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World Rubber Market

Worldwide interest for elastic is expanding at 4% rate yearly. The normal and engineered rubbers are requested in the worldwide business sector. At present 55% of the business sector is shared by manufactured elastic and 45% normal elastic. It is evaluated that this piece of the overall industry will proceed for the coming years. It is additionally evaluated that world non-tire elastic interest will surpass tire elastic interest by 2011 as a result of quick development popular by 2011 as a result of quick development sought after for elastic items.

According to the WTO review (1998) Thailand stand first in elastic generation, this is trailed by Indonesia, Malaysia, india (4th)and china in the request.

The U.S, china and japan rule the worldwide elastic utilization. They on the whole record for half of world utilization.

Brief History of Tyre

In 1845 R.W. Thomson concocted and licensed pneumatic tire in which he utilized various meager swelled tubes inside a cowhide spread. It was having the point of interest that it would take more than one cut to collapse the entire tire and the changing weight of the tire could modify the ride conditions.

In 1888 John Boyd Dunlop concocted Rubber pneumatic tire. The First promoting of Dunlop had come in 1888 in lrish cyclist. In 1889 tire had its first leap forward, A Belfast cycle race was won on pneumatic elastic tire from that point forward it got open consideration.

The first tire had its own particular disadvantage. The internal tube can't be changed or expelled in light of the fact that the tire was struck to the wheels. In 1890 C.K. Weish patented the design of a wheel rim and outer cover with inextensible lip. The most important technical development related to tyre includes Michelin’s creation of the radial tyre with its vastly superior grip in 1948 and Dunlop’s inner tubes on car tyres in 1972. After this tube less tyre also were produced.

Time has given the motor industry tyres capable of many different applications. This ranges from High speed racing such as formula one to heavy plant usage on vehicles as large as a house. All tyres offer comfortable ride, relative puncture resistance, wear and performance.

Global Tyre Industry

A portion of the main tire producing organizations are Bridge stone, Good year, Good rich, Michelin and Dunlop. These organizations share a noteworthy piece of worldwide business sector. Organizations like Good rich entered the Indian business sector through specialized joint effort with MRF.

Indian Rubber Industry

Amid 2007-08 india's mechanical development recorded 8.3% and in the month of April 2008. It had tumbled to 7%. If there should be an occurrence of modern assembling it was 11.3% Among Indian commercial ventures elastic industry assumes an overwhelming part. India is the third biggest maker and fourth biggest purchaser of normal elastic and the fifth biggest shopper of manufactured elastic on the planet.

India began business planting of elastic in 1902 at cochin. The primary elastic processing plant was setup in Calcutta (1920). Car tire segment is the single biggest division representing around half utilization of a wide range of elastic, trailed by bike tires and tubes 15%, foot wears 12%, belts and hoses 6%, camel back and latex items 7%, all other staying elastic items set up together record for 10%. The estate part with an expected creation of more than 630 hundred thousand tones of normal elastic and an anticipated generation of more than one million tons sooner rather than later helps radical development of the Indian elastic commercial ventures.

At present India send out elastic items to 85 nations. The elastic business in India is essentially isolated into two divisions – tire and non-tire parts. Non0-tire areas identifies with generation of items like foot wear, links and wires, battery boxes, cycle tires and tubes, material designing businesses, elastic hoses, air transportation, flight, pharmaceutical products, latex boxes, steel plants.

Indian Tyre Industry

Indian tire industry is overwhelmed by the sorted out division. The disorderly part is generally connected with production of bikes. The principal Indian tire organization (Dunlop Rubber Company) was built up in 1926. From that point forward it had quicker development. Last monetary the development recorded was 7%. In 2007 it was a Rs 9000 center industry. The proportion of regular elastic to engineered elastic is 80:20 in tire industry. It is and 30:70 in at worldwide level. The principle inputs utilized for tire generation are elastic (characteristic and engineered), carbon dark, nylon, and tire string and elastic chemicals. For the most part tires are partitioned into two classifications Crossply and outspread. Another order of tire is on the premise of the kind of vehicle. The tires delivered by the organizations fall in any of the class.

Indian tire industry is confronting extraordinary rivalry from China and other South East Asian nations in tire fares to different nations.

