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The main problem in the UK within the society is gender inequalities as it’s problem that has negative impact in the UK society, several occasion  women’s are tormenting to be equivalent with men in the society seeing that  gender roles are important to the society ever since it’s important in life from birth, however societies continue to pressure these gender roles, the definition of gender roles is learned by individuals which are  suitable to their gender  firm by the existing traditional customs. This report will be based on inequalities faced by gender and the reasons for these inequalities in the UK. According to the research by YOUGOV, the estimate of 17% of women and 16% of men agreed that a wife first roles is to look after the household (Cohen, 2015) since it’s increase rate for women’s, the research I have done explains the reason may be that women’s are good for looking after children and doing house chorus whereas men’s are muscular, positive, very admirable for earning for the house and making the decision in the family which is the cause of gender inequalities in the society which is the one reason why women’s always get treated unfairly and not always included in the society  .

Back in the 1920s in Victorian era, the society’s thought women’s should be unequal to her husband and committed to bringing children up, expected to sew, serve food, cook and clean while looking after her children and growing vegetables. A women was her father inferior  until she is married and then to her husband, whereas Some societies wives could not  work with men, treated as there were possessions, worked in the grassland and could only be the owner of their clothes also some items which they take away with them into the marriage (awidzinska, 2016). Gender roles as we are growing, we learn how to behave from those around us, the social development, children were launched in certain roles that are typical linked to their biological sex. The term of gender role refers to the society idea of how men and women are expected to act and behave by the gender roles, which are based on norms that are created by the society. According to the dictionary by Farlex the meaning of “gender inequalities” is the difference between women’s  and males in regard of the social, political, economic, attitude or the problem perceived to exist because of such differences”. (, 2016).

The Women’s in the 1945 form pictures showing women’s as self-determining, imagery of women’s in uniform selling cigarettes and shoes, women assistance to the war effort be highlighted in papers and magazines. On the other hand at the end of the war, women’s were return of women’s home. It’s understood during the war that Britain women’s were doing most of the men’s jobs, so many of them were sacked from their work once peace was declared. Some women were kept on because they were cheaper to employ than men (Brayley, 1995). Most women worker’s in the public area had jobs which were gender isolate and where no men’s were working in roles such as cleaners or personal assistants. The women in these workplaces were barred from the discussion about the equal pay.

In 1950s due to labour deficiency following the world war two, The UK government optimistic immigrant workers to build Britain again and service to formed the NHS, more women were immigrants then men’s, in the earlier year’s 1960s women join their families to settled in the UK but most of these immigrants worked in the health services. The women’s from all cultural background were more likely to be in jobs that  were low pay and less likely to get promote as it was hard for women to get jobs. Even when migrant women’s  were knowledgeable in English and held certified educations only found low paid jobs open to then whereas in the 21st century there are many working with a national minimum wage for men’s and women’s to ensure we are paid fairly in any sectors  (Mantle, 2010).

The statistics is viewing that “women received an average of 14.9% less per hour than men which meant that for every £1 a man takes home, a woman takes home 85p” (me&him, 2013) maybe because women’s are earning less than men’s due to taking less dangerous jobs, working less contacts hours, more likely to take office jobs, women are finding it hard to get sponsored  due to sexism by the boss “she might get pregnant later” on which will have huge impact on the companies, avoid taking full time contract due to have to look after their children. Some of the professions like truck driving, sectary work and nursing are almost completely set apart by gender, even some profession that require level of education such as engineering, laws, medicine, are very much secured by men. The profession of women dominate work that were historic done at home childcare or teaching for example, men on the other were more likely to go the professions with domestic work such as construction engineering, some of this segregation is result of personal choice, likes or dislikes, sexism, competition with manager of different genders, however is still the case that male dominate job pay more than female dominate job even when required the same levels of skills and training (McMillan, 2016).

In the 20th century British women were expected to marry and have children, the Britain society thoughts were based on idea that women should get married and their husband look after them by providing them financially, when a women got married her wealth was passed on to her husband even if a women worked her earning would belong to her husband. Once there were married it was hard to obtain a divorce but a man could divorce his wife in the circumstances of adultery or being unfaithful whereas women’s couldn’t obtain a divorce of her husband but if she did she may be prevented to see her children and the children will be in fathers hands (McMillan, 2016) whereas in the 21th century women have a choice when to get married, have own choice who to get married to, it’s unlikely people have arranged marriage whereas in the 20th century people mostly had arranged marriage, in the 21st century couples go to courts for a divorce or who is going to have the child which the judge will decide on.

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