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lex had achieved the top ranked of luxury brands in the wristwatch manufacture that has created its distinctive position in the market by targeting only affluent people. Rolex has been targeting specialty market since its initial days; the main aim of the company is to provide quality seeking people with the best wristwatches that have been designed with superior quality raw materials and people who have expertise in this field. The watches are improved with highly experienced and well-trained people who have through knowledge and understanding about the wristwatch designing and manufacturing.

In order to reach the right target market, Rolex has made an efficacious changed in its marketing strategy by moving from traditional mediums such as Television Advertisements and advertisements in newspapers and magazines to celebrity endorsements such as Roger Federer and events sponsorships; both of these elements have created a new image in the market. As community are willing to invest in those brands that will enhance their relationship with their favourite personalities, Rolex has capitalized on this vision.

The primary research conducted among the college students revealed that they are disposing to own Rolex brand as it helps them in developing an association with their favourite star. Hence, Rolex is doing aggressive marketing so that it can arrest the attention of its target market, enhance its distinctive image worldwide and keep on making valuable contribution in the wristwatch business.

Four Functions Management of Rolex


The definition of planning is defining goals, establishing strategies to achieve goals, developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities. The planning of Rolex is to educate the younger market on the value of wristwatches. To create a social media strategy that will encourage users to engage with the brand as well as diffuse the message to a large audience also is a planning of Rolex. Thus, the other planning of Rolex is to encourage the purchase of wrist watches as a “reward” or key successes in a young man’s life.


The definition of organizing is arranging and structuring work to accomplish organizational goals that has shown by Rolex. The organizing of Rolex is the general manager will lead the deputy general manager, however, the technical director, marketing director and administrative director will lead by the deputy general manager. The R&D, engineering and quality department will lead by the technical director where the department will be in charge of the Rolex’s manufacture, distribute and service high-quality wristwatches. Thus, the after-sales service department, marketing, projects department and the ministry of commerce will lead by marketing director where the department will be in charge of the Rolex’s marketing. Finally, the strategic development, administration, human resource and finance department will lead by administrative director. This department is in charge of the Rolex’s administration like the storage of company or industry, the stock of warehouse, the monitoring of Rolex, the purchasing of the company, the finance and human resource management of company and investigate the strategic of the company.


The definition of leading is to work with and through people to accomplish goals that has shown by Rolex. Rolex has lead by the chief executive officer (CEO), Mr. Giam Riccardo Marini. He becomes the CEO of Rolex Italia from 2000 until May of 2011. Mr. Marini is efficient to provide insight and expertise to that aspect of the business because the Italy is practically to control the Rolex’s market. There are over 800,000 watches and around 1,000 horological patents has be create in a year by Rolex when Rolex is leading by Mr. Marini. Rolex also the first luxury watch brand that to create a waterproof watch, first to display two different time zones and date on the same dial. In addition, Rolex no doubt has set a high prospect for the future with such a successful past. As a result, Rolex becomes more success when leading by Mr. Marini.


The definition of controlling is monitoring, comparing and correcting work that has shown by Rolex. The manager of Rolex will keep his employees motivated and engaged when doing any project. The manager will also make out the schedule when start do the project to monitoring the activities to ensure that they are accomplished as planned. Thus, the manager will try to lower to cost of project when the project is over budget.

Internal stakeholders of Rolex


The roles of shareholders are shaping the vision and strategies, to maintain and develop business model to plan and oversee sequence and manage critical supply relationships. The shareholders can affect the business the Rolex. This can be shown by a director can be remove by the shareholders, the company’s name can modification by them and give the director job security for more than two years with authorising a service contract. So, the shareholders are more powerful than directors. This is how the shareholders to affect the business of Rolex when without shareholders.


The roles of directors are establishing the vision, mission and values of company. Yet another is to set strategy and structure and delegate to management of the company. The directors can affect the business of Rolex because the directors are responsibility the trusteeship of Rolex. They are responsible for the organization’s programs, image and property of Rolex. Thus, they can manage the financial of the Rolex. They can spend money on programs that represent the organization’s priorities of need. The program planning implementation and evaluation of Rolex also responsibility of directors. They must ensure to set the goals, develop plans and defines obligations to reach the goals. This is how the directors to affect the business of Rolex when without directors.

External Stakeholders of Rolex


The roles of government are to pass laws that restrain many aspects of business activity, provide laws and order to allow legal business activity to take place and also to obtain economic stability to encourage business activity. The government can affect the business of Rolex. This can be shown by the government can to treat the businesses of Rolex is evenly under the law. It also to prevent unfair competition that cloud damage business survival chances of Rolex. Thus, it can establish a good trading links of Rolex with other countries to allow the international trade. This is how the government will affect the business of Rolex.


The roles of suppliers are to supply goods and services to allow the business to offers it products to its own customers. The suppliers can affect the business of Rolex because the suppliers are to help Rolex to supply goods and services ordered by the business in the time and condition as laid down by the purchase contract or supplier’s service agreements. This is how the suppliers affect the business of Rolex.


By doing this assignment, I have learnt how to develop a company. To develop a company, we must create mission statement, vision statement, goals of the organisation. Yet another, when we want to start to do a project, we must use the four function of management that is planning, organizing, leading and controlling because this is the best and easy way to accomplish the organizational goals. In addition, I also have learnt about the internal stakeholders and external stakeholders is very important to a company because the stakeholders can affect the business of a company. At here, I want to thank to my managing business’s lecture, Mr. Muhammad Bin Majid for his teaching. That is because he has taught me how to develop and managing a company. Now, I have about it. Thank you, Sir. 


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