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According to my Samsung Questionnaire (source 1) , Samsung’s strengths can be that 42% of people currently own a Samsung Product, question 1 shows that 37% do not own a Samsung product and 21% were previous owners. This means that out of the people asked, the majority Samsung’s loyal customers who like their brand because of either their quality products or effective promotion. And this is beneficial as it means that Samsung is providing good products to its customers. Question 4 of my survey asks customers to rate Samsung’s products  from 1-10 and not one person chose under 5 so this means that most people that I have asked are satisfied with their products indicating that they have quality products. Also, question 5 of my survey asks people about the quality of Samsung’s products compared to their competitors. This is a strength because 76% said that their products are a good quality compared to their competitors showing that the majority of customers like their products more than competitors. Another Strength of Samsung is in question 6 of my questionnaire, as more than half of the people asked have seen Samsung’s advertisements or promotions. This shows that Samsung’s advertising tactics are noticeable and the majority of people surveyed have seen them showing they attract customers attention. Having looked at A Samsung’s article on their website (source 2) for them would be that that their headline “Samsung Electronics Wins More than 100 Awards at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show” which was in their article this year in January. This shows that it is one of their strengths as their products are favorited by people all around the world as they have voted for their products to win therefore this means that they are gaining a good reputation as they are winning more than a 100 awards. Also another one of their strengths is that Samsung has made improvements to their computers / notebooks as shown in source 3. This is done to attract more customers using their Pc’s as stated on their website, such as improvements to their battery life, advanced sleep mode feature and Samsung All Share feature, which allows consumers to access, manage and share content easier and faster. This is a strength as Samsung is enhancing their computer’s features and making them function quicker and better for customers to use. Also, Samsung Engineering ensures client satisfaction by implementing strict quality assurance guidelines for all of its products and services. This means that Samsung ensures top quality on each of their products to ensure that their customers are happy with their company (shown in source 5 and 6) therefore this is considered as one of their strengths, as by using quality assurance they can prevent unhappy customers and can establish good reputation for having good quality products. Furthermore, another Strength for Samsung would be that their advert Samsung’s school of rugby was a humorous advert for customers hoping to win over non-rugby fans with its new 'School of Rugby' ads, which star comedian Jack Whitehall and many other Rugby legends, (shown in source 9). This makes their way of promotion more effective because if their adverts are humorous and this will more likely attract the customers to watch their adverts and support Samsung more. It has also shot 360-degree video of the School of Rugby campaign for fans wanting to watch Whitehall’s activities through Samsung’s Gear VR headset, again also using this advantage to use the celebrity endorsement method to promote their product and make their adverts stand out as the celebrity enhances brand equity and increases name recognition of the brand. According to “Samsung uses multiple forms of promotions...  Samsung as a company believes in pulling the customer to themselves through advertising but at the same time uses strong tactics to push the product to the customer through sales promotions “. This means that Samsung are using their use of media effectively to engage/ win over customer’s attention to their brand and this is one of their strengths.  Furthermore the website states that “Samsung has a vast product portfolio and its presence is in several different product categories “. This means that they have a wide range of products that can allow the business to meet the needs of a variety of customers and also by this way they can increase profit and levels remain steady. Also, the maketing91 website states “ The benefit of Samsung in terms of its product is that there is a trust on all Samsung products because of the way Samsung products have performed in the last few years” this is a strength as it means that customers are trusting Samsung’s products over the years and have Managed to establish customer loyalty.


In my survey, I asked previous owners why they chosen not to continue using Samsung anymore and 13% said that their phone had broken in question 2 of my questionnaire. This means that it’s a weakness as they are losing their customers because their product quality is not made up to a high standard leaving customers unsatisfied and choosing their competitors instead. In the UK business insider website, it talks about Samsung’s advertisement video comparing their product to the Apple iPhone and how their wireless charging capabilities are more advanced than Apple. However this is a weakness because this means that this may be the only better feature that they have comparing to Apple as they didn’t advertise any other features of their product comparing to Apple, not giving customers the benefit of seeing different unique features Samsung has compared to their competitor Apple. A weakness I found in the Samsung School of rugby advert would be that they only advertise their latest Samsung s6 model and s6 Edge model.  This means that customers are only aware of their latest mobile phone but not any other products such as their latest Tv’s or other electronical goods. The website states that “Samsung has a vast product portfolio and its presence is in several different product categories”. A weakness in this would be that Samsung can lose focus on their key objectives of their goods.


In my survey, I questioned current Samsung customers why they still are sticking with Samsung. 56% said that their products are good, 19% say that their products are well priced and 12% said that they like the features of their products (shown in question 3 of my questionnaire). This will give Samsung the opportunity to let their customers know about their varied prices and different range of products and unique features to attract more customers for their company. Furthermore, In Question 2, 37% of people said that they do not like Samsung products. This would give Samsung an opportunity to then do some market research to find out what other customers interests are. In my questionnaire, question 7 asks where people have seen Samsung’s advertisements/promotions, and 2 people seen them on Facebook and 3 people seen them in internet. Another opportunity for Samsung is that they can maybe do more advertisements or promotions in places like the internet, Facebook or Billboards as only 2 people seen their adverts on billboards, to try and gain more customer’s attention towards their company.


In my survey, Question 2 asks previous owners of Samsung why they stopped being their customers, and 50% of them said that they would prefer an IPhone compared to their product. This is a serious threat because this means that they are losing some of their customers to their competitor Apple. Another Threat for Samsung would be that their main competitor Apple, advertises more range of their products in some of their TV adverts, than Samsung does. The advertisement, called "The Song" shows a younger woman using her different Apple devices to record a duet with an old recording her grandmother made for her grandfather. The ad shows her using a MacBook, and iPhone and an iPad over some time to perfect the holiday gift. This means that Apple’s buyers are made aware of different variety of their goods they produce, and in this way they can target different customers who prefer to use their products. By Samsung not doing this, customers are not aware of their different range of products therefore customers may not like that one product they advertise, un-attracting customers and making Apple at a better stage of promotion.

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