In spite of the fact that the nature of Indian tires is better and has more extensive acknowledgment, because of less expensive valuing, higher volumes and helped by Government backing and sponsorships, Chinese tires are cutting into the offer of Indian tire trades.

There is a need to advance India Brand for tires as one which spells quality and higher guidelines.

Leading Indian Tyre Companies

In India the leading companies are MRF, Apollo tyres, JK Tyres and CEAT, which have 70% share of Indian tyre market. Other famous companies are Telco, Ashokleyland, Volvo, Modi, and TVS. In international market these companies face competition from leading tyre manufacturing companies like Bridge stone, Good year, Michelin, Dunlop etc.


An organisation is a social plan which seeks after aggregate objectives, which control its own execution and which has a limit isolating it from its surroundings. Association is an affiliation framed by individuals who see that there are advantages of cooperating towards some shared objective.

Organisation studies are the investigation of individual and gathering progression in a hierarchical setting, and additionally associations themselves. There are numerous variables that come into light in an association. Association thinks about endeavor to comprehend and demonstrate these variables.

Organization study is key to any MBA graduate as it helps them to interface hypothesis with practice. Hence the Bangalore University has presented this temporary job program at the earliest reference point of the third Semester. It has conferred eagerness amongst MBA understudies from the earliest starting point about the significance and utility of this Internship work.

Temporary job preparing project is an imperative and vital part of the instructive educational modules which helps understudies to know how the association capacities furthermore to know how different interrelated offices cooperate to accomplish their shared objective and it likewise helps the understudies to have a commonsense presentation to the issues confronted, capacities, offices, and business operation.

This is for the most part aides in growing actually and professionally while picking up certainty and genuine experience, meeting and systems administration with specialists in one's range of interest and tutoring and execution criticism from the site director alongside helping him/her to hone his/her relational abilities and to get roused by the working of the association in the focused business world and consequently they become more acquainted with the what, why, how's of the administration standards.

Item advancement is the procedure of outlining, making and showcasing new items or administrations to advantage clients. Here and there alluded to as new item advancement, the control is centered around creating deliberate techniques for controlling all the procedures required in getting another item to advertise.

Item advancement includes either enhancing a current item or its presentation, or building up another item to focus on a specific business sector fragment or portions. Predictable item advancement is a need for organizations endeavoring to stay aware of changes and patterns in the commercial center to guarantee their future benefit and achievement. A focused item improvement methodology ought to incorporate a broad duty to making things that satisfy specific customer needs or attributes. These attributes may incorporate shoppers' yearning for the accompanying: items that are high caliber or ease; items that furnish the buyer with rate or adaptability; or items that offer some other type of separation that places them an alluring buy.

Inventive new items are the fuel for the most capable development motor you can interface with. You can develop without new items - AT&T sold basically the same phones for a considerable length of time while turning into the world's biggest information transfers concern- - however most little organizations will think that its hard to develop by any means, significantly less quickly, without a consistent stream of new items that address client issues.

The Design procedure at MRF begins from the client - inputs from individual clients are ordered by promoting and given to Corporate Technical MRF's R&D and Product Development Division or vehicle particular prerequisites are gotten from the clients.

MRF's group of 300 architects and researchers gives MRF its tremendous quality in item outline. Necessities got, a group now chips away at changing over the client contribution to a Design Concept.

MRF utilizes cutting - edge innovations in prescient testing and outline acceptance before it leaves the planning phase. These advances have essentially put up down the ideal opportunity for sale to the public for new outlines.

Propelled crude materials are tried and affirmed in our NABL certify research centers. MRF works intimately with worldwide suppliers in utilizing the most recent advancements as a part of materials over the globe. Our research centers which have the extremely most recent in testing hardware intently screen the nature of the material going into our tires at the season of endorsement and routinely after that.

The models for confirmation and approval testing are fabricated in one of MRF's 6 plants all of which are TS 16949/ISO 9001 guaranteed. The tires then experience testing for affirming the engineering and a progression of indoor testing to guarantee that they meet MRF's tight benchmarks furthermore those required by the OEM or by any of the national principles like BIS/JIS/ETRTO/T&RA.

Tires are currently given over to the Vehicle Dynamics Group, who now accepts the configuration on the vehicle. These tests are done at the test track in a progression of moves at different paces, stretching the tires to the furthest reaches of its capacities.

