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 Are genetics babies the way forward?

In 2004 the term “Genetic Babies” made it from sci-fi movies and weblogs to the Oxford dictionary which reflects the term becoming part of our everyday culture. The process can change genes, traits and defect particular defects, and ensure a healthy start to a child’s life. The forever growing strength of genetic technology may one day allow parents to adapt their unborn children, in order to spare their descendants from illness or, conceivably, make them tall, well-muscled, intellectual or otherwise gifted with other appealing traits. However along with any new medical, high-tech treatment there is bounteous amounts of advantages and disadvantages that follow. Are the technologies of genetic modification safe enough for human use? Even if they are, can it be morally guarded?

Since the birth of genetic modification, genealogists and biologists have been connecting a better understanding for genetics. The large amount of research gone into this project has sparked many interesting medical finds, which could potentially advance our knowledge in the medical world. From the beginning of this project an extra 3,000 disorders which occur due to errors in ones DNA are now confirmed and treated for. The hope is that through genetic modification, a cure can be found for diseases through the release of the research found.

Furthermore Genetic modification has many benefits to the human health, reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s, downs syndrome and many more. It serves as a life line for ill babies looking for a healthier and more beneficial start to life. Having the chance to save potentially ill babies is surly important?

Carrying on, around 7.9 million children each year are born with various life threatening birth defects that have a substantial genetic contribution. If we could simply correct these faults at the embryonic stage it would be possible to get rid of these diseases. Furthermore, 30% of all deaths in those under 70 worldwide are due to chronic diseases (such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes).The ability to change genes could ensure that we all get the best out of life.

Next the improved capability to regulate and operate embryos grant many possibilities for improving the well-being of children, but these possibilities are fixed with probable social costs, that could impact negatively in the future. Designer babies signify countless possibilities in the field of medicine and scientific research, but there remain many ethical questions that need to be talked of. Many scientists do believe that genetically altering the human embryo goes past the line of ethical insanity. Changing what we are made of logically seems almost wrong to many people, and believe it is going against their morals. Many dread that such research will bring us on a path to “designer babies”. Many people are disturbed at the opportunity for parents being able to select or alter the genes of their biological children, just as they might choose the configuration of a new car or the design of a new kitchen. Also extensive admission to the gene editing tools could put children in danger and injure the gene pool. Gene’s stylish in one generation may show to be damaging later on. In addition, parental control of the gene pool could decrease valuable forms of diversity. Furthermore in addition to this we look at Hitler’s “Aryan” policy. The concept that everyone must look a particular way, all the same. And genetic engineering may make occurrences like this more common, or at least easier to do. Even though this projects takes the next step in technology, I don’t feel it is necessarily a bad one. Understandably, many people will be against this, however it is not an option all parents have to take, it is not obligatory.

Genetic Engineering should, and is seen as a medical change, just like medical treatments. We could debate about whether using genetic engineering beyond that is suitable, but certainly should be used for medical circumstances. And as far as ethical goes, I believe it is.  A lot of people say god created us, and we should live the way we are made. However god also gave us this world to learn and nurture, and if god truly exists wouldn’t he want us to better ourselves? Create a better life for unborn children.

Lee Silver has projected a dystopia in which a race of superior humans look down on those without genetic enhancements, though others have advised against accepting this vision of the future. It has also been suggested that if designer babies were created through genetic engineering, that this could have major effects on the human gene pool. Some futurists claim that it would put the human species on a path to participant evolution. It has also been argued that designer babies may have an important role as counter-acting an argued dysgenic trend.Humans have evolved and evolved as much as we can naturally, the next step in discovery needs to be taken. History is made up of developments into the world, as a human race we have an insatiable desire to succeed, succeed and understand everything. By asking us to stop developing, it like asking us as humans to stop doing what we do best. Advancing.

Genetic engineering, understandably may be overlooked by many people. However I do believe that this is an option that should be heavily explored. The possibility of saving children’s life’s, making a better start for them is something that many parents dream of doing. This is an option, it’s not mandatory for all parents to do this, and although the process has many negative medical aspects, everything does. The next

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