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Chandkheda, Ahmedabad





Project Report



B. E. IV, Semester –7th


Submitted by:


Sr. Name of student Enrollment No.

1 Bhatt Trushali 120060131062

2 Jain Deepika 130060131015

3 Manani Darshna 130060131034

4      Gohil Vaishali 140063131005

Mrs. Chilka Linesh patel

(Internal Faculty Guide)

Mrs. Twinkle Ankleshwaria

Head of the Department

Academic year


Chapter: 1


1.1 Problem Summary and Introduction:

This utility is an integration of android app and electronics. The idea is to create an app which will give freedom from carrying a car key and give you a keyless entry in the car. Our android app is so designed that there will be three options on the screen unlock, lock and siren just like the remote of a car lock. The circuit will be integrated with the actual remote of the car lock which will be always kept inside the car. The app and the circuit will trigger and automatically the remote will unlock the doors, it can do the same in case of lock and siren buzz.

So one can use and keep the keys inside the car itself without having to carry and threat of losing or act of steal of the keys. In this project also going to attach a GSM module with the circuit which will be helpful in following way.

In case of failure of WI-FI connection between cell phone and the circuit or a battery goes down or in case of loss of the mobile this GSM module will be helpful to unlock the doors. One can send the secret code from any mobile phone to the SIM card in the GSM module which will activate the circuit to lock or unlock the doors. Here, we have also interface the GPS module to track the car and find it where it is and it will deliver a message of location to our mobile phone and we have also added temperature sensor to know the value of temperature inside a car.

In future we are also able to develop mechanism for interacting to the car and came to know about discharging of battery of a car. For the manufacturers of car, it is an easy way to keeping security of car using one android app and finding the temperature inside the cars.

It can be useful in self-driving ambulances, military purposes, cost effective luxurious solution.

1.2 Aim andobjectives of the project:

• Objective of our project is to control our car from remote area.

• There are many wireless devices for car controlling processes, but they are      

More expensive.

• So here we are using all the basic components that are used in our daily life

Like cell phones, Sim card, GSM modem and etc. which make our project cheaper .     and very simple to use.

• This system is a powerful and flexible tool that will offer this service at any time, and from anywhere with the constraints of the technologies being applied.

• To effectively receive and transmit data via phone call.

• Minimize power and time wastage.

1.3 Problem Specifications :

Often we park the car and someone tampers it and the siren buzzes, but because it’s not in our audible range we cannot hear it and our car battery drains. So we thought of creating a circuit and app combination in which the circuit and app combination in which the circuit will detect the buzz and will notify the car owner on his android app.

Another major problem is car accident, in our system the app will be having four contact of relatives. Upon a major car accident the circuit will actuate and will send the location via GPS of driver’s phone to all the registered parents number.

Another is to lock and unlock the car via android app so one can keep the keys inside the car only and can use the more smarter way to open and close the doors.

   1.4 Brief literature review and Prior Art Search(PAS) about the project :

  Carsecurity system based on internetofthings

The utility model discloses a car security system based on internetofthings, belongs to the field ofcar control, and aims at solving the problem that the security cannot be effectively achieved by using a traditional car security system. The car security system disclosed by the utility model comprises a car-carried terminal and a monitoring dispatching center, wherein the car-carried terminal comprises a single chip microcomputer, a GSM module, a GPS module, a car power control circuit, a car-carried storage battery, a security alarming circuit, an execution circuit and a liquid crystal display, wherein the single chip microcomputer communicates with the monitoring dispatching center through the GSM module, the GPS module is connected with a positioning serial port of the single chip microcomputer, the car-carried storage battery supplies power to the single chip microcomputer through the car power control circuit.

  Virtual fence car anti-theft system supporting Android platform

The utility model relates to the technical field ofsecurity monitoring and control and in particular to a virtual fence car anti-theft system supporting an Android platform. The virtual fence car anti-theft system supporting the Android platform comprises a car-mounted terminal. The car-mounted terminal comprises a global position system receiving module and a communication module, wherein the communication module conducts data interaction with a virtual fence system through a wireless network, and the virtual fence system comprises a communication module and a virtual fence. The virtual fence car anti-theft system supporting the Android platform further comprises an Android Web Services module which supplies an Android platform remote data invoking service and an Android platform.