MRF likewise tests tires on armadas the nation over to guarantee that the tires have continued effectively all the sorts of streets on which our clients travel every day. Race Tracks and Indian Roads are our labs.

Simply after this do we give any tires to the client - every single worldwide player producing a worldwide class of vehicles. MRF has been outlining tires this class of vehicles for over 10 years now. MRF tires have met the requesting prerequisites of these vehicles, supported by a R&D group which is totally in-house and independent.

Product Development Strategy

Growing new items or changing existing items so they seem new, and offering those items to present or new markets is the meaning of item improvement system. There is nothing straightforward about the procedure. It requires sharp regard for contenders and client needs now and later on, the capacity to back models and assembling forms, and an inventive advertising and interchanges arrangement. There are a few subsets of item advancement system.

Product Development Diversification Strategy

This methodology is utilized when an organization's current business sector is immersed, and incomes and benefits are stagnant or falling. There is practically zero open door for development. An item advancement expansion system takes an organization outside its current business and another item is created for another business sector. A case of this technique is an organization that has sold protection items and chooses to build up a budgetary instruction program went for understudies. The new item is not progressive as there are different organizations delivering comparable items, yet it is new to the organization creating it.

Progressive Product Development

Progressive items are those for which there was no genuine earlier need. PCs and phones are great cases. Prior to these items showed up available, buyers did not know they required them. In any case, the germ of a thought on the most proficient method to better impart brought about items that have changed the world and have definitely changed the focused scene.

Benchmarking the Process

Whatever technique is utilized, the new item improvement process must be painstakingly thoroughly considered. It likewise requires a progression of benchmarks along the way. These assess whether the procedure ought to be proceeded as new item improvement is normally costly and tedious. For instance, if an organization is building up another item and a contender beats that organization to showcase with a comparative new item, the organization must make a "go/no go" choice about its own particular item improvement alternatives.

Customers Front And Center

Whatever item advancement methodology an organization chooses, shoppers should be up front and required in the process through and through. Put aside enough spending plan for buyer assessment of the new item at the idea, model and the last item organize. Ensure you not just incorporate those purchasers who speak to your essential business sector, additionally those to whom your organization may engage optionally.

7 Simple Ways to Improve Product Development

  Propelling another item or administration can inspire as much fear as it does fervor. Our way of life is fixated on "new," and organizations are required to convey it. In any case, in the race to market, organizations frequently disregard basics.

  Absence of planning and lacking investigation are regularly refered to as the most widely recognized reasons for new item disappointments. Regularly, it isn't so much that work is not being done, but rather that the procedure controlling the work has been misshaped throughout the years with tenets being broken and special cases made.

  Here's a seven-direct registration toward help you survey whether your item improvement handle needs a touch of altering:

1. Size the open door, not the business sector

   To make a strong comprehension of your chance, take a gander at the whole market through the viewpoint of your client to decide the genuine potential. For instance, when money related administrations associations began offering protection items specifically, some chose that subsequent to everybody required protection, their business sector was as huge as whatever other protection provider's. Be that as it may, the majority of the protection business (around 60%) is adjusted by specialists, in this way the open door lay with just 40% of the aggregate business sector. What's more, of that 40%, just a little rate would purchase specifically from a money related administrations supplier.

    By precisely estimating the open door, you can set legitimate desires of what can be accomplished. At that point you can manufacture a sensible business case for whether this will be a vast or little win.

2. Slaughter a couple of new thoughts

Excessively numerous associations bring all their new thoughts through the advancement cycle when some ought to have been deserted. This is regularly in light of the fact that duties have been made, or on the grounds that nobody needs to be the unwanted messenger. Be that as it may, conveying new thoughts too far squanders assets and occupies the collaborations' from concentrating on the champs.

To maintain a strategic distance from this, ensure you have far reaching parameters against which to screen new item and administration thoughts. Build up the components that a thought must need to keep focused rundown. On the off chance that a thought does not meet your income prerequisites, for instance, either cut it from the rundown or make sense of how to adjust it with the goal that it can profit.

