appropriate because it was a great way to keep everyone active and going while also having fun. Furthermore, she did a great job at avoiding distractions by creating a great relationship with her students to the point where they respect her enough to listen and pay attention while she speaks. I would say that Ms. Cannon strength was the way she built a special bond with her students so that they see her as someone who cares about them, and not as someone that is just there to tell them what to do. As for her weakness, I am not sure I can think of one. Ms. Cannon is someone I look up to because she was always there for me beyond the teacher and student relationship. She does a great job at motivating and inspiring kids. I would absolutely allow my kid to participate in her class.

Field Observation 3

Site Visit: May 3, 2018

Instructor: Lisa Johnson

Facility Name: Stella Brockman

Location: Manteca, CA


The third place I observed was the Stella Brockman Elementary School. At Stella Brockman, I observed a 6th grade teacher and the middle school counselor who puts fun activities for 6th graders. The 6th grade teacher that I observed was my former 4th grade teacher. Her name is Lisa Johnson. I observed Mrs. Johnson’s 5th period class which is the class right after lunch, and as she put it, what a ball of energy that class is after lunch. Mrs. Johnson like other leaders I observed, did a wonderful job building a bond with her students where she can have intellectual conversations with them. She spoke to her students in a respectful matter. She made sure that they knew that she respected them and their character and that she appreciated their work and effort. Mrs. Johnson began her class by standing in front of the classroom and telling them what was in store for them during class. There were a lot of distractions during 5th period, but she did a wonderful job at being patient and telling them to quiet down and listen up in a respectfully manner. One thing that I enjoyed from Mrs. Johnson was that she would use physical activity to get the students involved. Because kids have so much energy, she would teach for about 30 minutes and then take a 5-minute break to play minute to win it games. She would make the class stand in a circle and would have the kids participate in games that last a minute long and the winner at the end, gets a In N Out gift card. It was amazing to see how much fun every student had. After the games, the students went back to finish out the rest of the lecture. Mrs. Johnson says that she did this to keep the students involved and intact with her lectures. I thought her strength was getting the students involved through fun activities like short games to allow their brain to “wake up.” However, her weakness I would say is that she is too nice with her students. She has a couple of students who do not listen, and although patience is amazing, I believe that sometimes those students took advantage of her kindness. I would absolutely let my kid participate in her class.

Field Observation 4

Site Visit: May 3, 2018

Instructor: Jeff Bennett

Facility Name: Stella Brockman Elementary

Location: Manteca, CA


After I observed Mrs. Johnson 6th grade class, I took the time to go observe the middle school counselor at Stella Brockman Elementary School because he plans-out fun activities during lunch hour for the 6th graders. Just recently, the 6th graders were moved up to the middle school level, so Jeff Bennett is committed to making their transition easier. These 6th graders went from having recess after lunch to not having recess at all. So, what Mr. Bennett does is amazing. He sits out, and plans activities for the 6th graders to participate in during lunch. He hosts soccer tournaments, and four-square tournaments. During lunch, Jeff approaches the students and asks them if they want to play soccer. The majority of them say yes and the he sets up the court and they play. Jeff separates the soccer teams based on skill-level. He has a “just for fun” tournament, and a competitive tournament. He did a great job at recognizing the students kill limitation. I believe the activity was age appropriate. This was more of an optional participation, but I think he did a wonderful job at including everyone who wanted to participate. I believe his strength was him interacting with the students the way he did, and, also, planning the activities that he did. I would say his weakness is that he didn’t get the word out with enough time so that all students are aware of the activities that are happening. However, over all, I would let my kid participate in his lunch activities program.

Field Observation 5

Site Visit: May 7

Instructor: Elena Flores

Facility Name: Give Every Child A Chance

Location: Manteca, CA


The 5th place I observed was the leader of Give Every Child A Chance (GECAC) at Lincoln Elementary. GECAC is a lot like YMCA, but just a different name. However, I went to observe during after school hours. So, the kids were already tired from their day so it was easier for them to be still and listen. I would describe this after school program as a more relaxed program. When I got there, I didn’t see much of an organized set up. For example, the kids were put in a classroom where they could draw, read, or play with the toys given at the facility up until the parents came and picked them up. The leader, Elena Flores, spoke to the kids with a soft tone, and it was evident that the kids loved her. I believe the activities given to the kids were appropriate. I also noticed that every kid was busy doing something, and a lot of them enjoyed art such as drawing and painting and making paper bracelets. Their strength was the kids being in a relaxed environment after a long day of school, and allowing them to hang out, play and unwind with their friends. Their weakness, to me, would be that it didn’t really have much of a set-up. I think it would’ve been fun for the leader to host a game where all kids can play together since there were only about 10 students. Overall, I would allow my kid to join the program.

Field Observation 6

Site Visit: May 14, 2018

Instructor: Paul Hayashino

Facility Name: Sierra High School

Location: Manteca, Ca


The last place I observed was at Sierra High School, this time I observed the track coach, Paul Hayashino. Let me start out by saying that coach Hayashino is a tough guy. He is a former Marine, so he coaches as if every student was in boot-camp. I don’t think I liked the way he coached, honestly. His tone of voice was aggressive, and he yelled at the athletes too often. He initiated the group experience by yelling at the athletes to try and push them. This is how he dealt with distractions, he didn’t. If he noticed an athlete not listening or following directions he would say, “you don’t care about practice today. Go home.” He also referred to his athletes by their last names. It is clear that he is used to doing things the military way. However, besides being aggressive and tough, he successfully engaged all athletes because the athletes were too afraid to not participate. Coach Hayashino’s strength was getting everyone to listen to him and follow directions. However, his weakness was that the athletes had a difficult time bonding with him because they viewed him as someone who just wanted them to win. To be honest, I am not sure if I would let my kid join the Track team because of coach Hayashino. He seems to be more of a negative person than a positive person. I know coach Hayashino outside of the coaching and he is a wonderful person, but he is just not a wonderful coach.

In conclusion, after observing six different leaders, I learned so much from each and every leader. I also got to discover the kind of leader I would like to be and how I would achieve that goal. Each leader had their own techniques to their leadership skills but the leader that I learned from the most would have to be Julie Cannon. Ms. Cannon is an amazing person inside and out that did a great job at educating the students about their body, while allowing them the opportunity to have fun while they are learning about their body. The bond that she created with her students, and the mutual respect that they shared is something that I plan to take with me and use it in the future so I can be as good of a teacher as Julie Canno

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