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“Marko Port” is developed to automate the online connect marketer’s and company’s to one another on Website. This system manages the Expo and particular company’s can arrange own camping via allocated camping date, time and location. Providing expo, camping, send resume and hire marketer status and as well as generates useful reports for decision making. Marketer’s and Company’s can simply choose their preferred Expo and camping and apply for it. The system save time, saves money, wider coverage area, simple concept & unlimited website promotion within online classifieds.



1 Organization Profile   

1.1 Introduction

Silverwing Technologies provides global Software Solutions and theirs affiliated undertakings. We have an offshore Development Team in Ahmadabad, India. We are engaging our business activities in US and in Gulf countries through our own branch. Additionally, we have done several Indian Government projects too. Our aim is to understand clients\' business objectives and considers as critical arms of theirs organizations. We mainly focus on developing easy, efficient, and less effort solutions for our clients. We also assure fast turnaround time, without any compromise on quality. We are also ready to offer your business or services to a wider audience through our strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns. We make every effort the long run clientele and hence 24X7 supports are not only our strategy but our business value. Silverwing Technologies PVT. LTD. has been in collaboration with state government to automate several government processes like construction, water supply, drainage system and also developed a product for the state government to automate admission system.

1.2 Logo, Company Address, Guide Details

Main Branch

D-910,Signature-2 Business Park,

S.G. Highway, Sanand - Sarkhej Cross Rd, Sarkhej,

Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382210

Contact Info

E-mail - [email protected]

Skype-ID - Silverwing977

Contact No - (+91) 8401888243/(+91) 9712483997

Guide Details:

Name- Mr. Uttam Ahir

Designation - Developer

Silverwing Technologies PVT LTD.

1.3 Product and Technology


• Marketing Portal

• Employee Management

• Instiman

• HR Magic

• Time Track

• E-commerce

• Estate Vault




• .NET


• Android

1.4 Clients of the Company

• First Placement

• Reliable

• Naksh-Solutions

• Go4Trek

• AppleWorldTrips

2 Project Detail

2.1 Project Profile

Project Name: Marko Port

Team Size: 3 Members

Documentation: MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Visio, MS Access

Tools Net Beans, MySQL


Back End MYSQL, XAMPP SERVER (5.6.3)

External Guide Mr. Uttam Ahir

Internal Guide Prof. Krunal Shah

2.2 Project Definition  

Marko Port is arrange expo. Company can hire marketers and marketers can apply to company for sales company product if they are registered particular company can organized own camping for sales product and service marketers and company can connect via Marko Port.

3 Purpose

The Purpose of  Marko Port  is to provide Functionality of connect marketer & company’s to each other. This System can provide the one type of Plate-form at where marketer can send Resume to particular Company and company can hire Marketer regarding received resume. In this System marketer and company both are attempt expo via using simple registration form.

4 Scope

Marketers can attempt multiple camping. Company can hire maximum marketers via understanding marketers qualification, Experience, etc. Very high exposure to key institutions and companies from all around the world. Marko Port working fast and reduce the time better then manual system. Very high probability to connect companies and marketers.

5 Objective

The system is capable of maintaining details of various users Marketers and companies provided by those, updating the records about job requirement.

The central concept of the website is to give the correct information of companies to marketers. Users virtually using the internet and thus can place their requirements for Marketing. The server provides searched jobs to the marketers.

The application is designed into following  modules.

Marketers Profile management module

Company Profile module

Camping module

Marketers Hiring module

Tools and Technology

Programming : PHP

Server: MySQL Server , Xampp Server


IDEs: NetBeans-8.0.2

6 Literature Review

Company can hire maximum marketers via understanding marketers qualification, experience, etc. Very high exposure to key institutions and companies from all around the world. Marko Port working fast and reduce the time better then manual system. Very high probability to connect company and marketers


Design: Analysis, Design Methodology and Implementation Strategy

1 AEIOU Summary Framework

1.1 Activities

• Newspaper

• Walk in interview

• Placement from college

• Online posting

• Technical interviews

• HR interviews  

1.2 Environments

•      Recession in job for marketers

•      Security in jobs

•      Guaranty for long time job

•      Camping for marketers

1.3 Interactions

• I’m interacting with hardik bhai at mangalam Pvt. Ltd.