  Android-based car anti-theft monitoring method

The invention discloses an android-based car anti-theft monitoring method. The android-based car anti-theft monitoring method includes the steps that an Android mobile device is in wireless communication connection with a monitor terminal; whether a car is stolen or not is judged according to the status information of the car; when it is judged that the car is stolen, the monitor terminal sends an alarm signal, a GPS module obtains the current geographical location information of the car, the geographical location information is attached to a theft alarm notice, and the theft alarm notice is sent to the Android mobile device; when a user opens the theft alarm notice, the Android mobile device calls for a map module, displays the geographical location information of the car on a map in real time and sends a parking instruction to the monitor terminal as needed.

  Automatic alarm device for carcrash

The invention relates to an automatic alarm device for a carcrash. An in-car vibration sensor signal is fed to a detecting circuit module for being converted into a digital pulse signal which is fed to a single chip micro computer control circuit module; the single chip microcomputer control circuit module is used for outputting the signal to an alarm trigger circuit module; the alarm trigger circuit module is used for trigging a GPS to detect the existing position and simultaneously triggering an information transmitting system, sending the existing position information output by the GPS to the traffic department in the form of information to alarm. After a traffic accident is caused by too high car speed or other reasons, the detecting module in the car is crashed to generate a signal.

  Remote control for a car\'s security or keylessentry system

A device combines a remote control for a car\'s keylessentry or security system with a compact voice recorder, capable of recording a short voice message and replaying this message at a later time. The device can be compact enough to be used as a keychain or easily carried in a pocket or purse. Also described is a method for finding a car by using the device to record a note describing the car\'s location and playing back this note later to refresh the user\'s recollection of where the car was parked.

  Wireless Firing Systems

A car security system capable of sending out an alarm when a car door is opened by an unauthorized person comprises a power stabilizing circuit for providing working DC power for the security system, a signal amplifying circuit for detecting small voltage change signals in the car battery and for generating therefrom an amplified signal, an alarm circuit including a buzzer and a controlling transistor, a microprocessor for receiving and then evaluating the amplified signal. In operation, when a car door is opened, a voltage change signal is produced, which is then detected for evaluating whether the opening of car door is authorized. If a voltage change signal is detected during conditions other than the car door opening, it is identified as a false alarm.

1.5  Plan of work :

The project plan sets out the resources available to the project, the workbreakdown and a schedule for carrying out the work. Some parts such as the project schedule will change frequently.

Sr. No.


Estimated Date


Project Selection



Requirement and Specification

25-07-2016 to 30-08-2016


AEIOU Framework & Canvas  

05-09-2016 to 15-09-2016


Learn .net GUI & basic concept

16-9-2016 to 25-09-2016


Create  Design

25-09-2016 to 30-09-2016

Table 1: Project Plan

1.6  Materials/Tools required :

1.6.1 Software Requirements :

To run an application user need :

Table 2:  Software need to run an application

               Components                   Development

Operating system Android 4.0 or above

To develop an application we need :

Table 3:  Software need to develop an application

Components Development

Operating system Windows 7 or above

Language Android

Front-end Eclipse-mars

Back-end SQL server 2008

1.6.2  Hardware Requirement

Since the applications of type apk the main hardware will be Android Mobile with RAM and with processor.

To run an application user need :

Table 4:  Hardware requirements for running an application

Components                       Development

Mobile Smart phone with Android support

RAM 1GB or above

Processor Quad-core or above

To develop an application we need :

Table 5:  Hardware requirement for developing an application

 Components Development

Processor Dual-core or above

RAM 2GB or above

Micro Controller 11.0592MHZ Cystal

GSM SIM900 GSM Modem


Sensor Accelero meter sensor



  Front end :

Figure 1: Eclipse


Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) used in computer programming, and is the most widely used Java IDE. It contains a base workspace and an extensible plug-in system for customizing the environment.

