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Executive Summary

 A project topic on-“A comparative analysis of performance of rooftop solar manufacturing companies with respect to customer attractiveness through various financing strategies in Bangalore”

Lighting is basic thing for the households. The lighting is through grid electricity or by the rooftop solar energy.  Solar power may be a promising resolution to fulfill demand for electricity services of households in of Karnataka. The survey is undertaken for to make listing of experiences with rooftop solar applications for households in Bangalore.

The project is done with an objective of analyzing the total adoption of rooftop solar system and financing option available for the rooftop solar in Bangalore Karnataka. The report also contains the overview of rooftop solar lighting system and its functional systems. The majority of the people will have no grid electricity connection for years to come and the grid electricity is not able to supply electricity to remote places and for them solar rooftop systems can help in providing a few essential energy services. Rooftop Solar systems have experienced significant development in the last few years.

The costs of the system are affordable to the all level of income group. This is helps in reach for a growing part of populations living in Karnataka. These costs less than the grid electricity bill the rooftop solar have a net metering method which is giving more revenue by selling the excess amount of electricity.

The methodology of this study is carried out in interaction with the household with questionnaire from selected respondents in Bangalore. And interaction with the manufacturing companies with certain information. The data has been collected through Questionnaire. The collected data is analyze through tables and graph and are interpreted.




   This project study about the various financing options for the rooftop solar this report gives narrative of the solar system especially in rooftop solar in Bangalore. This report is explains about the ownership options and benefits for installing rooftop solar in Bangalore.

  Sun energy vitality episode on earth's surface fundamentally relies on upon parameters like geographic area, earth-sun movement of earth's rotational pivot and environmental constriction because of suspended particles .the power of sunlight based vitality disengagement evaluates the sun based assets potential or accessibility of district. Significantly because of Government activities like tax exceptions and Subsides

The solar energy sector in India is very rapidly increased in the following previous years, because government took initiative to installing rooftop solar system. The initiative like tax exemption and subsides. Decrease the operating cost Owing to technical potential and Decrease in the maintain charges of the rooftop systems. The solar power is that the best suited energy supply for India. Nowadays the solar energy has a put in capability of 9.84 Mega Vat  and That is a smaller amount than 0.1%, presently total put in a renewable energy stands at approximately 13,242,41 Mega Vat as per MNRE.

History of Solar Energy in India

The India has households in for the most part provincial ones which do not have access to electricity facilities. In the Indian Solar Industry has gigantic potential for a high developing nation like India where around 61% of as indicated by the Indian Solar Energy Market. The solar based industry has rapidly development in the course of recent years and is projected to grow more in future.

As India is unfading with full full sunlight based radiation and most part of the nation gets 300 to 330 sunny days in each year. India today gets sunlight based vitality reinforcement is more than 5,000 Trillion kWh each year, which is far away more than its total annual energy consumption. India's physical location, massive population and government is support for measure back up it to become one amongst the foremost speedily rising solar power markets within the world. The India is turning into a capital destination for the each native and international solar manufactures. . Nowadays the Indian economy has a seventh largest by nominal GDP.

dynamically India is enticing a favored investment choice for both locality and worldwide players Today Indian economy has the second speediest rate of extension in perceived GDP on the world with 7.1%.The nation represents one thirds of the world's populace without access to power. This circumstance emerges in spite of a few activities and arrangements to bolster poor family units.

Five unique services contain fundamentally taken care of the Indian vitality division from that among them the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. India is presumptively the more nations on the world with most devoted services of renewable energy.

The country positions 6th on the planet as far as aggregate energy utilization and goals to quicken change of the vitality fragment to meet its goals. Despite the fact that the nation is rich in coal and copiously enriched with renewable vitality in the presence of sun powered, wind, hydro and bio-vitality, India has little hydrocarbon saves (0.4% of the world's aggregate). Being a net shipper of vitality other than 35% of the nation's essential vitality needs is guaranteed through import


Size of the Industry

India consumes 3.7% of the world's business Energy making it has the fifth greatest buyer of vitality thoroughly. Complete introduced force of 144912 MW. India is skilled with well off sun oriented vitality assets more than 5,000 trillion kilowatts of solar oriented vitality in a year. The normal convergence of sun powered radiation got on India is 200 MW/km square.

