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1.1 Project Summary

 In this Website there are provide the seasonable of the many plant and you can search their plant and Symptom’s Appropriate. The Project Green World includes  the acclivity of Various searching related to plant appropriate solution, where the location is dependent in any situation  the online  website is available. The project is very useful to user.

  Web application based interactive plant\'s end-user facilitator by location is dependent in any situation the online website is available.

1.2 Aim and objective of the Project

• Aim                     

  The main purpose of this project is such as Fruit trees for orchards, or timber trees for forestry, farming trees, various flowers, vegetable plant, and Ayurvedic Plant.

   Some product stock seasonally, ready in springtime for export to colder region where for propagation could not have so stated early, or to regions where seasonal Seasonal pests prevent profitable growing early in the season. All solutions are provided in this website. For new users are also login in this website.

• Objective

 Developing a system which gives the batter result, according to the users Demand.

 Save the Time and Money.                        

 Users can get there requirement into their budgets.

 User has choice of the multiple innovative ideas.

 Increase awareness about creativity.

 Search location.

 Place information

 Navigation system

 User has needed to go easily Find the various plant and Accessories.

1.3 Problem Specification

 Difficult to manipulate visual map on web application.

 It’s tough to define a particular area.

 Low awareness about designing Garden.

 People have no time for finding plant.

 Transportation is slow.

 Admin can’t update all type of designing galleries.

  1.4   Brief Literature review and prior Art Search (Pas)


• PHP is server side scripting language for creating dynamic web pages. You create pages with PHP and html. When a visitor open the page, the server process the PHP command and then sends the results to the visitor’s browser, just as with ASP or ColdFusion.

• nates the major problem associated with downtime, maintenance and administration for modern, online applications.

• Many of world’s largest and fastest-growing organizations use MYSQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites, critical business systems, and packaged software – including industry leaders such as Yahoo!, Alcatel-Lucent, Google, Nokia, YouTube, Wikipedia, and

• The flagship MYSQL offering is MSSQL Enterprise, a comprehensive set of production tested software, proactive monitoring tools, and premium support services available in an affordable annual subscription.

• MYSQL is a key part of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP/Perl/Python), the fast growing open source enterprise software stack. More and more companies are using LAMP as an alternative to expensive proprietary software stacks because of its lower cost and freedom from platform lock-in. MYSQL was originally founded and developed in Sweden by two Swedes and a Finn: David Ax mark, Allan Larsson and Michael Monty Widen us, who had worked together since the 1980’s. More historical information on MYSQL is available on Wikipedia.



  1.5 Plan their Work

  2.1.1 Project Development Approach and Justification:

• The First we have done analysis of the system what are the requirement of the market and what is the market and what is the market value for this system and how it will be help full to the user.

• We have used the “SPIRAL” Model to implement this system and working and the advantage and the disadvantage of the “SPIRAL” model is as the follows:-


• The Spiral model is an evolutionary software process model that couples the iterative nature of prototyping with the controlled and systematic aspects of the waterfall model.

• It provides the potential for rapid development of increasingly more complete versions of the software.

• A spiral model is divided into a set of framework activities defined by the software Engineering team.


• As this evolutionary process begins, the software team performs activates that are implied by a circuit around the spiral in a clockwise direction, beginning at the center. Risk is considered as each revolting is made.

• The first circuit around the spiral might result might result in the development of a product specification; subsequent passes around the spiral might be used to developed a prototype and then progressively more sophisticated versions of the software.

• Cost and schedule are adjusted based on feedback derived from customer evolution.

• The spiral model is a realistic approach to the development of large – scale system and software because software evolves as the process progresses, the developer and customer better understand react to risk at the each evolutionary level.

• The spiral model demand a direct consideration of technical risk at all stages of the project and, if properly applied, should reduce risks before they become problematic.

 Advantages:

• In this model, requirement of customer can be changed.

• If developer has fewer experiences on project, then this model is useful.

• In this model, user can involve in all phases.

• If requirements are highly reliable and project schedule is high then this model is useful.

 Disadvantages:

• If funding is stable, then It is not feasible to use spiral model.

• If requirement are not easily understand and define, then not use this model.

 1.5.1 Roles and Responsibility:

This phase defines the role and responsibilities of each and every member involved        in developing the system. To develop this system there was only one group with two members working on the whole application. Each member was responsible for each and every part of developing the system. Each of the group members has sufficient knowledge in several programming languages. Our team structure is of mixed control team organization as it consists of both democratic and chief programmer organization.