• an open source community

• an ecosystem to enable a integrated solution

• including products by some major tool vendors

Eclipse is written mostly in Java and its primary use is for developing Java applications, but it may also be used to develop applications in otherprogramming languages through the use of plugins, including:

1) Ada,

2) ABAP,

3) C, C++,


5) Fortran,

6) Haskell,

7) JavaScript,

8) Julia,

9) Lasso,

10) Lua,


12) Perl,

13) PHP,

14) Prolog,

15) Python,

16) Ruby (including Ruby on Rails framework),

17) Rust,

18) Scala,

19) Clojure,Groovy, Scheme,

20) Erlang.

It can also be used to develop documents with LaTeX (through the use of the TeXlipse plugin) and packages for the software Mathematica. Development environments include the Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) for Java and Scala, Eclipse CDT for C/C++ and Eclipse PDT for PHP, among others.

The initial codebase originated from IBM visual Age. The Eclipse software development kit, which includes the Java development tools, is meant for Java developers. Users can extend its abilities by installing plug-ins written for the Eclipse Platform, such as development toolkits for other 1programming languages, and can write and contribute their own plug-in modules.

Eclipse Architecture :

The Eclipse platform is structured around the concept of plug-ins. Plug-ins are structured bundles of code and/or data that contribute functionality to the system. Functionality can be contributed in the form of code libraries (Java classes with public API), platform extensions, or even documentation. Plug-ins can define extension points, well-defined places where other plug-ins can add functionality.

Each subsystem in the platform is itself structured as a set of plug-ins that implement some key function. Some plug-ins add visible features to the platform using the extension model. Others supply class libraries that can be used to implement system extensions.

The Eclipse SDK includes the basic platform plus two major tools that are useful for plug-in development.  The Java development tools (JDT) implement a full featured Java development environment.  The Plug-in Developer Environment (PDE) adds specialized tools that streamline the development of plug-ins and extensions.

These tools not only serve a useful purpose, but also provide a great example of how new tools can be added to the platform by building plug-ins that extend the system.

Figure 2: Architecture  

Java Development Tolling :

Adds Java development tools to Eclipse, by using extension points from the platform

New views:

• Package Explorer

• Java Editor

• Type Hierarchy

New builders:

• Java Compiler

Other examples of extensions:

• Java application launcher

• Java search

• Preference pages, wizards and actions


• Java Model API

Extension points:

• Refactoring participants

• Compilation participants


• Java model API

• Search Engine API

• Compiler, Compiler AST API No dependency on UI.

UI :

• Views and editors

• Preference pages, wizards and actions

Figure 3:Visual Studio

About Microsoft Visual Studio.Net :

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services.

Visual Studio.Net is a complete set of development tools for building ASP web applications, XML web services desktop applications, and mobile applications:

• Visual C#

• Visual J#

• Visual Basic

• Smart device application

• ASP.NET Mobile Designer

• Web forms

• Windows form

• XML web services

Goals of .NET :

  Better use of interfaces over the web

Platform specific interfaces will always offer more flexibility than a browser based interface,.NET aims to make those two types of interfaces as a similar to develop as possible.

  Simplifying deployment  

Issues like DLL hell and the need for large installs of form based applications are handled by .NET. .NET aim to make deployment as simple as it was for DOS. just copy a compiled module over the system and run it (No registration, no Guides, no Special installation procedure).

  Support for variety of language

.NET is designed to support a multitude of language from Microsoft and third parties. This will allow the development community to evolve language that best fit various development needs.

  Future portability of compiled applications

The goal of .NET is to allow applications to move from current platforms to future platforms with simple copy and no recompilation.

  Simplifying software Development

A component accessed over a local network should be manipulated with code very much like that for a component accessed on the local machine.

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET framework

Figure 4: Diagram of .net framework

  The Microsoft .Net Framework is a platform that provides tools and technologies you need to build networked Applications as well as Distributed Web Services and  

Web Applications.

  The .Net Framework provide the necessary compile time and runtime foundation to build and run any language that conforms to the Common Language Specification(CLS).

  The main two Components of .Net Framework are   Common Language Runtime (CLR) and .Net Framework Class Library(FCL).

  This is fully-fledged application framework, meaning that developers can use it for the entire development process of application. The framework in turn has various components.

Common Language Runtime (CLR)

The common language runtime (CLR) is an execution environment. It works as a layer between operating system and the applications written in .NET languages. The common language runtime (CLR) is an execution environment common language runtime(CLR)’s main task are to convert the .NET managed code(IL) to native code (executable code).