Solar Products

The followings are the various products of the solar energy.   

1) Solar rooftop: -


Solar Hybrid UPS:-

Solar Batteries:-

Solar Power Conditioning Unit

PV Grid Connected Inverters

Solar traffic light


Rooftop solar power plants are those power plants which are present on the outer surface of a building's roof and create power utilizing regular vitality delivered by the sun. The sub- portions in the Rooftop Solar Category can be unmistakable into Medium and little taking into account the limit the sub-portions in the Rooftop Solar Category can be unmistakable into Medium and small capacity systems.

Medium Capacity: Rooftop Solar PV activities to be related at HT level (beneath 33 kW level) of dissemination system with introduced limit of 100 kW also up to 2 MW.

Small Capacity: Rooftop Solar PV activities to be related at LT level of dispersion system with introduced limit lower than 100 kW.


There are two types of Rooftop solar systems globally

1. off grid rooftop solar

2. Grid connected rooftop solar

1. off grid Rooftop solar system

 The off grid type of solar system is not interacted to the grid and continuous reliable power supply is maintained through batteries. The Energy delivered by the solar oriented module is used to charge the Lead Acid Battery. The Load is controlled utilizing the vitality put away as a part of the battery through Electronic circuitry

The Electronic circuitry comprises of Charge Control Unit and Inverter. The Charge Control Unit is utilized to control the cheat and significant releasing of the battery, which thusly builds the Life of the battery. Inverter is utilized to change over the DC to 230 V AC with 50 Hz Frequency. In off framework rooftop top sun oriented PV framework, the framework collaborated to fundamental transport however just in one route transmission of power is conceivable from primary transport to the building. In the event that there is any breaking down in the framework by this availability constant dependable supply is kept up. On the off chance that the off matrix power supply framework is found where there is no lattice network to the private, business and for modern use, at this zone the framework is called as stand-alone power framework (SAPS) or remote territory power supply system(RAPS).

Grid Interacted Roof top solar system

 Grid connected or interacted Rooftop solar PV system; solar modules will convert solar energy into electricity in the form of direct current (DC). The immediate current delivered in the framework is changed over to exchanging current (AC) by an inverter or by force molding unit. From this the framework is interfaced to lattice through AC dissemination board. Yield is measured by a meter which is available at the matrix.

Solar Manufacturing

The objective of JNNSM is to take a worldwide leadership job in manufacturing of solar sector (across the value chain) with a target of 100GW equivalent setup of capacity by 2022. The mission objective includes setting up of manufacturing capacity for poly silicon object to yearly produce about 2 GW capacities of solar cells.

According to MNRE, the country had 52 PV producers in the month of June 2014. The setup cell manufacturing capacity set at 1216 MW, the prepared capacity is only 240 MW. The nameplate PV module manufacturing capacity is 2348 MW, while the prepared capacity is only 661 MW. In case of solar cells, while the residential `C-Si PV cell capacity limit of 1.2 GW is similar to overall PV setting up in the year 2014. The cell makers additionally have the experience of low limit usage. This is since module makers lean toward imported PV cells by virtue of their low expenses.

"Vikram Solar is fixed with the Indian mission to achieve the big aim in the solar sector - 100GW by 2022. Vikram solar started manufacturing when India did not knew about solar as much as they today know well about solar. We are now one of the leading manufacturers, with more than 0.5GW of built up capacity. The company has their branches in more than 32 countries. It says to be India's only Tier 1 Photovoltaic module producer as per a Bloomberg quality with a record of installing 100 GW of solar project capacities in India.

Vikram solar is one of the largest exporters of solar panels out of India to the UK. All the large developers are functioning with us by importing our panels and also only Indian manufacturer who is exporting to Japan, which is of very high quality market.

