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In light of my continuing quest for education, an apt truism that I have come across says, “Learning is a process, not a destination\". From my early childhood till today, my most remarkable characteristics have been my curiosity to learn new topics. I have always been passionate about learning new technologies and creating something useful from this knowledge. My keen interest for learning new ideas, when combined with my inner desire to reach a degree of excellence in every piece of work I perform, enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on various aspects of nature and technology, as well as leading me through a successful educational career. My interest began with inspiration from my uncle who was a computer engineer at my early age and now is the CEO of the company he is with.

Being a student in the discipline of Computer Science, I was always interested in the management side of an organization. My inclination towards Management and Technology started during my undergraduate study. Having studied Computer Technology, its application to bridge the gap between Business and Technology has enormously increased my interest in pursuing a Masters degree in Information Systems. After careful thought, I decided not to completely drift away from my domain and select a course which will help me pursue my dreams. A Masters degree would harnesses both my proclivity towards management and my interest in Computer Science which would make me be a better fit in today\'s Information Technology industry.

I am excited at the possibilities of pursuing a Masters in Management Information Systems, with your University. As a Computer Science Engineer, I am looking for a graduate study that will refine my knowledge and skills in the areas of my interest.I am applying for admission to the Masters’ program in Management Information Systems because I want a career that contributes, not only to my individual success and growth but also that of my future employers. In particular, I am interested in factors, micro or macro, that affects the competitive performance of a business concern and the manner in which inadequacy or lack of information affects an organization’s structure and long-term business strategy. Management Information Systems, a perfect blend of technical and managerial skills is my course of choice today since it allows for knowledge amplification, sharpening skills and enhanced communication ability and mainly demonstrating management disposition through Management Ethics which can definitely be achieved by a student’s planning, organization, leadership qualities, Pragmatic thinking and re-orientation of analytical and coordinating skills.

I am a graduate from CVR College of Engineering, an autonomous institution of Telangana State in the stream of Computer Science Engineering. It is one of the most prestigious colleges in Telangana. In order to gain knowledge related to Information Systems, during my undergraduate years, I opted courses like Database Management Systems, Data Mining and Business Management which might not have completely made the concepts of Management of Information Systems clear to me but, were a catalyst in boosting my thirst to acquire more knowledge in that field. Being a member of ACM student chapter, I had access to their journals and magazines. I have been able to keep myself abreast of all current developments in the field Computer science. ACM also provided me many opportunities to attend technical workshops and seminars conducted by eminent personalities, to quench my thirst for knowledge.

During my Undergraduate years, I and 2 of my classmates were involved in a presenting a project on \"Host-to-Host Congestion Control\" which was implemented in java. I worked on designing a website for conducting a quiz in the National level Technical Symposium \"CIENCIA\" conducted by my college in the year 2016. I was also a part of the core committee of the Hospitality wing of \"CIENCIA\" at the same time. I am currently working on a project titled “Smart College Bus Tracking System” under the guidance of my professor Mr. N.V Rao. The vast amount of experience gained from my projects in my engineering college would make my Management Information Systems studies more enabling, persuasive, individualized and result-orientated. Working in a team for my projects has provided me with an enthralling experience of working with a team, and learning the cutting edge technologies.

I have been through some tough times in my life, that have helped me learn and imbibe lessons that I believe will stand me in good stead in the challenges that I may have to face as my pursue my goals. During the second year of engineering I had some health issues which led to my grades falling down drastically, and which almost spelled doom for my career. From good high grades I ended up with being held back for 1 subject in my second year, as a result of these health related issues. However, after I got through my health issues I made an effort and fought back. My grades were 54 percent in the second year and it went upto 65% in the next 2 years. That phase of my life has taught me that I can get through anything in my life if I put my mind to it. I strongly believe my dedication and focus will help me achieve my goals and get through the Graduate Course with a lot of ease.

I have opted to pursue further education abroad as it would give me the training and the caliber required to meet global challenges. The United States of America provides world class education when it comes to science and technology. In a university of worldly confluence with people from varied culture, nationality, religion and ideology, I am sure that exposure to these kinds of diverse influences would aid in the overall development of my personality. My aim of seeking admission to your university is to avail myself of the benefits of securing the best academic facilities in a competitive environment. I am assured that your university has excellent and strong foundation, with the best of infrastructure that will bring the best out of me and help me achieve my goals. The flexibility of the curriculum will give me a broad based education that would enhance my scope of knowledge and skills. The diversity of the student body will widen my mind to new influences, new ideas and new ways of doing things, thus contributing to my overall personal development. The quality knowledge and impeccable guidance in your university will mould me to be in the learning mode all my life and would help me constantly attain knowledge.

Also, the success of several alumni has inspired me to wanting to be part of this efficient academic environment. I am confident that the masterly tutelage of your esteemed professors would influence me a great deal. I look forward to be an active contributing member of the student community at your University. A Masters degree in MIS at your university will be the line of demarcation of my pursuit for academic excellence. I am sure that it will give me the right impetus and required acumen for reaching the pinnacle of my career in future. And, of course, nothing can be more honorable than to be a part of your esteemed institute, the benefits of which I shall reap and relish in my career ahead. I fully understand the kind of hard work, dedication and whole-hearted effort a graduate program calls for.  I hope my excellent academic credentials combined with my strong convictions would aid the admission committee in taking my candidature positively and providing me an opportunity to be a part of your esteemed institution.

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