3. Discover the agony focuses

What is the real reason for your new item or administration? What need does it illuminate? Some organizations create advantage explanations in light of another offering's elements rather than its real advantages. Distributed computing administrations, for instance, are regularly touted just like a method for safely getting to data from anyplace, in light of the fact that that is the way cloud-based figuring capacities. Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about alternate less unmistakable preferences, as not having the downtime and cost of settling servers, or the bother of Macs not having the capacity to associate with PC-based servers? In the event that you don't completely comprehend your objective gathering's agony focuses, you can without much of a stretch undersell the genuine advantages of your administration.

4. Cost for clients

A considerable measure of organizations get stumbled up in creating 'expense in addition to's valuing as opposed to genuine client based estimating. At the point when new items that required a considerable establishment procedure were initially dispatched in the interchanges business—Internet administrations, for instance—most associations tried to charge the client for the full establishment cost. This diminished the quantity of potential new clients during a period when the administration was simply picking up mindfulness. By difference, the remote business comprehended this at an early stage. It decreased the underlying expense of another telephone to the client by building the equipment cost into the month to month charge.

Organizations regularly utilize cost-based evaluating with a specific end goal to approve a worthy ROI for the business situation when they ought to create valuing in light of their client's cost edge to guarantee that cost does not turn into an obstruction to buy for individuals who really need the item.

5. Get clients included early

You can reality-confirmation your ideas by incorporating your client in the item advancement cycle—particularly in the event that you do it well before you dispatch. Decide the stages in which you will connect with your clients. Think about making as a client admonitory board, on the off chance that you don't as of now have one. What's more, recall that customary touch-point gatherings with a client criticism board work both ways; not just do you enhance your comprehension of how they feel about your item, you likewise fabricate client consciousness of your offering before attempting to offer them on it.

6. Devote a group to the employment (and engage them to do awesome work)

A dispatch can without much of a stretch be bargained if the obligation regarding the achievement of another administration is spread among excessively numerous people, or if there are no committed assets. In any case, simply making somebody specifically responsible is insufficient. You ought to hope to engage that individual with the goal that they have power and assets. Organizations frequently work in a "nothing new" when growing new offerings, when there ought to be extra assets dispensed to the assignment.

7. Consider life after dispatch

After most organizations dispatch another item or new administration, the main individuals associating with clients are the deals and administration groups. Not just ought to there be a nitty gritty arrangement in the matter of how this new item will be upheld by the item improvement group, yet you ought to likewise have broad preparing and instruction accessible inside to staff. It's much better when the improvement group and deals/bolster groups work in coupled. Your item improvement group may even try to include deals and administration groups prior all the while, as opposed to simply preparing them after the item is prepared. This will get everybody pondering the aggregate client experience its underlying showcasing, as well as how the new administration will be bolstered and enhanced all through its lifecycle.

Much has been composed about advancement and the significance of inventiveness as specialists say something regarding the most recent Apple item dispatch, or the mix-ups that organizations, for example, BlackBerry have made. In any case, the fact of the matter is there's no lack of new item thoughts out there. The genuine aptitudes lie in finding the gems, setting up a very much oversaw and resourced procedure to assemble them, using client contribution all through, propelling them with a completely bolstered and devoted group and figuring out how to ceaselessly enhance what has been dispatched.


Though theoretical learning is necessary and a must for the students to learn the basics of the study processes, practical knowledge of the subjects is an aspect, which is must to be covered by all the students in their respective fields. Such practical trainings are very important to be covered in the academic syllabus of the students to give them an in-depth knowledge of an organization. College are adopting culture of practical training as part of the curriculum, to make the students aware of the practical side of the studies.

In MBAs course the internship program is supposed to be most crucial and important part of the course duration. It is important for the students to get the internship in the large group and companies for gaining detailed information. This internship program gives the students a real time knowledge of the organization environment.


Colleges are adopting culture of practical training as part of the curriculum, to make the students aware of the practical side of the studies.Though theoretical learning is necessary and a must for the students to learn the basics of the study processes, practical knowledge of the subjects is an aspect, which is must to be covered by all the students in their respective fields. Such practical trainings are very important to be covered in the academic syllabus of the students to give them an in-depth knowledge of an organization. MRF uses cutting - edge technologies in predictive testing and design validation before it leaves the drawing board. These advances have significantly brought down the time to market for new designs.

