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Dublin Institute of Technology

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15th of March 2016

Wind Farms and Pylons in Ireland

Student Name: Mohamed Al Shamsi

Student Number: D14125045

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Program: DT066A

Module: Engineering Professional Practice

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Executive summary


Wind farms in Ireland

Wind farms in general

Wind Energy Statistics

History of Wind Energy

Protest in Ireland

Before and after building the wind farms















Executive summary:

This report provides what is a wind farm? , how the wind farms and pylons can help the society in Ireland? , what are the advantages and disadvantages of wind farms? , what’s the average of wind energy statistic in Ireland and in north Ireland? And how much the wind capacity production over the years in Ireland?


Nowadays, renewable energy is an effective source for producing energy from natural, such as, the wind farms. A wind farm is a group of wind turbines in the same location used to produce energy. It is one of the importance sources for producing energy nowadays. It can be found mostly in countries which have offshore. Most of the European countries have wind farms built because it’s one of the best sources for produce energy. As Ireland one of the countries that used this source for saving energy it seems that the local habitat gets affected by the wind farms. Wind farm is one of the renewable energies there is solar energy and hydroelectric energy. But, the wind farms in recent years wind energy become one of the economical renewable energy demanded in whole world. As it production capacity is too high. Therefore, the aim of this report is to examine the effect of wind farms and the pylons in society and how it will reduce the pollution in the environment? Also, is to discuss the compression between before and after building a wind farm.

Wind Farms in Ireland:

They are a lot of companies that operate the wind farms in Ireland such as energia, Irish wind energy association (IWEA) and gaelectric etc…. Ireland has an excellent offshore wind resource that compares favourably with the best in the world both in terms of consistency and strength. This reason what makes Ireland the best location for installing wind farms. The first wind farm been realised in Ireland it was in 1992 at Bellacorrick, Co. Mayo. 1,630 MW of wind capacity has been installed at the end of December 2011. By December 2011 a total of 148 wind farms been installed, bringing the total capacity 1,630MW. (Kellen, 2012). In 2009 wind turbines produced more than 6.5 times the total electricity demand of Ireland for the whole year. From this capacity it could estimate that about 500000 homes may be supplied enough clean green power. So, as shown in the statistics that wind power produce huge amount of capacity in few years after has been installed. Furthermore, that been noticed the wind farms are good source for having a clean green power. But, the question is this enough for the people needs and does it affect them or not? It is going to be explained in the rest of the report.

Wind Farms in general:

The wind farms are source of renewable energy. As many of renewable energies is shown in recent years that the wind farms production capacity of energy is good. So, it can be the answer or the problem for the social, economic and environmental. Therefore, if this been distributed to advantages and disadvantage, indeed, they are going to be a lot of argument.

The advantages of the wind farms are:

The wind farm are environmental which is clean for the nature. The potential of the wind farms is huge. It produces effective capacity of energy. Wind energy is a renewable source of energy. People can generate their own electricity with wind power in much the same manner as people do with the best solar panels. Therefore, it’s good domestic potential.

The Disadvantage of the wind farms are:

The availability of winds farm is not constant. The cost to build one is incredible high. Example: these huge machines are set in place using an average of 1000 tons of concrete while the machines themselves are by and large manufactured in and shipped from China. (Crossan, 2012) It ruins the look of the landscape in the villages. Noise that it produces which effect the locals home that the can sleep at night. Threat to wildlife such as birds or any flying creatures. They are more many points of the advantages and disadvantages not been mention. But, those aspects which been mentioned are those are taking under consideration as they are what affect the economic, social and environment issues most.

Wind Energy Statistics:

Wind energy will be a developing division in Ireland what’s more Northern Ireland, making employments also benefiting companies. See underneath the most recent Realities Also figures on the wind energy business.

This table below shows the Number of winds farms in the Republic of Ireland and in the island of Ireland:

The number of Wind Farms on the island of Ireland The number of wind farms in the Republic of Ireland

235 201

Installed Wind Energy Capacity Location

3078MW Island of Ireland

2436MW The Republic of Ireland

642MW Northern Ireland

There are 2,000,700 Home Powered Equivalent on the island of Ireland , that’s a good news for the people whose lives in Ireland also for the government cause that the wind farms covers all these homes without using oil or gas to generate electricity . In Irish Wind Energy Association (2015) it shows the wind energy statistics.

History of Wind Energy:

In Irish Wind Energy Association (2015) it shows the installed wind capacity in Ireland.

This graph above shows that installed wind capacity over the years from 2000 to 2009 in the green colour and which is projected in the blue colour.

In the same way, as you can see the wind capacity are increasing over the years.

Protest in Ireland:

Social issues started to increase yearly towards the wind farms, pylons and the overcome result of this is creating a group of protest around Ireland against the wind turbines. In 2014, this group of about 7,000 people went to Dublin to raise their voice against the wind turbines which they said it’s affected the people health and the natural landscape. In addition, they mention that they accuse the government to listen to their problems against these turbines. (Griffin, 2014). It is possible that there are no benefits to the local people because the damage of the wind farms is more than the benefits. Nobody can destroy his property for something maybe he will not get any benefits from it.

Before and after building the wind farms:

Building the wind farms will take a pat in three issues which they are: social, economic and environmental. In the same way, this issues is the important part that compare between the before and after installing a wind farm. A Table will may demonstrate this clearly. This shows that the comparison is not equal because most of it is negative for the social and environment. In the social part is shows that after installing wind turbines or pylons, almost all of issues turns to negative. This may explain that the government idea is that concentrate on gaining money without realising on people needs. Therefore, from here the locals start to protest.

Before After

Social The locals don’t have any issues, but there isn’t a good energy source for the homes. The locals have an issue in the health; sleep with noise, scared on sale their homes. Bad smell caused by the wind farm.

Good energy source.

Economic No energy production Increase on the economic. High capacity production

Environment There is no air pollution. It doesn't threat the flying creatures.

Turns negatively but, the wind farms are green clean.

In conclusion:

After looking at the information’s may be got from all of this that wind farms are over people habitats. It shows that the government doesn't care about people if it affects them or not in the future after installing these machines. In addition, is clear that social issues in this matter increased as the government thought going to resolve the issue. For example, some of the homes are placed for sale because, of the wind farms and pylons machines makes so much noise. It’s true that the wind farms future is promising in economic side. But, not forgetting the affection that it produces in the environment or the social. To summarize this is to equal the people needs to the economic production and have solution to solve issues which makes everybody happy without confliction.


Therefore, I would like to make the following recommendation:

1) The government should listen to people who’s against the wind farms and try to find a solution for this issue.  

2) Try to build the wind farms far away from the houses and farms.

3) Find another source of energy does not effect on the environment.


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