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Ümit YILMAZ is a preparatory student at Abdullah Gül University in Kayseri. He plans on studying energy resources to find ways to decrease the Use of non-renewable energy resources and increase the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources.


The human population on the earth is growing regularly. In demographics, as of August 2016, the human population of the world reached 7.4 billion and according to the United Nations, it will increase to 11.2 billion in the year 2100. The population of human which has increased are using their energy resources, however, while resources are consumed, the human population is increasing. This report will include why people need renewable energy and what are the responsibilities of governments and people about this situation.


These energy sources divided into 2 main categories: renewable and non-renewable. According to Renewable Energy Policy Network’s 2016 report renewable energy resources contributed %23.7 to humans’ generation of electricity and %19.2 to their general energy consumption. This report shows that non-renewable energy resources such as fossil fuels and nuclear energy are providing %80.8 of the earth’s global energy consumption, however, these sources are limited and will deplete one day in the future, however, people are using their energy resources without thinking about their future. Social attitudes for better energy systems is not enough for changing this course and people don’t need a prophecy, if they don’t use renewable and sustainable energy resources, the end of the world is going to come.


One possible response is about what governments should do about this critical issue. In the world, people have energy producers such as some companies in public and private area. How can governments encourage these energy producers? This can be possible in a few ways with the governments. On the one hand, these energy producers are giving tax to the government at the present. Government can rearrange taxes for producers and consumers. By the dropping taxes, producers can create energy cheaper and with this way, cheaper energy will affect producers positive. On the other hand, according to Overseas Development Institute(ODI)’s report; governments in G20 countries are providing 422 billion dollars every year for fossil fuel production such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey, United Kingdom… This report shows that governments are spending their money for non-renewable resources, however, they can use people’s money for renewable producers, for instance; governments can provide subsidies for these renewable energy producers.


This solution seems like costly, however, at the end of the stages this solution can be very effective. Non-renewable energy sources are depleting rapidly and due to fact that producing energy with lower taxes and more subsidies may be the best of all solutions because the fossil fuels reserve of the earth will be consumed in 104 years or earlier according to the US Department of Energy. Renewable energy resources should be more widespread and this can be possible with this way because people need better government policies about taxes and subsidies.


Another way to overcome this problem is about research and development activities. R&D expenditures have been increasing steadily since 1996 according to National Science Foundation, Science and Engineering Indicators (2012). More investment should be provided for R&D activities to find better and innovative solutions and also energy producer companies in private and public area should train their personnel for R&D activities and they can be in cooperation with universities.


This solution can be very sensible because both producers and consumers know that renewable and sustainable energy resources are better for the environment and the earth, however, they do not know literally how to access and use these energy sources. İnvestment for R&D activities will be a very effective way to solve this energy problem and also to find more technological innovations for producing energy.


Finally, the last response is awareness. Awareness can be created on people because some people are not aware of the seriousness of the situation. People are uninterested and insensitive to the world\'s energy problem and non-renewable resources effects on global warming and environmental pollution. These people continue their lives without thinking about the generations of the future and the situation in the rest of the world. These people have to wake up before it\'s too late. Awareness has to be created for achieving this. People should be informed about the course of the world for instance, this can be possible with announcements, conferences, presentations...


Awareness is so important, however, informing to people about this critical issue may not be enough to solve this problem. Changing people\'s attitudes on this issue can be really so difficult because people do not want to change their behaviors and people are not affected in the same way by educating. Media, the public and private sector should fulfill their responsibilities to raise awareness on people because This problem can’t be solved directly without changing the social attitudes of people.

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