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   My goal for education is simple as to learn as much as a human can and spread it as much as air. I always seek opportunities to challenge self-resources.  I always surprised in school by the reading facts that contains number like sun temperature is 6000k and the factor that responsible for disease like bad, complex name bacteria. My thoughts at that time like i must have to remember that type of things for getting marks but when I grow up I found that it is a result of many years’ profound calculation and long practice.  I realise the importance of hard work done by scientists to change the previously derived fact or conclusion. So I started to be more dedicated to study and get around 91 percentage in 10th standard of school.

    My zeal for education and inclination towards applied science drove me to choose for math, physics and chemistry in my higher secondary education.  It is best decision I have made in my life. I found that my interest is more in physics and maths and I like to spend most of my time with these subjects. My friends asked me many times to clear their concepts about these subjects moreover I like to teach as well. My power to memorize complex things is also good and it is much better for my preparation for my high school exam to score excellent. Finally, I got result of 82 percentages in 12th standard, as well as I prepared for that.

    After completing my high school, I felt that Engineering would be the field, which would give me the opportunity to learn and explore how the fundamentals of science are applied to real life and to create technology for practical and real purposes which is more important than earn money. Moreover, my natural strengths have always been creative abilities and the power of imagination; which made me take up a discipline that would allow me to be creative and to give best possible output. That’s why; Mechanical engineering was a direct preference of my thoughts about career. Subjects like Manufacturing Process, CAD/CAM, Power Plant Engineering, Theory of Machine, Elements of Mechanical Engineering, Machine Design, Industrial Engineering, Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines, Automobile Engineering, Engineering Thermodynamics, Control Engineering etc., revealed to me limitless dimensions in the field of Mechanical Engineering. My undergraduate study was a richly rewarding experience, during which I take Industrial training for few weeks at Siemens.

    At training, we have to think and keep in mind only facts of machine behavior, characteristics related to parameters conditions, but it is difficult to cope up with the corporate culture, even more difficult to learn something complex and many things at one time, but the interest and zest to learn new things manage it very well in mind.

    To gain knowledge as much as I can is the major goal in my life.  We are in an era of globalization and technological changes where boundaries are readily become imaginary and the biggest task tomorrow holds for us is to balance continuity of change. To satiate my curiosity and to fulfil my ambitions I have decided to pursue a master’s program in Mechanical Engineering. I never lose interest in what I do even if it seems actually worthless that’s why; I would like to get involved in research work in this area. Although there is a huge scope for research in this line, the scope for research in India is not as much as in the United States. The need for exposure to a broad environment has prompted me to seek an opportunity to do masters in the United States. The ever-increasing part played by computers in every discipline of Engineering and their combined role in manufacturing procedures called ‘Computer Integrated Manufacturing and production’ or CIM has encouraged me to learn various design application software like Auto Cad & solid edge ST7.

    To tell you more about my interest, the final year project, title as Heat treatment of turbine rotor blade which aims at to get enough hardness at tip of blade with less effort and cost effectiveness was an opportunity to gain knowledge of manufacturing, material science and process related applications in Mechanical Engineering. The four years degree undergraduate course has not only provided me strong fundamentals, but also has encouraged me to learn more and goaded me to continue research related activities. My recent career objective is a master’s degree in Engineering followed by a PhD and research oriented career in industry or academic. The purpose of an excellent university with a faculty dedicated to teaching and research and an atmosphere conducive to learning, thus becomes extremely necessary.

    After spending some time on your website I found that by taking graduate studies at your University, I would be able to dig out into many subject cores and also make a strong sense of independence coupled with responsibility and self-dependence, characteristic of the American culture. It would also help me to learn global standards in this area and to know about the worldwide competition, which I consider as a great help for me to make a strong contribution in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Your university with its unique graduate program in Mechanical Engineering and with profound and good intellectual excellence is remarkable and attractive to embark upon an academic career.         

I would be rejoicing if given a research or a teaching assistantship because in addition to release the financial burden on me, it would help me a lot for preparing me for a career in research and teaching. I look forward to a challenging career in research which may even be fatiguing and demanding at times but I am confident that with my sincerity and dedication, I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the on recent research developments and live up to the high standards expected off your university.

    I wish your committee will consider my application good for admission for the upcoming semester. I look forward in hearing from you soon and if you have any question please do not think too much to contact me via email at [email protected]  

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