• He gives Resume & ideas for marketing of anything.

• He ways very confident with new ideas.

1.4 Objects

• Walk in interview

• Email / Record Book / Forms

• Computer, Banners, Pamphlet

1.5 Users

• IT/ non IT marketers

• Fresher

• Retailers

• Companies

• Small / Big Businessmen

• Technical person

1.6 Scanned Copy of AEIOU Canvas

2 Mind Mapping Canvas

3 Empathy Mapping Canvas

3.1 Users

• IT - non IT Users

• Workers

• Industries

3.2 Stakeholders

• Admin

• Area Coordinator

3.3 Activities:

• Security for jobs

• Low salary

• Online searching jobs

3.4 Story Boarding:


• Online searching  jobs

• Marketers can easily find jobs according to their requirements.


• No secured jobs.

• Walk in interview

3.5 Scanned Copy of Empathy Mapping canvas

4 Ideation Canvas

4.1 People:

• House Wife

• Area Coordinator

• Admin

• Workers

• Industrial Users

4.2 Activities:

• Collection of Waste.

• Customer dealing with Workers.

• Workers dealing with Area Coordinator.

• User dealing with Area Coordinator.

• Area Coordinator dealing with Admin.

• Admin dealing with particular Industries.

• Payment (cash / card or net banking).

4.3 Situation/context/Location

• All type of waste

• Non Recycle waste

• Clean our Area/Location/City/State

4.4 Props/Possible Solutions:

• Day by day collection Garbage.

• Recycle product are available at Online.

• Easy payment system.

• Easy booking / appointment

4.5 Scanned copy of Ideation Canvas

5 Product Development Canvas

5.1 Purpose:

• Finding jobs for marketers online.

• Details about job time period searching of job profile

5.2 People:

• Company (Job)

• Freshers

• Marketers

• Advertisement company

5.3 Product Experience:

• Convenient

• Reliable

• Informative

5.4 Product Functions:

• Company advertisement

• Marketers profile

• Apply for interview

5.5 Product Features:

• Find jobs marketing wise (Product wise)

• New way to choose marketers

• Map company  (Add of company)

• Communication purpose

5.6 Components:


• Notepad ++

• My SQL

• Boot sharp

• Apache server

• Sublime text

5.7 Customer Revalidation:

• Secure

• Convenient

• Comfortable

5.8 Reject, Redesign, Retain

• Detail about time period

• Salary information

• Online jobs for marketers

• Profile about company & marketers

5.9 Scanned copy of Product Development Canvas


About the System

1 System Requirement Specification(SRS)


• It must be unified with applications and interfaces easy to use and working seamlessly across multiple departments.

• Extensive Real Time reporting.

• Set Auto Re-order triggers.


• Since all users are familiar with the general usage of browsers, no specific training is required.

• The system is user friendly and self-explanatory.


The system has to be very reliable due to the importance of data and the damages incorrect or incomplete data can do.


The system is available 100% for the user and is used 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year. The system shall be operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

The system will be developed in such a way that it may fail once in a year.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Even if the system fails, the system will be recovered back up within an hour or less.


The accuracy of the system is limited by the accuracy of the speed at which the employees and users use the system.

Maximum Bugs or Defect Rate

Not specified.

Access Reliability

The system shall provide 100% access reliability.

Response Time

The Splash Page or Information page should be able to be downloaded within a minute using a 56K modem. The information is refreshed every two minutes. The access time for a mobile device should be less than a minute. The system shall respond to the member in not less than two seconds from the time of the request submittal. The system shall be allowed to take more time when doing large processing jobs.


The system shall take as less time as possible to provide service to the administrator.


The system is capable of handling 250 users at a time.


The system designers shall take in to considerations the following supportability and technical limitations.

Information Security Requirement

The system shall support the UHCL information security requirements and use the same standard as the UHCL information security requirements.

