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Submitted by

Sani Faldu (130400116005)

Yagnavalk Pandya (130400116011)

Mayank Nai (100400116015)

In fulfillment for the award of the degree


B.E. Semester VII



Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar

Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad

NOV/DEC – 2016

Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar

Information Technology Engineering



Date: /   /

This is to certify that the project entitled “Healthy Animal Planet” has been carried out by Faldu Sani (130400116005) & Pandya Yagnavalk(130400116011) & Nai Mayank(100400116015) under my guidance in fulfillment of the subject PROJECT-I (2170001) of Bachelor Of Engineering in Information Technology (Semester VII) of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad during the academic year 2016-17.

Internal Guide

Name: Prof. Piyush S. Suthar


Head of Department


We express my sincere gratitude towards my guide Prof. Piyush Suthar for his constant help, encouragement, suggestions and inspiration throughout the seminar work. Without his invaluable advice, suggestions and assistance it would not have been possible for me to complete this seminar work.

We wish to thank the Computer Engineering Department & Information Technology Department of Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar for their sympathetic co-operation. My sincere thanks to all the authors whose literature we have used as a reference of my work. We are very thankful to my classmates, my Family & my Friends who supported throughout the seminar.

Thank You.

Faldu Sani D.

Enroll. No: 130400116005

Pandya Yagnavalk A.

Enroll. No: 130400116011

Nai Mayank

Enroll. No: 100400116015


As name implies “HEALTHY ANIMAL PLANET” it is based on the healthcare and nutrition of the particular group of animals. Most of the animals died because of the lack of information, we want to change that scenario. We are going to provide information such as health and nutrition of animals. It also includes medicine information and emergency first aid information. We are also planning to put dictionary so that general public can also understand the veterinary terms. It is useful for pharmacy student and veterinary student. Also for doctor, general public owing pet, clinic and vet. medical store. There is a dictionary to simplify the veterinary language, which makes easy to understand the terms.


Figure No Figure Description Page No

2.1 AEIOU Summary 6

2.2 Ideation Canvas 8

2.3 Product Development Canvas 9

2.4 Empathy Canvas 10

3.1 Use Case Diagram 15

3.2 ER Diagram 16

3.3 Class Diagram 17

3.4 Activity Diagram for Admin 18

3.5 Activity Diagram for User 19

3.6 Sequence Diagram for user 20

3.7 Sequence Diagram for Doctor 21

3.8 Context level DFD 22

3.9 First Level DFD[Admin] 23

3.10 First Level DFD[Doctor] 24

3.11 First Level DFD[User] 25


CHAPTER 1 Introduction 01

1.1 Project summary

1.2 Aim and Objective

1.3 Problem Specification

1.4 Plan of Work

1.5 Tools and Technology Used

CHAPTER 2 Product Design Engineering 05

2.1 AEIOU Summary

2.2 Ideation

2.3 Product Development

2.4 Empathy Mapping

CHAPTER 3 System Analysis and Design           11

3.1 Study of Current System

3.2 Problem & Weakness of Current System

3.3 System Requirements

3.4 Feasibility Study

3.5 UML Diagrams

CHAPTER 4 Conclusion and Future Work           26

References 29



 As name implies “HEALTHY ANIMAL PLANET” it is based on the healthcare and nutrition of the particular group of animals.  The idea behind development of this website is to aware the public about health and nutrition of animals. Website has animal’s disease information, nutrition information. It also includes medicine information and emergency first aid information. It has also profile section where user can login to account and ask question. Answer of the question is given by the doctor where doctor is reviewed by the admin. User can give feedback and also make profile where he/she can add data about their particular pet or animal. It is useful for pharmacy student and veterinary student. Also for doctor, general public owing pet, clinic and vet.  Medical store. There is a dictionary to simplify the veterinary language, which makes easy to understand the terms.



 The primary goal of “Healthy animal planet” is to prepare a web site that aware the humans about animal health

 This web site is developed to help those users who want any advice or information or query related to animal health and disease.


 Healthy animal planet is designed to aware the humans about animal health.

 In the website user can see the information such as disease, medicine, emergency first aid info, nearby clinic and much more.

 We also provide profile section where user can ask questions as per his/her need and it is being answer by doctors.

 We are also providing dictionary for the easy understanding of veterinary word because general user can’t understand the veterinary term they needs simplified terms.


 The major problem is that due to lack of information so much of animals died.

 The problem faced by most of the people is they need to visit clinic on every situation as they are unaware of some basic information such as emergency first aid.

 There is some website which provides some of the specific information for the particular group of animal, which has veterinary terms that is hard to understand for general public.

 In existing system there is not much functionality for User, where information is not centralized and is on different systems which makes complicated to use it.   




