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I’m 19 year old bachelor student planning to make a remarkable career in the field of mechanical engineering. I’m studying BTEC higher nationals for mechanical engineering, my father in an industrialist and my mother is a teacher by profession,

This program gives me an opportunity to specialise in the field of my choice and acquire better practical knowledge compared to theoretical knowledge and the program structure benefit me for better work experience opportunities, professional accreditation which in turn I would excel in employment prospects.

I completed my secondary examination scoring merit in basic sciences from queen of angel’s convent school. Engineering at this point of time, seemed as a natural extrapolation of my abilities and interests. My BTEC higher national’s education has provided a thorough exposure to the various specialties available in Mechanical Engineering, thus stimulating interest in advanced research.

My respect for education and inclination towards applied science drove me to opt for physics and math in my higher secondary education. After completing my high school, I felt that Engineering would be the area, which would give me the opportunity to learn and explore how the fundamentals of science are applied to create technology for practical and real purposes. Moreover, my innate strengths have always been creative abilities and the power of imagination; which made me take up a discipline that would allow me to channel them in the best possible way. Thus, Mechanical engineering was a direct consequence of my convictions.

Engineering, revealed to me limitless horizons in the field of Mechanical Engineering. My higher nationals study was a richly rewarding experience, during which I have participated in various Industrial training programs.

“An enormous number of challenges, thrown out by rapid development in science and technology, have made me choose engineering profession. Ever since my school days, I’ve been interested in the theoretical frameworks in mechanical system and Sciences, which drive the physical world. my father is an industrialist who also encouraged my taste in electrical and mechanical systems the first mechanical system I was introduced  was a brushed DC motor, I remember how I used to observe it spinning connecting it to a pair of batteries,

The amazing task of moving the world is the monopoly of machines, so I made Mechanical engineering my choice. In addition to finding out how a machine operates, I’ve always been interested in design aspects and monitoring the incipient faults occurring within machines. This urge has strengthened my ability to recognize the scope for improvement and also motivated me to look beyond the conventional functionalities of any machine.

it was during my schooling when I studied about the principles of DC motor soon I was able to figure out that the same dc motor can be used to generate considerable amount of electricity by addition of mechanical structures, Later that summer I came up with the project connecting those structure and 12v DC motor to a bicycle which provides electricity without any batteries, it was at that moment I realized that how importance of knowledge acquired in schools where I could learn and gain knowledge which will give me experience in form of exploration.

The knowledge acquired in schools and college, I believe is not an education, but the means to it. It is this belief that makes me ‘a student to the end of my days’ the obvious direction being curiosity towards exploration.

I have been a keen participant and have represented my school in technical and science fare completion held across the district level, I have been a regular participant in the science fare for about 4years, I had been on a research based prototype for about 3 years every once in a year I would display my prototype at the event. Finally I got selected to the main event.

I have been in search for engineering universities when I opt to study my higher nationals certificate, I found that Australian universities is the preferably most intended studies globally in the field of engineering, I found RMIT as the leading universities in Australia for mechanical and automotive engineering, the engineering program structure are  high-impact research base and collaboration with industry. RMIT is known for specialising in areas such as mechanical, renewable energy and automotive engineering, providing an experience in designing device and systems and improving machines. Providing global career for international work placement opportunities with leading industries equip.

RMIT gives opportunity to specialise in computer-aided engineering and design, industrial aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics, energy conservation and renewable energy, or mechatronics, dynamics and control,

Since my childhood I have been interested in mechanical and electrical system,

The pursuit for knowledge has been the supreme goal in my life. We are in an era of global and technological changes where boundaries are fast disappearing and the greatest challenge tomorrow holds for us is to manage continuity of change. To satiate my curiosity and to fulfil my ambitions I have decided to pursue graduation in the university. I feel that the graduate study in your university holds a lot of promise to me. The breadth and depth of the courses coupled with a stimulating research environment seem to me the right mix for seminal work and pioneering research.

I sincerely hope to have a mutually beneficial association with your University to contribute my best towards making a successful research endeavour. Keeping this in mind, joining your University seems to me as an excellent first step. Thanks for your consideration.’’

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