This study is required, as product development is an essential field for the survival of a company and when it comes to MRF, the company which is facing severe competition from JK Tyres, Apollo tyres, TVS tyres and other competitors, it need to outstand the competition and maintain its leading position.




   According to Booz, Allen and Hamilton studied the actual process of product development in 51 companies in the USA in 1943 and have drawn a decay curve of new product ideas. Initially, during idea generation stage, there will be large numberof ideas. On screening, half of this will be discarded. Then on proper scrutiny of business analysis, their eliminate even half of that. The remaining ideas of product will be development- product attributes or specification including packaging.           

  As showed in the former part, our examination expands on ideas that have been produced in beforehand unlinked regions. We in this way need to draw on various strands of writing that can be subsumed under the accompanying classes: new item advancement, choice models with data redesigning, and genuine choices hypothesis.

    This part studies these writing strands and surveys the significant ideas and hypotheses. We begin with the writing on new item improvement, giving an outline of key advancement venture attributes and additionally the achievement variables recognized by observational studies. From that point, choice models with data upgrading potential outcomes are looked into. Other than giving an outline of the significant data overhauling demonstrating approaches, we consider relating choice structures created in various territories of operations administration and talk about their pertinence to our examination objective. At long last, the key ideas of genuine choices hypothesis are introduced, including distinctive valuation techniques and savvy structures for innovative work applications.

      This segment shows the key attributes of new item improvement tasks and audits the (exact) writing concerning distinguished difficulties and in addition achievement components of dealing with the venture characteristic instability. The writing on this theme is boundless since it envelops advertising, designing, key, and in addition authoritative and behavioral angles. Given our exploration objective, we will in this way fundamentally concentrate on instability lessening and data era related methodologies from an operations administration perspective.1 The got bits of knowledge will highlight the requirement for quantitative choice models keeping in mind the end goal to improve the comprehension and the administration of vulnerability in the range of NPD. Also, they will outline the fundamental qualities of NPD undertakings hidden our structure.

   The improvement of another  product by and large includes all exercises beginning with the distinguishing proof of a business sector opportunity and completion with the dispatch of the item into the business sector. It is in this way more particular and focused than general exploration exercises (cf. e.g., Brockhoff 1997a, p. 35 ff.). The nonexclusive procedure of NPD is a consecutive approach driven by the sequential movement of advancement assignments. The principal formal plans, today regularly alluded to as the staged survey process, expand on the physical succession and brake up the advancement exercises in discrete stages, every consummation with an audit point where choices about the further movement and its financing are made (Cooper 1994).

   In this way, this formal procedure has exclusively a task administration concentrate on the designing exercises keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the finish of the venture on time, inside particular and spending plan. It further addresses just specialized dangers and disregards pertinent undertakings in advertising or back and also any communications between these diverse useful orders. they likewise split the NPD procedure up into a foreordained arrangement of stages with predefined checkpoints (entryways). The distinction to the past models is that every stage includes unmistakably endorsed cross-useful and parallel exercises. The doors after every stage contain deliverables for each practical territory that the task must go keeping in mind the end goal to continue to the following stage.

    Regularly, between four to six phases are found in industry (Cooper 1994). The principal stage, arranging, expands upon cutting edge innovative work exercises by researching the business sector capability of the item idea, investigating conceivable item models and assembling strategies, and in addition leading budgetary studies. The aftereffects of these investigations fabricate the premise for the business instance of the undertaking which sets the pointed venture particulars, characterizes the required errands, and depicts the monetary allowance and calendar limitations. After the formal endorsement of the task, these perspectives are refined and encourage investigated amid the idea advancement stage before the genuine configuration exercises are begun (framework level outline stage). More than a few building, testing, and adjusting emphasis cycles, the item propels, achieves manufacturability, lastly, amid the creation incline up stage, the status to be propelled into the business sector.

     Improvement undertakings are presented to various instabilities. They can for the most part be followed back to the accompanying sources: market, specialized, asset, and timetable instability (cf. e.g., Souder and Moenaert 1992; Huchzermeier and Loch 2001; Ulrich and Eppinger 2004, p. 20 f.). Business sector and specialized vulnerability are regularly viewed as the most conclusive ones while spending plan and/or plan overwhelms are either prompted by the previous two wellsprings of instability or emerge from administrative or hierarchical insufficiencies. In the accompanying, we in this way will exclusively focus on the previous. Market instability involves, for instance, client prerequisites, moves of contenders, business sector size, or evaluating.