 Task Identification:

Task Person Name

Analysis, Analysis review Jethva Basanti,Kanzariya Kinjal,Tank Kiran

Design, Design Review Jethva Basanti,Kanzariya Kinjal,Tank Kiran

Implementation Jethva Basanti, Kanzariya Kinjal,Tank Kiran

Testing And Debugging Jethva Basanti,Kanzariya Kinjal,Tank Kiran

Documentation Jethva Basanti,Kanzariya Kinjal,Tank Kiran

                          Table 1.1 Roles and Responsibilities

1.5.2 Project Scheduling

  The scheduling is the peak of a planning activity, a primary component of software project management. When combined with estimation methods and risk analysis, scheduling establishes a roadmap for project management. The characteristics of the project are used to adapt an appropriate task set for doing work.


                    PHASE                          DURATION

                   Analysis                             15 days

                   Design                             1 month

              Implementation                             2 month

                      Testing                             1 month

                                        Table 1.2 Project Scheduling   



  1.6 Material/Tools Required

  User: First of all User must be login in the site then He/ She can see the Plant and Ayurvedic plant Details and symptom’s appropriate solutions. User can Search the appropriate plant. User can also search nearby Nursery.

Forester User: First of all forester User must  be login in the site then He/ She see the        tree or plant details of their Order.


   Farmer User: First of all farmers User must be login in the site then He/She see the farm    

   Related plant details of their Order.

• Technology

 Hardware Requirements

• Processor

• Intel or AMD-processor

• Memory Ram : 512MBorHigher

• Memory Cache : 128MBorHigher

 Software requirements

• Operating System  : Any windows base OS

• For project system,  two kind of software are used:

1) Front End Tool : PHP

2) Back End Tool : SQL-Server

• Feature

• Provide online payment.

• Different price for seller and retailer.

• Easy to solve customer query.

• Easy to purchase plant & accessories.

• Give feedback.

• Provide better security


                                                                   Chapter: 2

Design: Analysis, Design Methodology and Implementation


2.1 AEIOU Summary Canvas:


2.1.1   Activity:

• Allow to access the user to update the data

• Update and view the plant & Accessories

• Find all the information

• Designing view

• It’s provide better  communication

2.1.2 Environment:

• Types of User

• Types of Plant

• Economical value

• Physical view

• Various of Designing

• Greater offer

2.1.3 Interaction:

• Faster Delivery

• Monitoring & activity

• Details of plant &design

• Purchase the plant

• List of Feature according to user requirement

2.1.4 Objects:

• Login users $ Registration

• Update the  various plant $ Accessories

• Internet

• Laptop/Mobile

2.1.5 User:

• Farmer

• Forester

• Gardener

• Local people

• Visiting People

• Designer

• Web Developer

• Website Manager

2.2 Empathy Mapping Canvas:

  2.2.1 User:

• Farmer

• Forester

• Gardener

• Local people

• Designer

• Website Manager

2.2.2 Stakeholder:

• Farmer

• Gardener

• Registration user

• Admin

• Visitor

• Designer

2.2.3 Activity:

• Registration

• Making new design of garden

• Updating category

• Communication

• Fast feedback

• Online purchasing

2.3 Ideation canvas:

   2.3.1 People

• Farmer

• Forester

• Gardener

• Local people

• Designer

• Website Manager

2.3.2 Activity

• Registration

• Making new design of garden

• Communication

• Fast feedback

• Online purchasing

• Login

2.3.3 Location/Situation/Context

• Hospital

• Farm

• School

• Temple

• Office

• Home

• Hostel

• Theater

• Bank/ATM

• Restaurant

• College

2.3.4 Props/Possible solution

• Give the better results, accordingly to the users demand

• Save the time

• Users can get there requirement into their budgets

• Users have the choices of the multiple & plant

• Maintain the profit & loss


• Internet

2.4 Product Development canvas

2.4.1 Purpose

• Easily maintain all category

• Communication properly

• Customer satisfaction

• Easily Dealing people

• User Requirement design

2.4.2 People

• Website developer

• Website manager

• Local people

• Gardener

• Forester

2.4.3 Product experience

• People satisfaction

• Save time

• Faster response

2.4.4 Product function

• Portable

• Eco-friendly

• Easy available

• More efficient

2.4.5 Product feature

• Resolve user query

• Protection from rain

• Weather control

• Environment improvement

2.4.6 Component

• Internet

• Wi-Fi-connection

• Mobile/laptop



• Adobe Dreamweaver


• Database

2.4.7 Customer Revalidation

• Platform independent

• Open source

• Data security

2.4.8   Reject, Retain, Redesign

• Internet connection




                                                     Level 1

DFD Level2




2.5.2 USE CASE DIAGRAMS:   Admin:   User:   Visitor:

2.5.3 Sequence Diagram   Admin User Visitor

2.5.4   Activity DIAGRAMS:

                                      Admin User Visitor

                                  Chapter 3:


1. http://www.Online

2. http://www.Online Garden

3. http://www.Online Plant

4. http://www.Forester


                                        Chapter 4:






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