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Green Cloud Solar panel - import and marketing of solar panels:

Green Cloud solar panels and products who accompanied the intended re-energize In 12 and 24 V and is in solar products over 15 years. Database products are intended for private uses, commercial And industrial: the areas of security, communications security, various areas of transport, irrigation and agriculture, in lighting.

New information of solar power solar panel , Peakworkx

Great quality with superb flexibility - exclusive import!Green Cloud is a company specializing in Canadian design, production and implementation of systems and products for the production of high-quality energy independent. Dynamic company, growing rapidly and offers its clients customized solutions to the challenges of technological change. The company has over 20 years experience in the energy and power generators. Green Cloud have about 100 Canadian, chinese and Pakistan  engineering talented Staff. Today you can find over 20 thousand units of generators and energy systems worldwide.Services and our products make use of the best high-tech companies in the world, with an emphasis on the media. The company operates a research and development department and the superb team of experts in the field of development and strategic planning of various energy systems based on individual needs of the customer. The company is extremely flexible and customized solutions in various technology projects, challenging and diverse other companies struggle to deliver.Thanks to the company Green Cloud considered one of the leading worldwide application, professional knowledge and providing quality solutions to clients in the independent of Solar Panel and systems for energy production.Segments in which the company Green Cloud specializes in are:

• Renewable Energy

• Hybrid Systems Power Supply for Cellular Networks

• Portable Generators

• Diesel Generators Running on Gas

• Technology

• Led Lights

• Solar Panels

• Wind Generators

• Batteries

• A cooling Computer Processors

• Inverters AC / DC and Monitoring and Control Systems.

Green Energy  Semi-Flexible Solar Panels:

Lightest weight and thinnest boards Highest yield per square foot Versatile establishment choices Optimal for canvas bimini/dodger establishments on water crafts and 5 Year guarantee on yield Huge assortment of sizes and shapes with custom choices accessible Use just the most elevated evaluation SunPower cells for each SP board As sun based innovation propels, with an always creating product offering of semi-adaptable sun oriented boards highlighting high-yield and lightweight sun oriented arrangements. . Their innovation makes them especially relevant for canvas bimini and dodger establishments on vessels and their development is impervious to the cruelty of the marine environment.

Led Lights Best led light for home

1, Led light qualities

Led lamp is an electronic device made of a semiconductor material. Led lights can only be issued for each one color solid color light, which means that each contains only one Led lamp light quality. At the same time, Led lamps have high luminous efficiency, high color rendering play advantage. However, its production cost is high, there are not easy to mix light and other shortcomings.

Compared to other light sources, Led lamp has a feature unmatched by other sources, it is the volume of every single Led lamp is very small, not only made a tiny independent source, but also on the basis of application objects, allowing multiple pieces combination, can according to their needs adjusted.

2, lack of Led lights

According to the survey, Led light in terms of photometric performance is not ideal, if the luminosity of the light source is insufficient, plants photosynthesis is bound to be affected, so if judged from the point of luminosity, Led lamp is still not suitable for planted tanks of light, In particular vat or deep tank, but not suitable for cultivation of red plants.

3, Led light and plants

Since the light quality on plant growth, morphogenesis, photosynthesis, metabolism, and regulation of gene expression are, therefore if manufactured by adjusting the light quality Led lights suitable for use as a light source planted aquarium, in theory, it is very feasible.

To light quality according to the needs of the plants, making up most of the plants of Led lights, complementary principle or approach can be mixed light of light, the combination of different Led light up properly. In addition, the cultivation of plants main purpose is to enjoy, of course, color rendering and color temperature should be taken into account and thus Led grass lamp requires many considerations in the production.

Such as: the use of energy to produce red, green, Led light blue colored light, depending on the proportion of the organization together, so they also glow in the lamp, can produce different color temperatures of white Led lamps.

However, Led light the need for a specific wavelength of plants quite useful, from this perspective, it is very suitable to adjust or supplement sources, can be used with fluorescent lights, in order to supplement a particular light, this match of the current approach should be Led lights best applied.

4, Led lights DIY

If you really are interested in Led lights, plants lamp may wish themselves to DIY. So you can mix and match different proportions according to the desired light quality plants and other factors.

Such as: can be selected in line with the majority of plant physiology photosynthesis light phytochrome green leaf absorption spectrum, such as red, blue, and far-red light, three spectral bands Led lights, depending on the proportion of combinations, they are parallel to each other fixed to the substrate, and then give the appropriate DC voltage, it can be made into a lamp light source for experiments in plants cultivation.

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