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George Washington: The Founding Father

Citizens all over the United States of America are all familiar with hearing one common name, George Washington who is the founding father of our nation. George Washington made some of the most phenomenal contributions for the installment of a dependable government and the development of the United States. The many contributions wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for his character and leadership qualities that led him to being the chosen one.

In his first months in office, one of the contributions that President Washington made that is still upon us today is the cabinet, which is a group of department heads that report first thing to the nation’s chief executive officer in appointments and treaties about topics of importance and gives updates on how their department is doing (Forrest McDonald 8). His management of the cabinet was what originally created a vital way of the president being advised on different issues related to each department. While learning about the establishment of the Presidential Cabinet, we can acknowledge that President Washington was an open minded president as a leader should be. In many businesses in the United States of America there isn’t just employees. The spectrum of workers mainly include managers, shift leaders, and entry level employees. This is because one person simply can’t do everything. Managers, principals, and business leaders all pick qualified people to help them with their enormous workload just as President Washington had this same mindset. The cabinet’s departments during Washington’s time consisted of the secretary of state (Thomas Jefferson), secretary of war (William Knox), secretary of treasury (Alexander Hamilton), and the attorney general (Edmund Randolph). Henry Knox was a “diligent administrator who loved his work and … his boss, never…questioned anything”, this portrays how respected Washington was as a leader (Forrest Mcdonald 41). In present day, the Presidential cabinet currently consists of 16 members. Washington wanted things to be fair as shown with him gathering four men, each from different regions of the nation to come together as the “Presidential cabinet”. Setting up the idea of the Cabinet has helped and encouraged relationships among each president with the different branches.

The most important war for our nation was the American Revolution, “without it, there would be no United States of America” (Axelrod 8). Washington had a drive for freedom against Britain. During the American Revolution, George Washington was chosen to be the commander in chief over the colonial armies by the Continental Congress after being nominated by John Adams (Flexner 9). This nomination came about because of his demeanor as a general “as he gave the impression of great physical power” and “his confidence” which was claimed by John Adams, Washington was sought out to be that leader (Flexner 12). His confidence didn’t only come within the limits of the battlefield and war, it came also while Washington wrote a farewell letter to his wife, when he mentioned “I go…in full confidence of a happy meeting with you sometime in the fall (Flexner 20).  “Cornwallis received a letter outlining surrender terms” (Flexner 459), which would conclude his surrender at the Siege of Yorktown that gave George Washington and the Continental Army a victory after the British clashed with the French and American forces. This ended the “bulk of the British empire” (Ellis 131). The battle of Yorktown teaches us that multinational operations can be successful as the French and American forces indulged siege upon the British. During the time of preparation for the Battle of Yorktown, there was a “missing French fleet” (Ellis 131). This operation shows the importance of being able to replenish supplies. This battle allowed independence to become a vibrant reality in which we still live today.

Another enormous contribution occurred when Washington served in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 , as the president of the convention (McDonald 11). The constitutional convention is what established the new constitution after the Articles of Confederation wasn’t much help. The new constitution helped unify the states after the American Revolutionary War, and the game plan for the government. This started the beginning of the United States of America’s identity. Following this, Washington was elected the first president of the United States. The constitution is still one of the most prestigious documents in our nation today.

President Washington helped unify the nation. The American Revolution might not have been won without his spectacular leadership. President Washington served as the commander in chief after being nominated for his identity of a general and leadership qualities including confidence and the openness of his mind. Steady leadership was provided at an important time in the history of the United States. President Washington had birthed the Presidential cabinet and the Inaugural Address, both of which still occur today. President Washington is very admirable in the fact that he worked with what he had. He didn’t have the sharpest and strongest army in the beginning. He took his soldiers, taught them, and trained them on how to be the best within his own strategy. Although he wanted to retire, he knew that it was in his country’s best interest that he leads again. What a selfless act, and what a wonder it is to be an American.  

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