Billing System Data Compatibility

The member balance amount that will be calculated and sent to the billing system shall be compatible with the data types and design constraints of the billing system.


The maintenance of the system shall be done as per the maintenance contract.


The coding standards and naming conventions will be as per the American standards.

2 Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is an evaluation and analysis of the potential of a proposed project whichis based on extensive investigation and research to support the process of decision making.

Technology and system feasibility

The assessment is based on an outline design of system requirements, to determine whether the company has the technical expertise to handle completion of the project. When writing a feasibility report, the following should be taken to consideration:

 A brief description of the business to assess more possible factors which could affect the study.

 The part of the business being examined.

 The human and economicfactor.

 The possible solutions to theproblem.

 At this level, the concern is whether the proposal is both technically and feasible (assuming moderatecost).


Legal feasibility determines whether the proposed system conflicts with legal requirements, e.g. a data processing system must comply with the local Data ProtectionActs.


Operational feasibility is a measure of how well a proposed system solves the problems, and takes advantage of the opportunities identified during scope definition and how it satisfies the requirements identified in the requirements analysis phase of systemdevelopment.

The operational feasibility assessment focuses on the degree to which the proposed development projects fits in with the existing business environment and objectives with regard to development schedule, delivery date and existing businessprocesses.

To ensure success, desired operational outcomes must be imparted during design and development. These include such design-dependent parameters such as reliability, maintainability, supportability, usability, predictability, disposability, sustainability, affordability and others. These parameters are required to be considered at the early stages of design if desired operational behaviours are to be realized. A system design and development requires appropriate and timely application of engineering and management efforts to meet the previously mentioned parameters. A system may serve its intended purpose most effectively when its technical and operating characteristics are engineered into the design.Therefore Operational feasibility is a critical aspect of systems engineering that needs to be an integral part of the early designphases.


 The purpose of the economic feasibility assessment is to determine the positive economic benefits to the organization that the proposed system will provide. It includes quantification and identification of all the benefits expected. This assessment typically involves a cost/ benefitsanalysis.


 The technical feasibility assessment is focused on gaining an understanding of the present technical resources of the organization and their applicability to the expected needs of the proposed system. It is an evaluation of the hardware and software and how it meets the need of the proposedsystem.


 A project will fail if it takes too long to be completed before it is useful. Typically this means estimating how long the system will take to develop, and if it can be completed in a given time period using some methods like payback period. Schedule feasibility is a measure of how reasonable the project timetableis.

3 Project Planning

3.1 Project Development Approach

Spiral Model:

The Spiral model is a risk-driven process model generator for software projects. Based on the unique risk patterns of a given project, the spiral model guides a team to adopt elements of one or more process models, such as incremental, waterfall, or evolutionary prototyping.

3.2 Project Plan 


Analysis of the System

4.1  Use Case Diagram

Figure 4.1 Use case Diagram

4.2  Sequence Diagram

Figure 4.2.1 Sequence Diagram(Admin)

Figure 4.2.2 Sequence Diagram(Marketer)

Figure 4.2.3 Sequence Diagram(Company)

4.3  Activity Diagram

Figure 4.3.1 Activity Diagram(Admin)

   Figure 4.3.2 Activity Diagram(Company)

Figure 4.3.3 Activity Diagram(Marketer)

4.4  Data Flow Diagram

Figure 4.4 Data Flow diagram

4.5  E R Diagram

Figure 4.5 E R Diagram

4.6  Class Diagram

Figure 4.6 Class Diagram



5.1  System Flow Diagram

Figure 5 System Flow diagram

2 Data Dictionary


5.3 Relationship of Table


Figure 5.5 Relationship between tables


Conclusion & Future Work

6.1 Conclusion

A modern website based system for marketing jobs is being developed with more far functionalities and features. Data Dictionary work is nicely done. Analysis of the system which includes diagrams is successfully completed. Modules is define and being going to develop furthermore. Flow of the system is also define.  

6.2 Future Work

An efficient, easy to use and reliable website will be made for the marketers job. Furthermore we will also going to develop an application for this system. A website contains all the major modules related to marketing companies. If any changes will be made in our system than an update will be release.  


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