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My academic experience thus far has provided me with a wide range of practical knowledge and skills that will be immensely useful when studying overseas at the graduate level. As a student, I excelled in courses related to Mathematics, and Computer. My interaction with computers started with Logo (programming language) during my school days where I could create various shapes and produce line graphics. I gradually moved to C++ language and functionalities of computers. There was something about computers and programming, especially coding that always attracted my interest. In High School, I worked on JAVA. This interest kept growing and made me opt for Computer Science as my discipline in undergraduate course in Bachelor of Technology.

My undergraduate degree provided exposure to a multifaceted curriculum, thus laying a sound foundation for my plans for graduate studies. I gained in-depth awareness about concepts in calculus and statistical analysis through multiple courses in Applied Mathematics. Also, the courses in Data Structures ,Analysis and Design of Algorithms, and Data Mining and Business Intelligence introduced me to different techniques for conducting searches, pre-processing data, as well as using clustering, classification and regression algorithms. In addition, the courses related to database management helped me gain knowledge about the nuances involved in storage and retrieval of copious amounts of data and normalizing it. Particularly significant was the course in Artificial Intelligence during which I learnt how to impart human-like thinking and decision-making capabilities to artificial agents through the use of techniques like partial order planning, forward and backward chaining, as well as search techniques like hill climbing, A* and simulated annealing. During the tenure of my undergraduate studies, I gained expertise in programming with C, C++, Java, and Python.

Projects during the undergraduate program served to broaden my domain knowledge through application of classroom concepts.One of them involved developing a website for ordering food from wide variety of restaurants available.The database for the project was developed in MySql, and the front-end was designed using PHP, HTML and CSS. Other was my Design Engineering Project, which I along with my three other team members created naming “License Integrated Safety Device”. It is an anti-theft device which uses driving license as a proof of identity to give access of a vehicle to users and it is capable of handling situations wherein vehicle is stolen or lost.

For my Final University project, I worked with a team of three other classmates to develop a "NEWSMAN". It is an application that can identify all the news articles that are covering the same event but having different headlines. This application uses machine learning and text mining for analysing media bias and then it provides the most reliable news. We seeked patterns in headlines across different news sources. To offer a more personalized experience, this application lets user read story based on sentiment of news and genre of new.

Besides the undergraduate program, I have taken training in number of courses like “BIGDATA & HADOOP” , “IOS” , “Python” , “Java” , “PERL” and “BASH”. Simultaneously, active participation in a wide range of extracurricular activities has ensured the all round development of my personality. I have taken part in cultural activities like skit and literary activities like Spell Bee competitions. I also draw and paint as a hobby. Apart from this, I handled the role of being the Class Representative of the Computer Science branch for two years, a responsibility that included acting as the bridge between the students and the administration, scheduling additional lectures for the class, assisting the faculty advisor in her duties and assisting the students in case of any problems. This experience brought to the fore my leadership abilities, while also assisting in honing my social skills.

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