Solar Financing Options

In observance in  the  goal to accomplish the proposed limit of 100 GW focus by 2022, the general venture required would be assessed Rs 6 lakh crore ($89.88 billion) at the rate of Rs 6 crore for every MW at the present cost, the nation's energy priest Piyush Goyal said with respect to the sunlight based vitality target.

The focal government's financial plan claimed for solar oriented energy 2015-16 is Rs 2,708 crore (0.45% of the required venture). Limit expansion of renewable vitality somewhere around 2002 and 2014 has been at a compound yearly development rate – the normal year-on-year development rate – of around 20%.

Initiatives by the Karnataka Government to promote rooftop solar power generation:

To attract the customer the state and Central Governments have been taking initiatives to promote and sustain solar power projects. The Government of Karnataka has notified the Karnataka Solar Policy 2014-2021 on 22nd May, 2014.

Minimum program targets (MW):


2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018

Roof-top (grid connected and off-grid)

100 100 100 100


The targeted capacity of rooftop-solar power plants projected to be achieved by Karnataka under the National Solar Mission is as under:

Category Year wise target (MW)

Rooftop solar 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 Total

100 275 290 344 403 460 518 2300


 Interest rate and loan payment tenure on rooftop solar

As regards the acceptable rate of interest on loan, the Commission comments that interest rate at 12.5% on loan has been permitted to the other renewable sources of energy dated 1st January, 2015. Considering the present SBI base rate in the sort of 8.95 to 9.70% efficient from 22nd April, 2016 The Commission decides to allow 12% as interest on loan of rooftop solar. The Commission along these lines chooses to consider advance reimbursement residency of 12 years with the end goal of determination of duty.

The various financing strategies and ownership option in the solar rooftop

1. Capital Purchase/Direct Ownership: -.Own the framework totally utilizing capital assets or the appropriate mix of obligation and value to fit your remarkable conditions and get all monetary and tax breaks.

Benefits of Capital Purchase/Direct Ownership

1. Two way return

2. Reduced & predictable energy costs

3. Energy Independence

4. Reduced Carbon Footprint

5. Enjoying tax benefit

2) Solar renting/Leasing: - Under solar based lease money related model the property proprietor gains the sun based exhibit by means of a working lease or capital lease. These financing techniques are really normal for organizations that like to gather their capital in different zones of their business. It is fabricated a "bankable" financing model with the state's SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) and SREC programs. Nearby banks, Traditional moneylenders, and outsider speculation sources are progressively more dependable with the unwaveringness and consistency of SREC salary to secure financing.

Benefits of a Solar Lease:

• Reduced in the Energy Costs

• Expected on Return on Investment

• Increased value in property

• Additional income to solar holder

• Brand development

• Ecological Leadership & Sustainability

• No up-front capital costs

3) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): the company is the owner of system, installs, and maintains. the solar system is installed on customer’s land. Customer pay for the electricity generated from the array at a certain fixed economical rate for ten plus years at a cost per kWh.

4) Net-Metering Credits: the organization gives credits on customer’s utility bill from a solar energy system. Company claims that property it is not located on client's property. These credits can diminish what client presently pays for power.

5) Property Rental: company rent clients rooftop for a settled timeframe for the sole reason for building and maintaining a solar energy facility Client gets a check every month with no other commitment. Think about this as an occupant giving a month to month rent installment with none of the ordinary concerns connected with leasing space.


• It is affordable.

Most solar conversions are paid off in seven years. However the framework goes on for a long time, furnishing you with a long time of free power.

• It is economical.

Solar electricity is presently more economical than conventional energy.

• Stabilize and improve cash flow.

No more monthly or seasonal variation in your utility bill.

• Reduce your electric bills.

Reduce your electric bill and keep them in your control.

• Leverage attractive rate of interest.

With its average of 7-year payback, solar energy is one of the best savings you can make.

• Improve your property value.

A solar installation is a controlling expansion to your property estimation..

• Solar is clean and 100% renewable.

Solar energy is not emits air and water pollutants into our environment and renews every day automatically.

