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When you go for a Project Manager, you will face it as easy or difficult act. This act can be simplified in the situation where senior executive people have idea of action items to get done from project manager. This act may be tough if senior level executives needs the results but not the way of achieving it. Minimum 6 (Six) qualities are there which will help project manager to be successful in his activity.

1) Maturity in project management can achieve from experience to different types of projects in the different types of companies and activities. The project manager must be experience of project activities not less than 5 (Five) to 7 (Seven) years with successful business process life cycle. Success in Business Life Cycle does not mean to be failing or no error in his action points during project handling. This should prove that Project manager has completed the more successful project as compared to learning points.

2) Use of tactics will sharpen the leadership skill. Project manager has to lead the team along with management of Project. Team Members follows the Leaders, and Project Manager should prove the good example of ideal leader. Project Manager should always own the responsibility and drive the project. By doing so, he will pump in the great amount of energy and positive attitude in the team member.

3) Senior Executive Officer has to ensure the availability of the Project Manager. They should not onboard the Project Manager who has current responsibility of other project still in his boundary. There are contingencies in each project and Management has to consider the contingency time and actions. Project Manager when board the project must be free from all his previous action items. He is not likely to spend the good amount of time in his last project activities. Senior Management should choose those project managers who have sufficient period time to understand and execute the project.

4) Any Project, whatever the company is going to deliver, need to have the technical knowledge. It recommend for the Project Manager to have middle level of knowledge expertise in the required field. This helps project manager to be in line with the opinion and solution given by the technical member in the team on the project.

5) Project Manager is leading the team. He or She needs take the team with him and not walk differently from team. Project Manager must discuss the requirement and goals of the customer or client and get the business. Client of customer expects the Review of the project action items on regular time interval and Project Manager should coordinate the same with team members. The Project Manager must be able to convey and communicate clearly to customer of client on the updates and requirement of the team members.

6) Project Manager must have the quality experience on internal and external world of the Company. The team member of the projects need not be from internal staffing of the company, they can be from external staffing or outsourced. Project Manager must have the knowledge of the group companies and their resources, so that he can select or pump in the right team on the project. High Cost and less experienced team members on the project may lead to failure of the activities and project. Experience on various activity, subject and project of the person does not guarantee that he or she will the perfect or successful Project Manager.

(3) Describe approaches and techniques for developing and training project managers.

Project Manager must have all the qualities and experience to execute the project successfully with all the aspects. Senior Level Officers carry the draft guideline and that guideline requires associate of the company with the required experience to get the opportunity. There is a situation where senior management may not get the suitable or candidate or suitable candidate is having the higher budget than project requirement. So, to tackle this situation company has to prepare and skill the existing associate to be a project manager. Initially they have to select the associate who is having enough years on his activity, good amount of management quality, The shortlisted candidate must have required minimum years for experience. Management people should be idle for their team members with strong determination and passion. Associate must be skilled for qualities, which needs to be there for Project Managers.

            Next actions item must be team handling. The project manager must identify and select the associate along with budget and target dates and other things as needed. To get this associate must attend the workshops. Associate can attend these workshops attend in the company campus or contact agency who has expertise in this. Difference between both is the target audience and content of the subject, internal workshop will more concentrate on the project specific data points where as agency workshop will give weight age on general data points.  Money, time and resource allocation are factors in this decision (, 2011). To prepare and skill the associate for leadership expertise, organization should facilitate him to attend internal as well as external workshop.

Adding it to more for Inside Company; on job training, working experience with professional leader and team member, consequently job rotation, supporting multifunctional activities, customer liaison activities and assigning him a variety of project management responsibilities will help in developing Project manager skills.  While outside company; training schooling, courses, seminars, workshops, Simulations, games, cases, Group exercises, Professional meetings, Conventions, Reading books and magazines, trade journals and hands-on exercises in using Project Management techniques all these will helping top level Executives to develop their skills during off duty. As Proper project support system, project charter, PM directives, policies and procedures all help in increasing project manager skills.

There are three points to be taken in to consideration for Skilling of Project Managers: First is Associate should not move to Project Management only on the base of higher Pay Scale. Second is Project managers should be promoted and paid based on his achievements in the project and not on the strength of the Project Team. Third is, it is not necessary for the project manager to be the highest ranking or salaried individual on the project team with the rationale that sufficient 'clout' is needed.  In current technical market, there are some advanced techniques which are being helpful to enhance Project manager's skill such as Traditional approach, PRINCE2,Critical chain project management (CCPM), process-based management, Agile-based methodologies, Benefits realization management (BRM) etc.(Kerzner , 2013)

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