    Specialized instability, then again, identifies with viewpoints like innovation choice, outline and item design, or the meaning of item details. The general level of vulnerability is obviously exceedingly extend particular and relies on upon viewpoints like the level of advancement, chose innovation, venture term, or the qualities of the objective business sector. Freely thereof, the general instability is for the most part most astounding in the early phases of the advancement procedure, regularly called the fluffy front end, when the client necessities and other business sector qualities are still excessively uncertain and numerous specialized subtle elements have not yet been determined (Dahan and Mendelson 2001; Schröder and Jetter 2003). In nearness of such instability, administration needs to change its improvement endeavors in like manner.


Purpose of this dissertation is to study the strategies of MRF, Goa for improving product development. New products are developed to meet stringent requirement of various customers by introducing new designs and compounds.The problems associated with the study can be summed up as, the process of product development is relation to research and innovation hence, regular interaction with the clients is required. Moreover the organization must be well-versed with the change in technology and consumer requirements which are not easy to match up with all the time.

Modernizations of equipment’s are done to achieve greater accuracy and increased productivity. Developments of new designs and formulations have resulted in the development of new products to meet the specific customer requirement.


• The scope of the study includes product development strategies of MRF Limited, Goa.

• The relevance of the study is to understand whether the better performance of the organization is due to the better management of human resource engaged in the industry.

• It will be highly beneficial to the management for designing their future policies.


 To find the product development strategies implemented by MRF.

 To find the role of  R & D department  towards the development of MRF products

 To assess the customer perception towards the development of MRF Products.


Sampling Design:Sampling is the process of selecting units (e.g., people, organizations) from a population of interest so that by studying the sample we may fairly generalize our results back to the population from which they were chosen.

The two main methods used in the research are probability and non-probabilitysampling. The difference between probability and non-probabilitysampling has to do with a basic assumption about the nature of the population under study. In probability sampling, every item has a chance of being selected. In non-probability sampling, there is an assumption that there is an even distribution of characteristics within the population.

The research has used convenience sampling for collection of dataand the study will be done on the basis of the data received.A convenience sample is one of the main types of non-probabilitysampling methods. A convenience sample is made up of people who are easy to reach.

Sampling size:The sample size used in the research will be 25 employees.

Sampling Location: MRF Tyres Limited, Ponda- Goa


Primary data will be collected through the usage of different methods of questions and observations like:

 Interviews- An interview is a conversation where questions are asked and answers are given.

 Questionnaires- a set of printed or written questions with a choice of answers, devised for the purposes of a survey or statistical study.

 Focused Groups- A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.

The present study is conducted through explanatory research technique. The Structured questionnaire will be used for the collection of primary data.

Secondary data which is collected from various sources such as:

 Company’s website-  a set of pages of information on the internet about a particular subject, published by a the organization:

 Reports- an account given of a particular matter, especially in the form of an official document, after thorough investigation or consideration by an appointed person or body.

 Journals- a daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary.


The collection of data used for the study can be categorized into: Primary data and Secondary data.

A) Primary Data

Primary data are information collected or generated by the researcher for the purpose of the project immediately at hand, or in other words any data which have been collected first time for their own purpose is called primary data.

 Designed Questionnaire to obtain feedback from employees.

 Discussions with Training and Development Officer .

B) Secondary Data

Secondary data means the data which are already available i.e. they refer to the data which have already been collected and analyzed by someone else.

Some of the important data for the study was collected from

 The existing project reports., which gave data regarding the Organizational hierarchy, reporting relationship, etc.

 Data has also been collected from Company website.

The data will be analyzed and interpreted by statistical tools like graph and tables. If the collected data requires any other form it can be then consider and observation will be reported.


The present study is of an exploratory nature. As such it suffers from the limitations that primary data obtained in the form of responses by the staff had to be primarily depending upon. Since job satisfaction is a mental attitude it can’t be measured accurately. The result derived from the study is not applicable to other organizations.

 Few of the employees were not cooperative. Few of them did not give genuine answers due to fear.

 The study was conducted for a short period of time.

 Employees were busy in their work so could not give more details.

 Some information of the firm was not available due to its confidentiality

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