• Leverage positive branding.

Many of rooftop solar users will be impressed by the steps taken to protect the environment to use the cleanest energy



The literature survey was carried out by reviewing various journals on project appraisal and financial model of a rooftop solar. Few journals reviewed are:

1. W Wetekamp [2011]

The w wetekmp suggests project management use the net present value (NPV) as a legitimate tools to guaranteeing extend project effectively . The wetekamp demonstrates in the ventures investment projects appraisal methods. For example, case of NPV can and ought to be utilized as a continuous screen of undertaking wellbeing. This is additionally on account of undertaking turbulence net present quality can be utilized as real hardware for the seeking the most suitable arrangements in the activities.

2. Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan (2015)

   The Hippo Salk Kristle Nathan is working as the assistant professors in the national institute of advanced science. He state that the Government of India's objective of 100 gig watts of sun based force by 2022 replicates two focuses in that it symbolize a functional need and favorable circumstances for sunlight based vitality from atmosphere and vitality security perspectives. In the other perspective it portrayed as the unmistakable propensity of government powers to draw up vigorously decided targets and be in a guarantee mode. While looking at the plausibility of this objective, this article raises key concerns and offers recommendations on the suitable area acquisition and housetop approaches, and additionally producing methodologies that should take up.

Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan (2015), India’s 100GW of Solar by 2022 Pragmatism or Targetitis, Vol – 50, PP – 10, Source – Economic and Political weekl

3. Robert Lundmark et al [2012]

Robert Lundmark is workout on the renewable energy market and investment model. And he dissected how market and strategy instabilities influence the general productivity of new interests in the force division, and explores the related speculation timing and innovation decisions. They built up a monetary model for new interests in three contending vitality advancements in the Swedish electric force part. The model considers the arrangement effects of the EU ETS and the Swedish green endorsement plan. By recreating and demonstrating approach impacts through stochastic costs the outcomes propose that bio-fuelled force is the most productive innovation decision within the sight of existing strategy instruments and under our suppositions. The probability of picking gas power increments after some time to the detriment of wind force because of the relative capital prerequisite per unit of yield for these advancements By and large the outcomes show that the monetary motivations to put off speculations into what's to come are noteworthy. Reports of comparable tasks for warm power plants were likewise looked into. The reports of past bunches on comparative theme and the referenced information were useful in deciding information for this anticipate. The writing accessible inside the organization helped a ton in comprehension Project Finance and components of task cost which are compressed.

4. Brown et al (2006)

The Brown et al suggested that the Venture financing is an imaginative and opportune financing method that has been utilized on some prominent corporate undertakings, including infrastructural and force. Utilizing a painstakingly designed financing blend, it has for some time been utilized to store huge scale regular asset ventures, from pipelines and refineries to electric-producing offices and hydro-electric activities. Progressively, extend financing is developing as the favored contrasting option to customary strategies for financing base and other huge scale ventures around the world.

Venture account is unique in relation to customary types of money in light of the fact that the acknowledge hazard related for the borrower is not as critical as in a standard credit exchange; what are most vital are the recognizable proof, examination, assignment and administration of each danger connected with the undertaking

5. Aseem Kumar Sharma, D P Kothari et al (2016)

Aseem Kumar Sharma state that 100GW Solar Power by 2022. Target set by GOI needs best use of available area for use of Solar PV panels. Though land & roof tops are measured as focus areas, Floating Solar PV (FSPV) on large basin & other water bodies also offers important potential. This paper aims to analyse the FSPV potential in large reservoirs in India.