The .NET Framework provides a run-time environment called the common language runtime, which runs the code and provides services that make the development process easier. Compilers and tools expose the common language runtime\'s functionality and enable you to write code that benefits from this managed execution environment. Code that you develop with a language compiler that targets the runtime is called managed code; it benefits from features such as cross-language integration, cross-language exception handling, enhanced security, versioning and deployment support, a simplified model for component interaction, and debugging and profiling services.

CLR also provides :

• Thread executions

• Memory management that is allocation of objects and buffers,

• Garbage collection(GC)-Clean up the unused objects and buffers,

• Exception handling

• Common type system(CTS)

• Common language specification(CLS)

• Code safety verification

• Interoperability

The runtime provides the following benefits:

• Performance improvements.

• The ability to easily use components developed in other languages.

• Extensible types provided by a class library.

• Language features such as inheritance, interfaces, and overloading for object-oriented programming.

• Support for explicit free threading that allows creation of multithreaded, scalable applications.

• Support for structured exception handling.

• Support for custom attributes.

• Garbage collection.

• Use of delegates instead of function pointers for increased type safety and security.


• ADO.NET is the successor to active-x data object (ADO 2.6)

• We can use ADO in .NET framework but our performance will be slow when working with COM layer, because .NET framework does not support COM variant type an ADO use’s is it for field & record set obj.

• If we use the ADO record set in .NET, then every time CLR have to perform type conversion for each field & this type conversion can become costly when working with database.

• You will get truly disconnected data architecture.

• Tight integration with XML.

• A common representation with ability to combine data from different database.

Goals of ADO.NET

• Current ADO knowledge.

• Support N-tire programming model.

• Provide support for XML.

• Easy to create distributed, data sharing application

Provide interface to communicate with OLEDB data source such as SQL server & oracle.

In distributed application there is a concept of disconnected data. ADO.NET uses XML to exchange data between programs or with web page that means it enables programmer to easily separate the data processing and interface on separate server.

That will improve performance and maintainability of system.

Once you get the data the connection with D.S is dropped after you can work with data locally.

So, if frees up the DB server resources.

The ADO.NET Data Architecture

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between a .NET framework data provider and a dataset.

There are two components of ADO.NET that you can use access and manipulate data:

• .NET Framework data providers

• The dataset

ADO.NET is conceptually divided into consumers and data providers. The consumers are the applications that need access to the data, and the providers are the software components that implement the interface and thereby provide the data to the consumer.

Functionality exists in Visual Studio IDE to create specialized subclasses of the Data Set classes for a particular database schema, allowing convenient access to each field through strongly typed properties. This helps catch more programming errors at compile-time and enhances the IDE\'s Intelligence feature.

.NET Framework data providers

The .NET framework data providers are components that have been explicitly designed for data manipulation and fast, forward-only, read-only access to data.

• The connection object provides are connectivity to a data source.

• The command object enables access to database commands to return data, modify data, run stored procedures, and send or retrieve parameter information.

• The Data Reader provides a high-performance stream of data from the data source.

• The Data Adapter provides the bridge between the dataset object and the data source. The data adapter uses command objects to execute SQL commands at the data source to both load the dataset with data, and reconcile changes made to the data in the dataset.

The dataset

The ADO.NET dataset is explicitly designed for data access independent of any data source. As a result, it can be used with multiple and differing data sources, used with XML data, or used to manage to data local to the application. The dataset contains a collection one or more data table objects made up of rows and columns of data, as well as primary key, foreign key, constraints, and relation information about the data in the data table objects.

  Back end :

Figure 5: SQL Server 2008

Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2

SQL Server 2008 R2 Tools:-

The SQL server data platform includes the following tools:

Relational Database :

It is more secure, reliable, scalable, highly available relational database with improved performance and support for structured and unstructured (XML) data.

Replication Services :

Data replication for distributed or mobile data processing applications, high systems availability, and scalable concurrency with secondary data stores for enterprise reporting solutions, and integrations with heterogeneous systems, including existing oracle database.

Integration :

It services data extractions, transformation and loading (ETL) capabilities for data warehousing and enterprise – wide data integration.

