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Overview of Abdulla Abdulghani & Bros.Co.W.L.L

Abdulla abdulghani  & Bros.Co.W.L.L was founded in the year 1958 by one of Qatar's pioneer business family. The company was formed as part of the nation's infrastructure development. The turnaround came in the year 1964 when Toyota dealership awarded to this organization

From 1964 to until now the company passed some milestone. The company extends their business to Trading Toyota & Lexus vehicle in 1995. The Trading division providing good condition used vehicle at reasonable price also purchase used vehicle from Toyota customers at market price & offering brand new vehicle at special price.

In 1999 AAB( Abdulla abdulghani  & Bros.Co.W.L.L )passed one remarkable milestone which is the rent a car division open with 15 cars with limited facilities. But in the past 17 years, AAB have become a major car rental firm in the State of Qatar and at present have a fleet strength of 7,500 vehicle units. We achieved this position by providing high quality services and high quality products to our valuable customers, as well as through effective management. We have separate rent a car workshop for cater those customers. The vehicle will be reconditioned by rent a car workshop & transfer to trading department to sale at market price once contract finish with customer.

AAB Heavy Equipment is a multi-product & brand division which provides sales and after sale services of Heavy Equipment & industrial items.

After sales division consists Service division & Spare part division for given customer excellent service. The service division has main workshop & eight quick service centers are located in different location in Doha. The spare parts division has one main part outlet & seven spare part branches spread across the state of Qatar.


Our vision is to be consistently ranked as the best distributor of Toyota and Lexus in the GCC


We are committed to provide an outstanding experience in automotive and associated business to all our customers through superior value products and services. As a result, our customers will reward us with sustainable profit allowing our people, shareholders and communities to prosper.

Planning at AAB

AAB director board set corporate level, business level & functional level goals in line with company vision & mission. The company has three level of plan which are corporate level, business level & functional level. Each business unit has separate business strategy to achieve the goal.

The board of directors formulate cooperate level & business level strategy. The senior managers of each business unit formulate functional level strategy align with cooperate level strategy.

The board of directors responsible for implementation of strategy of corporate level and senior managers & managers responsible for implementation and control business level and function level strategy respectively.

AAB cooperate level goal is to become best dealer in GCC region & to achieve this goal strategy is reaching & attracting more customer in the current market while giving excellence service at competitive market rate. To fulfill this strategy, AAB ensures that it offers products for every market segment. For example, the company has sedans, trucks, SUVs, luxury vehicles, heavy machinery and other product lines for every type of customer.

After sales business unit goal is retain existing customers & attracting new customer while giving excellence service. The spare parts division strategy is optimum level parts availability to cater for customer demand.

The workshop strategy is give high quality service with concept of zero repeat jobs. To retain Customers Company providing some free services & special campaign such as free ac checkup & top up gas at summer time. After the services customer relation agent call customer to get feedback & do Kizan activities (small small improvement).

The rent a car business unit goal is be the leader in the market. The strategy is give high condition vehicle with superior quality service. To give superior service customer are welcome any branches as it convenient for them not only rent a car workshop. AAB opened new rent a car outlet at airport for tourist. AAB providing new vehicle at on the spot once any breakdown or accident happen.

The trading business unit goal is vehicle for everyone. The strategy is providing better car at better price. The customer has provided financial facility through bank & in house finance with three year instalment limit & flexible processing. We are providing brand new vehicle instead of used vehicle at discounted price to improve of new vehicle sales & retain customer under Toyota brand in long-term.

The new vehicle sales business unit goal is enrich lifestyle of people. Market Penetration. Toyota's main intensive growth strategy is market penetration. This intensive strategy supports business growth by reaching and attracting more customers in the firm's current markets. To fulfill this intensive growth strategy, Toyota ensures that it offers products for every market segment. For example, the company has sedans, trucks, SUVs, luxury vehicles, and other product lines for every type of customer. This intensive growth strategy supports the cost leadership component of Toyota's generic strategy by enabling the company to maximize sales volume, which ensures profits despite relatively low selling prices.

The heavy equipment business unit goal is to become leader of warehouse equipment. Our strategy is comprehensive service & support. We strive to become our clients' preferred partners, supporting them for the life of the equipment.

The Human resource management division goal is enrich employee & their family life while company prospers.

The company strategy is recruiting the right people with right skill at the right time.

HR Planning process

' Assessing the current HR capacity

' Forecasting HR requirements

' Gap analysis

' Developing HR strategies to support organizational strategies

Assessing current HR Capacity

Identify current staff knowledge, skill and abilities. This is done by developing skill inventory for each employee. Also identify what are the responsibility can take additionally to the current job & prepare the employees current development plan.

Forecasting HR requirements

Forecast future HR requirement according to company strategy goals. We analyze how many staff need, what job need to fill, what skill people need. Then company sees how to attract required skill people according to market supply & demand.

Gap Analysis

We determine the gap between where our company wants to be & where we are now. Gap analysis identify the number of staff and skills and abilities required in future to comparison to current status.

Gap analysis

The next step is to determine the gap between where your organization wants to be in theFUTURE  and where you are now. The gap analysis includes identifying the number of staff and the skills and abilities required in theFUTURE  in comparison to the current situation. You should also look at all your organization's HR management practices to identify practices that could be improved or new practices needed to support the organization's capacity to move forward. Questions to be answered include:

' What newJOBS  will we need?

' What new skills will be required?

' Do our present employees have the required skills?

' Are employees currently in positions that use their strengths?

' Do we have enoughMANAGERS /supervisors?

' Are current HR management practices adequate forFUTURE  needs?

Developing HR strategies to support organizational strategies

There are five HR strategies for meeting your organization's needs in the future:

' Restructuring strategies

' Training and development strategies

' RECRUITMENT strategies

' Outsourcing strategies

' Collaboration strategies

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