Aseem Kumar Sharma, D P Kothari (2016), Floating solar PV Potential in Large

Recerviors in India Vol – 2, PP – 97 – 101

6. Sanford, Jeff

Sanford jeff state thatFor Art Aylesworth, CEO of Carmanah Technologies Corp., a Victoria, B.C.- based Company that producer sun oriented controlled gadgets, the thought there may be a lot of sun is a faint one. As it seems to be, sun oriented is still for the most part uncompetitive with lattice gave power. There are loads of different specialties out there that can profit by sun powered, and that is the place Carmanah is discovering achievement. The organization is a genuine worldwide rival in the procurement of sunlight based fueled LED lights for modern use, lighting transport stop covers, road signs, homes thus on . As of late, researchers have possessed the capacity to crush higher light yield and more hues from LEDs, empowering the low-control light source to be successfully combined with sun oriented force. Carmanah, which reinvests 7% to 10% of aggregate incomes in R&D, utilizes this development to deliver items that fill impossible to miss place: lights that are not snared to the force network and don't require much upkeep.

7. Zuru (2007)

As per Zuru (2007) decentralized renewable sources, for example, PV frameworks might be more advantageous and financially savvy choices than incorporated sources. Sun based PV rustic advancements ventures did by the administration is one of the way the Nigerian government plans to decrease the issue of inadequate power and too because of the high cost of sunlight based PV gear's the country occupants might be not able manage the cost of PV frameworks person.

8. Roy Palk | Feb 09, 2016

The pattern toward a hopeful, even starry-looked at, obsession with renewable vitality is a wellspring of irritation and risk for some utility administrators. Activists and visionaries can give feeling a chance to govern as they stick their trusts on sun oriented and wind. Utility administrators must face the hard actualities of financial matters. They must choose the option to think about inquiries, for example, how to keep up a steady vitality lattice in the midst of the flight to renewable, or how to take care of their own settled expenses in the midst of unusual vitality use by purchasers.


Statement of the Problem

The rooftop solar is incurs more cost and for there are various financing options available for installing the solar rooftop. The financing option depends upon the size of the plant. And for rooftop there is another facility is available that is renting for the rooftop. The renting is the best option as the comparing the solar rooftop. The renting option is low risk as comparing to solar rooftop. The solar rooftop is available with various subsidy and incentives that help for the purchase the system.

The main objective for installing the solar rooftop is eliminating the shortage power of electricity. The financing for solar is issued by the various commercial banks and micro finance companies there are viable financing is available based on the size of rooftop and numbers of photovoltaics are used in the system.  


The study strikes a fine balance on survey-based field research which includes interaction with various rooftop solar companies and existing customer. Research design is a way to solve a research problem in a systematic manner.


Primary Data

Primary data means information gathered once again and interestingly and happens to be unique in character.

The study will be conducted by survey method through questionnaires.

Secondary Data

Optional information are those that have as of now been gathered by others. These are for the most part in diaries, periodicals, research distribution, and official record and so on.

Information is gathered through diaries, sites, and articles, official records and yearly reports of rooftop sunlight based organization.

Questionnaire Design

• Closed ended questions - Respondents answers are constrained to an altered arrangement of reactions. Most scales are closed ended. Sort of closed ended inquiry which incorporates into our Questionnaires

• Yes or no questions – this quotation includes with only Yes or No options. The respondent answers with a "yes" or a "no"

• Open ended questions - No alternatives or predefined classifications are proposed. The respondents give their own particular answer without being obliged by a settled arrangement of conceivable reactions.


The study will be conducted by collecting information from solar rooftop manufacturing companies in Bangalore under the guidance of National Institute of advanced science.


There are about15 rooftop solar companies in Bangalore

11 companies are chosen as sample size for the study

And 25 customers of rooftop are taken as respondents.

Statistical analysis:

The primary data will be tabulated, necessary pie charts or bar charts will be plotted, and suitable statistical technique like percentage method will be used to analysis the data.   

Objective of the study

1) To study the financing options of major solar rooftop companies in Bangalore.

2) To evaluate best financing option available for solar rooftop.

3) To provide suggestion to national institute of advanced science based on study conducted.

4) To identify how solar rooftop companies are providing different kinds of financing options to its customers to purchase solar rooftop.

5) To know stakeholders perception to adopt solar rooftop.

6) To identify the difficulties encountered by financial institution lending finance to Rooftop solar.


1. A sample of 36 members is not adequate to speak to the perspective or assessment of a whole population.

2. The duration of the project is limited there for it is affect to collection of data from more companies in Bangalore Karnataka.