Notification Services :

It includes advanced notification capabilities for the development and deployment of scalable applications that can delivered personalized, timely information updates to a variety of connected and mobile devices.

Analysis Services :

It includes online analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities for the rapid and sophisticated analysis of large and complex dataset using multidimensional storage.

Reporting Services :

It include a comprehensive solution for creating, managing, and delivering both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, web-based reports.

Management Tools :

SQL server includes integrated management tools for advanced database management and tuning as well as tight integration with the tool such as Microsoft Operation Manager (MOM) and Microsoft System Management server (SMS) standard data access protocols drastically reduce the time it takes to integrate data in SQL server with existing systems. In addition , native web service support is built into SQL server to ensure interoperability with other applications and platforms.

Development Tools :

SQL server offers integrated development toolsfor the database engine, data extraction, transformation, and loading. Data mining, OLAP. And reporting that are tightly integrated with Microsoft visual studio to provide end-to-end application development capacities, every major sub systems in SQL server ships with its own object model and set of application program interfaces (ApIs) to extend the data system in any direction that is unique to your business.

SQL Server and the Client/Server Model :

Microsoft’s SQL server is a client, server database engine, so it is important for you to understand the client/server model.

A client/server application can be defined as one that is split into two parts:

One part runs on server and the other part runs on a workstation, concurrency and reliable backups. The client site provides the user interface and can contain empty reports, queries and forms. The idea is to have the best of both worlds by taking advantage of both and pairing them together.

SQL server is the server part of the equations; various clients to choose from can connect to SQL server, including the utilities that come with the SQL server, such as the SQL server query analyzer.

  Client’s advantages:

• Easy to use

• Supports multiple  hardware platforms

• Supports multiple software platforms •Familiar to the user

  Server’s advantages:

• Reliable

• Concurrent

• Sophisticated locking

• Fault tolerance

• High-performance

• Centralized control

The SQL server 2005 data platform provides organization of all sizes with the following benefits:  

• Capabilities on data Assets

• Reduce IT complexity

• Increases productivity

• Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  

Chapter : 2

Design : Analysis, Design Methodology and Implementation Strategy

1. Empathy mapping

  User :

Our application are use of all civilians who has car.

  Stakeholders :

Our application are use all civilians including

• Engineer

• Doctor

• Businessmen

• Driver

• Officer

• Professor

  Activities :

Here some activities are mention who has working in our application.

• Car lock/unlock :

First of all the car lock and unlock through mobile via android application.

• Ac on/off :

In the application the Ac are turn on or off through mobile application.

• Antitheft :

If the theft in car in which the circuit will the buzz and will notify the car owner on his android app.

• Tracking via GPS/GSM :

Upon a major car accident the circuit will actuate and will send the location via GPS of driver’s phone to all the registered parents number and parents are track the location via GPS.

• Connectivity :

Mobile application connect to the car device and also through the GPRS/GSM system.

• Locating :

If the accident occur, we send the location our parents through mobile application.

• Identifying :

The unauthorized person can not use the car, all users have

their password.

  Story boarding :

• Happy :

When we went for a picnic at that place there were no parking in that area, so we park our car at somewhere. After that we were going for lunch and also going for some other work and just far from car then at the same time one person came to the car and try to open the door to theft the car but before he theft the car we get the notification and we caught the thief and save our car.

• Happy :

Once Mr. Khan went for tour and he faced an accident and he was not able to inform anybody and at the same time nobody was there but luckily when the accident is happened at the same time the text massage sent to the parents and also notify the location of that accident place and parents went to that place and took their child to the hospital and save their child.

• Sad :

On Sunday, we went picnic at dumas. At time of deparching from dumas, I found that my car key was lost anywhere then we tried to found key but we did not get it, so we cannot open the door of our car and we have to stay there for long time then after we made duplicate key and went to home.

• Sad :

Once Mr. Shah went to theatre to watch the movie. He parked his car in parking and went to the theatre. After sometime something happened and his car buzzer starts to buzzing. I can’t hear sound of my car buzzer so it was continuous buzzing. At the and battery was discharge and I fall into too much trouble.

