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The India is agriculture country. Agriculture provide a maximum income in our country. The consideration of some agricultural aspects like how to increase productivity, how to reduce cost and how to solve problems of unskilled workers or labors are main focus of this project. In our project manually operated harvesting machine fabricated for easy handling, low cost, light weight and avail for each and every farmers to purchase and basic needs to completion and also fabricating of prototypes, embodiment and procedure of material selection and component selection. Yielding of agriculture level low environmentally and economically to sustain mechanism. Because of improperly mechanism to sustain long time period and imperfect of the material selection and not availability for the excess insurance .the development and performance manually operating machine by man power. We are developing the manually crop harvesting machine to cut crops in minimum period of time which is useful to farmers and agricultural companies. The labor pushing force to manually transmitted harvesting machine to supply force transmitted through the sprocket, chain and wheels. The bevel gear mechanism connected with the shaft and end of the bevel gear connects with the cutters. Bevel gear speed is same as cutter speed. In this project aim of manual motion into rotary motion of cutters at the end of the crops get cut easily which no hard effect.   



 As India population is growing so the demand for food will definitely increase for that better technical of farming will require to increase production.Crop cutting m/c is mechanical device. It can be used for cutting dry cut of grain break cover of trunk of free motion. Crop harvesting is last stage in farming which take maximum time process. This machine involve simple construction and mechanism make to run and ensures economical to farmer will take minimum operation and unskilled worker operate. In all India is crop cutting generally done manually. In the crop harvesting machine lees require human effort or meddle class farmer are able to purchase. Current agriculture techniques includes the use of trucks, tractors, automatic crop harvester, harvesters, crop dusters, helicopters and other vehicles. In automatically harvester compere to manual crop harvester high cost. Also cutter using of crop cutter mostly ground level. In pollution, consumption of fuel and labor requirement is avoid. The population of our nation increase day to day, there is increment of food or vegetables need of framer mechanisms also increase, machine provide more operation in a less time, but the machine is very costly for middle class farmer, it is not affordable middle class farmer, so we can design manually multi crop harvester. It is manually operating.


2.1 Literature Review:

1. M.AL Dr.u.v.kongre issue (4 APRIL 2016),lokeshshahare,aakash komawar(ISSN:2350-0328). a research paper addresses the development and performance of human effort power multi crop cutter. The development a mechanism for harvesting of crop cutter so that we can easily harvesting in minimum during time. This is machine used to cut the crop which helpful farmers.

2. M.AL Siddaling s. or b.s.ravikiran (july-august 2015) a project aim to design and fabrication small scale sugarcane harvester machine. This machine farmer effort  and increase the agricultural production. When to compared manually crop harvester machine. This advance technology machine are very costly and can not purchase by middle class farmers.    

3. M.AL Horia, M. Abd El-Gany(October 2008) , E.A. El-Sahhar, M.M. Mostafa, F.A. Abd-Elhady. The main purpose of the project is develop a rotational power to be used in the carrot harvesting and suitable machinery and power transmitted to the foliage pattern to root harvest the machine main purpose improve efficiency of the carrier, ridge, efficiency, and root or carrot harvesting. Evaluating different kind of parameters to solve the different kind of carrot harvesting parameters and also build-up lifting efficiency.

4. Mariam ahmed amer (2006) ,the main basic principle to worked on the reciprocating mover and mechanism harvest to leafy crops. the main advantage of better performance

High quality of the harvested vegetables and lower cost the all harvest process. the main advantage of this mechanism connected with the conveyor and behind the cutter bar connected it the reciprocating mover and transfer to harvested leaves to a collecting box.

5. M.AL P.B.chavan ,D.K.Patil, D.S.Dhondge (may-june 2015) this project help for small land farm and farmers is increased more grains.small land holders farmers harvested less time at low cost for different power needs.for different atmospheric condition unskilled person operate,adjust and maintain the fulfilled needs harvesting.

2.2Aim and objectives of the project


The aim of our project is to develop manual crop harvester which involve less labor cost and easy to operate by unskilled person and it is eco-friendly.


   It is an objective of this project to provide a relative simple constructions, easy operation, less cost and human power include by manually harvester run. This machine can be used as multi crop cutter. This machine an agriculture production increase. Than by machine use for middle class farmer purchase less cost.


Design Engineering Canvas

3.1 AEIOU Summary

AEIOU can be abbreviated as:

 Activity

 Environment

 Interaction

 Objects

 Users

Fig: 3.1 AEIOU Summary Canvas

Activities: includes the Affordable crop harvester, human effort, power transmission, multi crop cutter

Environment: the suitable for harvest the agriculture, farm, crop, load

Interaction:-the following interaction which take part of manual, mechanical motion, kinematic and dynamics.

Objects :- The objects used in our vehicle are cutter, wheel, pulley, bearing, bevel gear, shaft, chain drives, handle, belt drive.

Users:-our crop harvester used by Farmers and Workers.

3.2. Ideation Canvas:

Fig: 3.2. Ideation Canvas

In this canvas we have studied the activities of the model and people using it. then we also regarded to the less human effort.

3.3. Idelayser Idea Funnel Canvas:

Fig 3.3 Idealizer Idea Funnel Canvas

in this canvas we have sorted out the problem with the crop harvesting and it states with the problems of high cost ,high effort ,high operation time.

3.4. Product Development Canvas:

Fig 3 Product Development Canvas

In product development canvas we have provide basic and complete details such as functions, features of our crop harvesting machine. We listed out the components we need to prepare the working model. There are some limitations of the model which we stated in the end of the canvas.



4.1 Working Principle:

The worker will push machine with the handle then three wheels start rotating. It rotation of the wheels is transmitted to the shaft. On the shaft sprocket is mounted have chain drive second shaft having chain drive and sprocket which transfer the rotation to third shaft. On the shaft bevel gear is attached to both the end then bevel gears, rotation is maintain and power is obtains for crop cutting purpose.

4.2 Proposed model components and material selection:


No Name of components Material

1. Cutter Stainless steel

2. Wheel Mild steel

3. Pulley Cast iron

4. Bearings Stainless steel

5. Bevel gear Mild steel

6. Shaft Stainless steel

7. Chain drives Mild steel

8. Handle Cast iron




 Reduce the cost

 Reduce the time

 Easy to handle

 Unskilled worker and farmers  can be operate

 Safety to use

 Less maintenance


 high human effort

 high cost

5.3. applications:-

 crop harvesting

 reaper

 agriculture environment

 farms



In the next step finalization of design will done and then we will purchase required components. In the later stage of the project fabrication and testing of the model will be carried out.



In developing nations like India, agriculture is the prime source of income for large number of population through this project, we desire to improve the economic condition of country’s farmers and also at the same time want to deliver towards improvement of environmental condition. In this project, we addresses the development of manual crop harvester machine. This machine used to harvest the crops which require less effort from this machine, the rotary motion of chain drive is used to rotate the output shaft on which bevel gear is attached by rotation of bevel gear, the cutter rotates and crop harvesting is carried out. The general layout for crop harvesting machine is decided and further we will finalize the design. In the next stage the fabrication of the machine will be done


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