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and its dimension are 470L,265W,340H 61 Kg weight efficiency=87%.  Filter operates with a range of 10microns. It increases the life span of oil with safety also. CAD modeling is utilized in diverse ways by various people in engineering practice. Some utilized it to create drawing and design of document. Other may utilized it as a visual tool by featuring animated displays. This CAD software offer us with different tools required. All components are joined together with the constraints considering true directions.  In design of sub system the components included that firstly we consider or discussed material of the body and after that carried out analytical design of parts such as valves for flow control, stand for clamping the filter. Selecting the accurate material for utilization is significant intended for sturdiness and permanence of components. The materials that is utilized should be appropriate for toughness and  for repetitive use. One of the key considerations is damping. Functioning with a fixing results into vibration which are caused by sound, mechanical oscillations. Damping decrease vibrations by dissipating it. Pig iron is melted to get grey cast iron. It is an alloy made up of carbon and iron. Little quantity of Phosphorus element, silicon element, Sulphur and manganese are also present there in it. The cause behind its popularity are capability to compose compound structures and low cost. In addition, the admirable property of Grey Cast Iron has made it one of the mainly extensively used alloys. So for the reason the material used for making the base is mild steel. [1]

            The supporting parts is mostly utilized for enlivening and lowering the mass slowly which is required in any assembly shop of heavy industry. It mainly includes a screw and bronze nut. In order to maximize service life with heavy load condition the material used are mild steel.

• Power = (P x Q) ÷ 600

where power is in kilowatts [kW], P is the pressure in bars, and Q is the flow in litres per minute.

Power= (100x30)/600=5kW

• Calculating the power input to the pump, the total pump efficiency ηtotal must be included, Power input = Power output ÷ ηtotal. Power input=5/.87 =>5.5kW

• average for hydraulic pumps, ηtotal = 0.87

• Torque= (IPx60000)/2piN=36Nm

• Hydraulic motor output = (2piNT)/60000=5.5Kw

• Flow @1450rpm (from manual)

LPM=70 Mininmum and 120 maximum

Port connection=2inch Flange=2.75inch

• Kinematic viscosity

If any randomness like the pressure fluctuation, pipe connection type, pipe vibration, and considering other factor. Refer to the nominal pressure values and their corresponding safety factors in the left table for pipe selection.

2. “Sch. No.” is an abbreviation for schedule number. Note that “'★'”

indicates special thick wall steel pipes with no schedule number. <Reference>

JIS G 3452, 3454 to 64

Description, Schedule number = 10 × P/S

Where P: Operating pressure MPa S: Allowable stress MPa

From the above table taking it reference for the hydraulic components selection on the basis of international JIS 3455 standard. Therefore 32mm diameter pipes are used considering the safety limits that can withstand up to 250°C and pressure 600bar

For calculating viscosity index of the fluid, The kinematic viscosities of the fluids at both temperatures has been measured in lab by using Ubbelohde viscometer it is used, and in most of the test methods like ISO 3104, ISO 3105, ASTM D 445, ASTM D 446. System is installed and run the test for temperature of oil is reduced to 80oC to 40oC in 15min and viscosity of oil is 68CST. So our system can work continuously for the conditioning of oil. • The user will be able to reduce the cost of refilling or changing the oil.

• The user has no longer to monitor or estimate when the filter will be clogged it is easily visible signal.

• The properties of oil will be under controlled conditions.

• The time required for feeding the raw material via cylinder is optimized. • By solving this heating problem the system is also lead to resolve the following problems related to this heating:-high oil consumption, inefficient machinery operation, environmental damage, safety and accident liability.

• Hydraulic fluid filtration since the machine is located at dusty place since it handling the raw materials.

• Life span of oil is increased.

• The implementation of newly designed sub system results in increased productivity after the payback period.

• The newly designed sub system also reduces the costs of maintenance required for process.

• All the values of deformation and stresses by engineering data is comparatively lower than standard values and hence, we can conclude that design is safe. Some of the recommendations for future research are

• Modifying the model for advancement by employing sensors and also utilizing provision of BSP.

• Instead of manual system it can be integrated with PLC control for better display of data.

• Modification can be done on filter component by buzzer or light indicator system in case of clogging for safety.

• Development of combined system for power pack as well as oil conditioning in a single structure to minimize the extra costs and space

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