2. Ideation canvas

  People :

This  application are use all civilians including

• Engineer

• Doctor

• Businessmen

• Driver

• Officer

• Profacor

  Activities :

• Car lock/unlock :

First of all the car lock and unlock through mobile via android application.

• Ac on/off :

In the application the Ac are turn on or off through mobile application.

• Antitheft :

If the theft in car in which the circuit will the buzz and will notify the car owner on his android app.

• Tracking via GPS/GSM :

Upon a major car accident the circuit will actuate and will send the location via GPS of driver’s phone to all the registered parents number and parents are track the location via GPS.

• Connectivity :

Mobile application connect to the car device and also through the GPRS/GSM system.

• Locating :

If the accident occur, we send the location our parents through mobile application.

• Identifying :

The unauthorized person can not use the car, all users have

their password.

  Situation/context/location :

      It tells about that situation where application are work :

• Accident

• Track car from home

• Poli

• Lost key of car

  Props :

  In the system this props are used :

• Wifi

• Car



• Buzzer

3. Product development canvas

  Purpose :

The purpose of this application is :

Purpose of our application is :

• Keyless entry

• Get location

• Safety

• Security

  People :

Basically this application are use all people who has car.

The people are :

• Engineer

• Doctor

• Professor

• Businessmen

• Driver

• Officer

  Product experience :

 Product experience is that what experience if this application use.

• Safety

• Reliability

• Security

  Product function :

 The function of this application are :

• Security purpose

• Tracking

• Development

• Safety

  Product features :

The features of the product are :

• Keyless  entry system

• Antitheft

• Tracking

  Components :

Components  are use to make the application:

• Module

• Microcontroller



• Power supply

• Sensor

• Smart phone

• Car

• Wifi

4. AELOU Canvas

  Environment :

This environment our application are run. Such as :

• Home residential(parking area)

• Highway

• Get location

• Antitheft detection

• Accident detection

  Interactions :

• This  application are interact with connectivity.

• Driver interact with car via internet service.

• Partial interactions with family member.

  Object :

This application are use of hardware and software objects.

This objects are use in hardware side :

• Car

• Mobile

• Circuit component

• remote

This objects are use in software side :

• Gps signal

• Android

• Server

• Internet service provider


• Car lock/unlock :

First of all the car lock and unlock through mobile via android application.

• Ac on/off :

In the application the Ac are turn on or off through mobile application.

• Antitheft :

If the theft in car in which the circuit will the buzz and will notify the car owner on his android app.

• Tracking via GPS/GSM :

Upon a major car accident the circuit will actuate and will send the location via GPS of driver’s phone to all the registered parents number and parents are track the location via GPS.

• Locating :

If the accident occur, we send the location our parents through mobile application.

• Identifying :

The unauthorized person can not use the car, all users have

their password.


Our application are use all civilians including

• Engineer

• Doctor

• Businessmen

• Driver

• Officer

• Professor

Chapter : 3


  ER diagram :

  Activity diagram :

  Use case diagram :  

  Data flow diagram (DFD 0) :

  Data flow diagram(DFD level 1) :

  Data flow diagram(DFD level 2) :




Chapter : 4

  Problem and weakness of current system :

• In present day, all facilities available in car but in high costed car. In use of remote key,there are chances to forget the key any whereor it can be stolen.

• Ac in the car can not be on/off remotely, in such case there is need of some temperature sensing.

• In present scenario accident detection is not available. GPS tracking is placed only in high costed cars.

• The Antitheft buzzer in car rang itself but it can’t be heard at long distance or not audible. There is need of some sound sensor which will notify the user that buzzer is buzzing.

• Our team is trying to overcome all these problem at very low cost.

  Usefulness with respect to existing solutions :

• Right now there are normal function in car like ,door can lock/unlock via key or remote. But it can’t be lock/unlock via Application anywhere.

• The GPS can track the way, but it can’t send location off Accidental place.

• Buzzer can buzz but can’t detect the sound wirelessly.

• In current system can only on/off internal car system.

  Unique Features :

• GPS tracking in case of Accident.

• AC on/off via android application.

• Door lock/unlock wirelessly without remote

• Buzzer sound detection using sound sensor.

• Implementation at low cost.

References :

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