3. The some respondents are hesitating to give the information.

4. The study is restricted only to the organized sector of solar rooftop system.

5. The places which I have been surveyed were very backward where transportation problem was big thus it took a more time to complete the survey.


The significance/usefulness of this project can be shown as:-

1. The project is useful to customer about the different financial options available for the rooftop solar systems.

2. The report shall be useful in providing the necessary data for decision making in rooftop solar ownership options.

3. It shall enhance the knowledge of reader by providing in-depth view of energy and tariff policies.

4. The project shall provide a simple view of complex legislature thus making it easy to understand.



"National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)" is a focal point of cutting edge learning participates in information territory and multidisciplinary research in characteristic sciences, sociologies, expressions and humanities. The National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) was established by Mr. J. R. D. Tata in the year 1988 and tried to shape a foundation to direct progress multi-disciplinary examination of science house in Indian organization of science field in Bangalore.

The establishment is a discussion to accumulate individual from various scholarly foundation. They grasp executives and chiefs from exchange and government, pioneers in broad daylight undertakings, famous people in various strolls of life and the academicians in the characteristic and live sciences, humanities and sociologies. The foundation is one of a kind in its coordinated way to deal with the investigation of crossing point amongst science and innovation, reasoning, social issues and initiative. The organization offers a PhD developer with the point of creating unit of youthful researchers seeking after and creating multi-disciplinary exploration in assortment of territories.

The National Institute of Advanced Sciences was arranged by Jehangire Ranjit dadabhoy tata, abusinessperson and a pioneer of Indian avionics. Enrolled as a general public under the Karnataka Societies Registration Regulation Act amid a brief period when he joined the focal government as a Minister of State C. N. R. Rao charges the obligations of the privileged executive. The present chief of the establishment is Baldev raj.

NIAS is involved in a study of “Rural lightening in India through solar home lightening systems- assessments and options.” The principal investigators of the study area unit Dr.Hippu Salk kristal Nathan, assistant professors NIAS, Prof. D. P. Sengupta and Prof.Dilip R. Ahuja, IsroProf. of science and technology policy at NIAS. All the investigators of the study belong to energy environment policy programme of school of natural science and engineering at NIAS. NIAS have got a grant from the “South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics” (SANDEE) for conducting a comprehensive study focusing on the state of Karnataka

The national institute of advanced science presently signed a MOU with the institute of Trans-Disciplinary Health sciences and Technology on 30th April 2016, and also NIF signed MOU with NIAS, a plan of enhancing innovation research and discover joint of opportunities for different activities.

The national institute of advanced science is installed rooftop solar on its building. The institute not only produces own power. Institute sale excess unit to BESCOM It supplies electricity to BESCOM. This experiment is made possible by the 100 kwp solar plant at institute. One of the NIAS research associate Anasuya Gangopadhyay said that a total of 46940 units were expected from NIAS to BESCOM from April 2015 to March 2016. The average monthly export to the utility has been supplied by institute is 3912 units.


The research is studied by Prof. DP Sengupta and Prof. Dilip R Ahuja. The programme is involved in solar energy research. The EEPP group is presently looking at best possible ways to direct urban saving solar rooftops into energy deprived rural areas. EEPP work in the areas of energy and environmental policy it studies the interaction of energy and the environment to expand sound policies.

The project on Energy and Environmental arrangement will be produced to find vitality approaches that alleviate India's troublesome vitality issues. The system would concentrate on approach pertinent exploration which is valuable for basic leadership. The goal of EEPP will be proposed by strategies that adjusted to an adjusted focus of vitality security. The principle center will be on vitality reserve funds in the force area.

