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My interest in the environment began when I was young, spending a lot of time outdoors. I am fascinated by the functions of living organisms. I am intrigued by the functions of the human body.   During my childhood, summers would be spent observing the diversity of flora and fauna in my garden. I would also study leaves and insects with my microscope. This passion has driven me to wanting to study the environment as an adult.  

I am studying Biology, Geography and English Literature and have particular interests in science and the environment. Reading books like The Human Body by Sarah Brewer with its visual impact and the satellite images in The Complete Earth by Douglas Palmer have further motivated me to study science and the environment. I recently participated in a British Biology Olympiad testing my general knowledge in the subject.  

I have great interest in aviation and currently taking my Private Pilot Licence. My Work Placement was at Belfast International Airport were I gained a general overview of the functioning of the airport. I experienced the Operations Department, the Control Centre, Customer Services, and attended an employee health and safety brief. I also experienced the Fire Station and the Maintenance/Engineering Department. I also spent a day at Air Traffic Control run by NATS. These experiences taught me the fundamental importance of teamwork and the effective communication in the efficient running of the airport. Problem solving was another skill I learned, as unforeseen problems can arise which require rapid fixing in order to prevent further disruptions to flights. I also appreciated the need of a safe and healthy working environment, as well as provision of information, instruction and training to enable employees to perform their work safely.  

In my extra-curricular activities, key skills that I have learnt include the ability to work as a leader and also as part of a team. Participation within the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and currently Gold Award Schemes, has further developed these skills. At times when we struggled to navigate towards our final destination, it was important for us to work together as a team to achieve our goal.  

A further example of where I have shown progressive leadership skills is in my role as a Young Leader at 74th Belfast (RBAI) Scouts, working towards my Queen’s Scout Award. I have been a member of Scouts and Explorer Scouts (74th Belfast RBAI) for 6 years showing commitment and integrity and was awarded Scout Honours in 2015. Within the group, I am Deputy Group Secretary which involves responsibilities for report writing and other organisational tasks. I also help organise meetings and activities for the Scouts and this has allowed me to interact with younger age groups. Hikes and expeditions with 74th Belfast (R.B.A.I) requires everyone to work as part of a team and making collective decisions, such as each member navigating one leg of the day. Planning and preparation includes training, route planning and putting a plan in place for emergencies. This has helped me to use my initiative, improve my communication, planning and organisational skills and demonstrate my ability to adapt to changing situations. The role of a Young Leader requires one to think on their feet and be prepared for whatever may happen.

Scout camping requires effective planning skills and good timekeeping. It also requires responsibility for kit and belongings, participation in challenging and demanding activities, living amicably with peers and being considerate of their needs. I have participated in international events such as the Switzerland trip with 74th in 2014. I worked alongside people from other countries and this helped develop my communication skills with people from other cultures. This has enabled me to adapt to their way of thinking and various teaching styles which help lead to more effective communication.  

Another quality gained is the result of my role as a Secretary and member of the Mountaineering Club. This has allowed me to prepare documents and reports before a

certain deadline. This has helped me to become a fast and accurate writer, with a keen eye for detail. I am able to take on the responsibility of this position and have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it. I have demonstrated an ability in problem solving when Bouldering at Indoor Climbing Walls (Boulder World) and outside climbing and belaying in the Mournes.  

My involvement in Young Enterprise as a Deputy Company Secretary, shows I am able to listen and take notes. This role demonstrates that I am well organised, self-motivated and able to work to a schedule. My ability to organise and communicate with other members is also key to enabling appropriate decisions to be taken.

The opportunity to study my academic interests at university is something that I would greatly enjoy. It would also allow me to experience living with people of a variety of nationalities and cultures that would broaden my life experience as well as my academic study.   

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