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The Visa Officer,

Canadian High Commission,

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit ~ Aristotle

The process of learning continues throughout one\'s life. The more I learn, the more I realize is left to discover. Ever since childhood, I have had a thirst for knowledge. This thirst is what has helped reach this juncture. A fascination for science and the keen interest in the ever-growing world of technology motivated me to take up engineering.

The field of computers involves delving deep into the concepts of mathematics and science so that they could apply to real-world problems. Hence, I opted for math and information technology at the S.S.J engineering college, affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, where I got admission through a competitive examination. I chose to major in information technology as I am keen to delve deeper into this challenging field. During this program, I acquired a strong command over languages like C, C++, HTML, Java, DBMS, ORACLE 11g. I worked on various platforms - Pentiums with the operating systems – UNIX, Windows XP/ 7/ 8. The subjects that I have studied include software engineering, computer networks, data structures, computer organization, database management system, operating systems, computer graphics, design and analysis of algorithms, and mobile computing. These subjects laid the foundation for advanced study in the field. My academic record reflects that I have always been a consistent performer.

As part of the course curriculum, I worked on a project titled, ‘Food safety portal’. I have done this project using .net under the guidance and supervision of Ashok, a senior software engineer from Koral Apps, Secunderabad. Presently, there is a high demand for Food business In order to meet their minimal requirements in the field of food courts and serving guests, one requires software that automates their every day\'s specials food items of a food court activities in a user-friendly and timesaving manner. This software serves the basic needs of both Guests and Hotels, Food courts as well this software provides user to configure his/her own settings.

I worked on another project during my under graduation called ‘Picture Radio’ on JAVA platform under the guidance of Madhava Kasiraju, a senior software engineer from Teleparadigm Networks Ltd. ‘Picture Radio\' redefines the mobile FM radio experience not just for listeners but also for the radio stations, advertisers, and operators. Never again will people have to wonder what is playing on the radio. With a visual radio, images and text are synchronized with the radio broadcast to bring information and interactivity directly to your mobile phone. Visual radio offers greater access to factual content, participation in audience polls.

During the on-campus recruitment, I got an opportunity to work with GENPACT As a technical associate started working with zeal to learn while working in the organization. As I have a desire to become professional IT tech, I want to add weight to my IT career by pursuing one more degree.Meanwhile, I have written IELTS exam and got the score of 6.5 overall bands, No band less than 6. Then, I applied to colleges in Canada and got an admission in Lambton College to study the Post Graduate program in Information Technology (Professional), Sarnia, Ontario, for the term January 2017.

I have chosen to study in Canada for the following reasons

1) Canada is a peaceful, politically stable, safe and a Multicultural country.

2) My exposure to many different types of people will give me a firmer knowledge of others in Canada.

3) Canada’s outstanding education system impressed me a lot because their degrees are accepted all over the globe.

4) When the major educational institutions of the world adjusted to technological innovations, Canada played a great role and remains at the forefront of technology trends.

5) The United Nations ranked Canada as one of the best places in the world to live and study.

6) Largely English speaking country and there is a huge presence of Indian community.

​I have enough funds to complete my education and for living expenses. I have paid my first-semester fee to Lambton College and GIC of $10055 CAD to Scotia bank. My father is a business person he owns a travels business since 20years.We have assets like house, gold, open land, cars and buses in our travels business which are worth of $501525.52CAD.As I am the only child to my parents There would be no Financial problem in future for my education and living expenses.

The reason I want to study at Lambton College is that it provides the kind of exposure needed to broaden my thinking. I earnestly appeal For the Study permit to Canadian High Commission committee to consider my Study permit application. I would be happy once I return to my hometown as we have abundant opportunities for a graduate from Canada. In addition, my home city(Hyderabad) is IT HUB with umpteen number of multinational companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Accenture, HP, Dell, etc., That would be easy to get a good position in an MNC for an IT professional with this IT professional course I have chosen. Combination of my skills and excellence in your program, will pave path to my destination. In conclusion, I have some words left. I would regard my admission to the Lambton College as a great privilege and triumph.

Ravi Kumar Beri

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