Logo of NIAS


Established 20th June 1988

Director Dr. Baldev Raj

Location Bengaluru, Kranataka, India


 The institute registered as a society under the Karnataka Societies Registration Regulation Act with Raja Ramanna, the Indian physicist, as the founder director. When he joined the central government as a Minister of State, C. N. R. Rao held the responsibilities of the director as the honorary director. Ramanna come back to NIAS and continue with the institute till his superannuation in July 1997 to give the directorship to Roddam Narasimha who heads the NIAS till March 2004. The next director, K. Kasturirangan, was with NIAS from April 2004 to August 2009 and the management changed hands to V. S. Ramamurthy in September 2009. The National Institute of Advanced Sciences was started by Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, an entrepreneur and a pioneer of Indian aviation, who predict the institute to act as an assembly ground for the intellectuals of India for replace of views and ideas

Objectives of national institute of advanced science

Classify interdisciplinary segment, multidisciplinary area, and examination in regular sciences segment, sociologies segment, expressions segment, humanities segment and innovation segment. Integrated the investigation of discoveries and appropriation of data for the upside of Indian and worldwide society.

Make another control in all divisions of the general public by training and connection.

The NIAS institute suggests number of course during three of its schools other than the International Strategic and Security Studies, which is primarily an outreach program centre.

Following are the 3 schools details along with its courses offered

School of Humanities which includes

Course title:

 Relevance of Psychology

 Behavior, Cognition and Consciousness: An Introduction

 Core course in Humanities

 Effective Communication and Interpersonal Intelligence

• School of Natural and Engineering Sciences which incorporates

 Energy Systems: Technology and Policy

 Introduction to Dynamical Systems Theory

• School of Social Sciences which incorporates

 Anthropology of course and esteem

 Gifted Education

 Perspectives in Education Research

 Core course in Social Sciences

Mission Statement of NIAS

NIAS will likely inspire higher exploration and investigative development, with an attention on humanities and sociologies. NIAS endeavor to associate trains and recharge the connections amongst science and expressions. We will probably draw remarkable researchers and offer them the space and time to reflect and co operate so NIAS can encourage new study ways and empower perpetual participation.


Tata Power Solar systems Ltd

Year of commencement: - 1989

Headquarter:- Bangalore

Manufacturing unites:- there are three units in Bangalore.

Annual Revenue: - Rs. 5104.67 million

Total Revenue for 2013-14:- Rs. 11054.98 million

It is completely incorporated solar based arrangements of supplier of cells, modules and solar based items. It additionally gives EPC benefits, and has finished very nearly 160 MW ground mounted, utility scaled tasks and 40 MW of housetop activities till 2014. Its present module and cell producing limit is 200MW and 180MW.

Financing option serve by the Tata Power solar systems Ltd

 The company providing interests less loan on EMI finance option of solar products. Only need to pay an ostensible preparing expense and separation the aggregate expense of procurement between a period, starting up front installment and EMIs.

The company providing following benefits to its customer

• Easy documentation

• Low down payment

• No interest charges

• No security deposit or guarantor

EMMVEE Solar Group

Year of establishment – 1992

Headquarter – Bangalore

Manufacturing facilities - Two units in Bangalore

Annual Revenue 2012-13:- Rs. 3619.11million

EMMVEE photovoltaic is headquartered in Bangalore and has deals workplaces crosswise over India, Germany, Italy, France, UK and Singapore. EMMVEE has as of late entered the circle of MW scale venture improvement and EPC in India and in Europe with 1.4 MW rooftop top and twelve MW ground mounted PV power plants. The corporate giving Glass Toughening office to occupation the sun oriented warm and photovoltaic in-house creation what's more on parts like development, configuration, article of furniture and designing businesses in Bangalore

EMMVEE is maker of mono and poly crystalline modules. The organization has been putting forth different sunlight based controlled items and arrangements since 1992. The organization's item portfolio incorporates superior PV modules and sun powered housetop frameworks. It additionally offers EPC administrations for sunlight based PV power ventures.

The organization is presently offering tailor-made answers for the development of turnkey sunlight based force plants and PV undertakings of any classification. The organization has as of now effectively finished two activities adding up to 14 MW with one of them being rooftop top and the other free-field establishment.

