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Jean Bosco BIRAMVU



IBF Module



Caterpillar Inc about sustainability Company has been creating a potential improvement and encouraging value change all over the world. Most of the clients went to caterpillars for looking equipment which may help them to their infrastructures development, energy extraction, or other natural resources. The company sales and return in 2015 was $47.011 billion, the world leader in manufacturing of construction equipments, gas exploitation and other natural resources ,its mainly operations is divided into three product line which are ,construction and, energy and resources and transport ,through their subdivision product ,company support other associated services in term of finance.


Caterpillar Inc has been established for the first time the year of 1925 in California United State of America and today is taken as a corporation specialised in designing, engineering, developing manufacturing, then marketing and selling various product and services such as machines, financial products, engines et cetera, business also provide to its clients insurance. Company assets possession in 2009 was $89 billion and was nominated as the first in its industry and as number 44 in worldwide business


Caterpillar business leadership strategy is more focusing on the stockholders profits recognition as well as other stakeholders through the maximum values of accountability, reliability, and fulfilment with all rules. Those principles are directed by company executive committee and universal managing group, who used to keep an eye on the business function, performance and authority control. The staff committees work trough the written agreement and are everyone encompassed exclusively of autonomous managers.      

Brand name

Caterpillar Inc. Has a collection set of investment in various brands in which help the company to keep build a strong brand name and raising its financial position and market extension in different places, contribute as well to the enterprises performance and objectives achieving. Its brand name used as a statement to symbolize Business Corporation among all stakeholders (investors, employees, policy makers, plus others. The Caterpillar as brand is the representative and symbol of other portfolios investment brands

Bland Licensing


Company has licensed its brand and trade mark to different licensees, in 1994 Caterpillar offer its licence to wolverine world wide to produce and sell clothes and work wear boot by using caterpillar brand name and CAT as a logo. Not only foot wear, also watches, hats, range model of CAT equipment, flashlight, Smartphone, clothes and various consumption products

The CAT as brand is Caterpillar keystone of its investment collection, indicating goods and services produced and offering by caterpillar. At the same time as company was created in 1925’’CAT’’ as trade name was not used awaiting 1945 while started becoming visible on some equipment especially machines, and was listed after three years. For instance, the concentrated consciousness with CAT trademark made it viable to depend on it like most important customer facing trade mark        

Caterpillar Company Ltd Strategic Vision

In every place company operate their business and services are known as a heading of other business operators, most of company product and services is seems as solutions to the client success. The business take in benefit through its aggressively supply chain, caterpillar today is a worldwide and super power operating in most of countries operates in. Company services are globally positive ranked and known as world class. As other company, Caterpillar used competitive strategic market .Its strongly business model leads company to the greater results. Furthermore Employees Company are more professional, skilled and creative which helps in company’s achievement at the high standard and convert its value into actions, another valuable advantage to the business ,is the significant sustainable contribution gives to the society through its operations in construction field, and by those services ,caterpillar boost its economy  day to day as well as stockholders. By building strong strategies, Caterpillar always focus on its sustainability

The most decisive and focused tactical goals are based on higher results from business shareholders through to the durable company investment and return of

% of the share price 500, secondly their employees enjoy company working environment, and the most powerful business performance dues to the international controller, and company’s stakeholders enjoy caterpillar services compared with its competitors.



Implementations of business Model widen universal control and insistently follow remanufacturing services and result expansion. Considerably develop trader partnership and proceed, as well as put into practice the plan from corner to corner. Also go beyond client anticipations by way of exceptional manufactured goods and result, aptitude of limitless influence, creativity, technology and efficient implementation with adequate and constant investment. Company takes in consideration the brilliant performance and client promise completion, make bend over change and built-in significance succession. Additional essential for enterprises is be successful in China, also increase its management and control in various market intensification, keep put up its Business Model. Lastly, attain company foremost success according to its collective objectives and develop building industries, transport, energy, financial products as well as resource.

Business model

Caterpillar succeeds in distributing, worthier, excellence goods, services and positive result to its clients that gives them the greatest financial scheme in support of their operation in business. The value scheme, allow company’s’ consummate clients assist, makes the major large-scale countryside    

People, maximum client devotion and attractive success during trade cycle.

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