 Software Requirements:

 Server side:

 Front End: JAVA

 Back End: Oracle Database 11g

 Operating System: WindowXP and Above

 Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse IDE, MS Visio

 Client side:

 Any browser(Mozilla Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari)

 Hardware Requirements:

 Server side:

 Processor: Pentium IV and above

 RAM: 2 GB and above

 Hard Disc: 20 GB and above

 Client side:

 Processor: Pentium IV and above

 Ram: 1 GB and above

 Hard Disc: 20 GB and above


2.1 AEIOU SUMMARY:      

Fig.2.1 AEIOU Summary

 Activities:

In Activities sheet, we include what activity will be performed like planning, designing, calculating the cost, coding, data collection, login are the some activities.

 Environment:

In Environment sheet, we include in what environment we develop our website like java platform, spring mvc, jquery.

 Interactions:

In interactions sheet, we include which people we interact to develop our website or which people interact with whole like veterinary student to doctor , pet owner to doctor, software engineers , medical store owners.

 Objects:

In objects sheet, we include which objects are used to develop in our web site like Mobile, monitors, tablets, laptop, server etc.

 Users:

In user sheet, we include which users will use our website like Doctor, student, pet owner, common people, Teacher etc.


Fig.2.2 Ideation Canvas

 In Ideation canvas sheet, we include people, activities, situation/context/location, props/possible solutions which respect to our web site.


Fig.2.3 Product Development Canvas

 In product development sheet, we include purpose, people, product experience, product features, product function, customer revalidation and reject, redesign, retain respect to our website.


Fig.2.4 Empathy Canvas

 In Empathy mapping canvas sheet, we include user, stakeholder, activities, happy and sad story which respects to our web site



 There is no such system made till date but there is some system which is related to our project but not as a whole.

 Also existing system is user unfriendly which are hard to use for novice user.

 Details provided by existing system is incomplete or not in manner to use for normal users.


 As compared to the existing system they not centralized so searching data is complicated and also time consuming.

 Existing system contains veterinary term which is hard to understand for the general public or user.

 Existing system is also user unfriendly which might lead them to the wrong information.

 Most of the Existing system does not provide profile section so every time they need to search their work for beginning.


 This system will be used in three modules which are Administrator, User, and Doctor. The uses of three modules have been described below.

1) Administrator can do the following function

 Admin can maintain whole system and approve the doctor.

 Admin can add, update, delete or modify the information and page of the website.

 Admin can also delete or block the inappropriate profile.

2) Doctor can do the following function

 Doctor can login to his/her account and make, update, delete profile.

 Doctor can answer the questions asked by the user.

3) User can do the following function

 User can login to his/her account and make, update, delete profile. Also can see the information of website

 User can ask the question

 User can make his/her pet profile

 User can give feedback

 User can access website without login also where he/she can only see the information.


Feasibility study is a detailed investigation and analysis of proposed system to determine that the system will be feasible technically, operationally and economically or not

The following three areas were taken into consideration while deciding the feasibility of the proposed system

 Technical Feasibility

The tools used for development i.e.  Java eclipse IDE front end and Oracle Database 11g as back end are easily available and operable as both are free source software. The hardware required is also easily available.

 Economic Feasibility

This system is Economical feasible in every sense that it takes less effort, less time and nominal cost of purchasing the tools. Internet will be required. So that is economically feasible.

 Operational Feasibility

This website provides disease, medicine info, nutrition care, nearby clinic and also access to profile section. System is easy to use as we have added dictionary which helps general public to understand veterinary terms which makes it user-friendly.



Fig.3.1 Use Case Diagram

3.5.2 E-R Diagram

Fig.3.2 E-R Diagram


Fig.3.3 Class Diagram

3.5.4 ACTIVITY DIAGRAM Activity Diagram for Admin

Fig.3.4 Activity Diagram For Admin Activity Diagram for User

Fig.3.5 Activity Diagram For User

3.5.5 SEQUENCE DIAGRAM Sequence Diagram for user

Fig.3.6 Sequence Diagram for user Sequence Diagram for Doctor


Fig.3.7 Sequence Diagram for Doctor

3.5.6 DATA FLOW DIAGRAM (DFD) Context level diagram

Fig.3.8 Context Level Diagram First level DFD for Admin

Fig.3.9 DFD First Level for Admin First level DFD for Doctor

Fig.3.10 DFD First Level for Doctor First level DFD for user

Fig.3.11 DFD First Level for User



 Programming  and the coding of the project

 Testing of the project

 Collecting reviews from the stakeholders

 Updating with respect to the reviews collected

 Prepare project report

 We have also purchased the domain under the name “”.


 Our main purpose is to aware human being about animal disease and treatment.

 After finishing this project we will be able to provide proper way of education about animals which can be helpful in many ways and we will be able to aware the humans about animal health because every living thing is important.

 It will be also helpful for the veterinarian students for the study purpose and also pharmacy students.

 It will be also helpful to the farmers, where they can easily identify the disease or can use the emergency information for their animals.


 Appendix -A List of Useful Websites





 Appendix- B List of Useful Book

1. Java: The Complete Reference Book by Herbert Schildt

2. The question of animal awareness Book by Donald Griffin

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