Selco Solar Light Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment – 1995

Headquaters – Bengaluru

Annual Revenue 2012-13:- Rs. 216.18 million

The selco solar is founded by Harish Hande in 1995; the Selco solar is a social establishment which gives supportable sun oriented vitality arrangements and sun powered administrations give to its private and business costumer. The selco organization delivers the off-matrix items and sun oriented warm items. The selco gives tremendous work opportunities. The Selco at present utilizes around 295 representatives in Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar and Tamilnadu spread crosswise over 40 vitality administration focuses.

The Selco sun powered planed in an endeavor for three scatter three myths identified with feasible innovation furthermore in the country division as an objective Client base.

1) Poor individuals can't concoct the cash for practical innovations;

2) Poor individuals can't maintain feasible innovations;

3) The social endeavor can’t be keep running as business elements.

SELCO intends to offer energy to its client by giving an entire bundle of item, administration and customer financing through neighborhood banks, helpful social orders, business banks and smaller scale money foundations.

Money related Innovation by selco solar:

Selco solar work intimately with rustic banks, co-agent social orders, NGOs and microfinance foundations, to encourage financing so that end clients can bear the cost of with the organization's items it is because of SELCO's spearheading work that numerous monetary establishments have made a different credit extension for solar frameworks.

Nuetech Solar Systems Pvt Ltd.

Company Profile

Business Type Exporter / Importer / Service Provider / Manufacturer / Supplier

Year of establishment 1992

Company branches 2

Standard Certification ISO Standard

Services Solar products repairing, solar water heating systems installation


To convey first class Solar Photo Voltaic items and administrations and keep the clients delightfully astounded.

To manage a bleeding edge base and a motivating workplace, with consistent speculations and activities.

To embrace the best administration rehearses.

 Anu Solar Power Pvt Ltd.

Company Profile

Business Type Exporter / Service Provider / Manufacturer / Supplier

Year of establishment 1979

Standard Certification ISO 9001 – 2000

Products Suppliers Solar lighting systems, solar water lighting systems, solar geyser, water heater, solar generators, energy saving led lights

Services Hiring services of solar water heater, steam services

To convey top notch Solar Photo Voltaic items and administrations and keep the clients delightfully shocked. To manage a forefront framework and a moving workplace, with consistent ventures and activities

Anu Solar Power has been for almost three decades, and has had wide and thorough contact to the development and improvement of the renewable energy segment in the nation. The associations starting fathers share a profound guarantee to create world class renewable energy items for the Indian sufficient, at sensible rates. One of only a handful few organizations with an essential and profoundly skilled R&D group, Anu Solar Power has created and adjusted a mass of items, from solar water warmers, LED lights and solar inverters for the Indian state.

Deepa Solar System Pvt Ltd.

Company Profile

Business Type Manufacturer / Supplier

Year of establishment 2001

Products Suppliers Solar lighting systems, solar garden light, solar home light, solar street light, solar lantern, solar power inverters, solar compound wall light.

Deepa Solar Systems Pvt Ltd. This provides Solar Power Plant and Solar Wind Hybrid System solution. We work directly with customers and help them in preparing detailed Project Reports as agreed by MNRE and execute the complete project.

Deepa Solar Systems Pvt Ltd. provides rooftop, standalone, ground PV solutions as per necessity. Company provides technical expertise and support to your organization. We provide end to end solutions surrounding site survey, preparation of detailed project report, link with the relevant department for the subsidies, execution and maintenance of the same.

Vision Statement Deepa Solar System:

To make significant contribution to sustainable development by working towards the reduction of carbon footprints locally and globally by harnessing & channelizing solar energy to provide high-tech energy solutions

Mission Statement Deepa Solar System:

To shift the paradigm of nature by routing the natural resources into developing state-of-art and technically sound solar energy solutions to challenge the nightmarish energy crisis. Quality in an item or administration is not what the supplier puts in. It is the thing that the client gets out and will pay for. Consumer loyalty is DSSPL most noteworthy need. We accomplish this objective by persistently enhancing the cost viability and execution of every one of our items and procedures, and in addition concentrating on advancement.

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