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My choice of Engineering had to be Electrical & Electronics, due to the fascination I had towards Electronics from a very young age, ever since my father got us a Pentium 2 PC. I joined Rajalakshmi Engineering College to broaden my interest and improve my career prospects. I picked up an interest in High Voltage & Power Engineering and this interest acquainted me with softwares such as MATLAB, where I learnt to run simulations and run fault-analysis programs. Attending a workshop on Robotics in a national level technical symposium WAVES at Anna University, completely enthralled me. Building, and coding for a robot completely brought out the child in me. My final year project was titled “ High Dimming Ratio for LCD backlight using LED driver circuits”, which enabled us to achieve better efficiency and longer life for the LCD backlights. While executing our final year project, I further learnt PCB design & fabrication and fuzzy logic programming.

Shortly after completing engineering, I joined Corrosion Technology Services LLC, in U.A.E (CTS) as a trainee estimation engineer; which specialised in Cathodic Protection mainly for marine structures and Oil & Gas structures such as Pipelines, Tanks. It is my work place that completely changed my point of view about engineering and learnt the integration of engineering and management. I had the opportunity to work under vastly experienced engineers who later became my role models, and their work ethics has left a deep impact on me, influencing me to improve further.

My essential duties in CTS involved helping the Technical Sales manager in reviewing tender documents and drawings of structures, performing engineering calculations, estimating the bill of quantities and coordinating with vendors for materials supply. Assisting the clients with technical clarifications helped me understand the basic aspects required for preparing a quotation for a product. Upon successful completion of the training, I was made the Junior estimation engineer which extended my responsibilities to work on several projects in parallel. The time constraint on each project taught me to plan and work simultaneously which helped me keep my reports up-to date. The extensive usage of computer applications for our quotations, reports and presentations has made me familiar with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation packages.

Apart from being occupied with the estimation department, I took a personal interest in filling the company’s vacancy of an AC Mitigation expert. Thanks to my prior exposure to power engineering and my tech-savvy attitude, I quickly learnt how to use the software - CDEGS and helped CTS execute a number of projects us. I had financed myself to learn the software, which impressed my MD manyfold. This whole process of learning and executing projects using the software has been the most challenging & rewarding experience of my life.

After spending about a year in the estimation department and executing AC Mitigation projects, I started working closely with my company’s project Manager Mr. John Norris who at that time was executing few projects worth about $3 million each, simultaneously, for some important Oil and Gas clients like ADNOC & KOC. The job nature and his work ethic was quite impressive. He had to keep track of on-going projects, modify and check schedules, handle queries of our engineers, the clients and dictate the commercial terms accordingly. It is during this period that I learnt to use the software MS project and realised its importance, at least in my career ahead. While assisting him, I realised my penchant and potential towards this field, and decided to pursue Engineering Management.

My first ever exposure to Management was during under graduation through a subject called “Principles of Management”. The subject served as an invitation to the world of Management and I vividly remember listening to the lectures on it. Books such as “The Ten Day MBA” by Steven Silbiger and “The Personal MBA” by Josh Kaufman amplified my interest in Management and has kept me intrigued in it since then. Additionally, my company’s marketing manager helped me understand the MBA concepts in detail in analogy to CTS, which further heightened my interest in management.

Owing to my short stint in full-time work, and highly diverse assignments which has given me an exposure into business practices, I seek a better and thorough understanding of management and its various facets; its integration with technology and different business entities. I am interested in factors that affect the competitive performance of a business concern, and the manner in which changes in technology affect an organisation, long-term business strategy, product development, manufacturing, supply chains, distribution network, information needs and standard systems. In order to gain an appreciation of these and related issues, it is essential for me to have a strong grounding in Economics, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management and issues connected with Information Technology, as well as gain a General Management perspective.

Looking back, I am glad that I could make out time for extra-curricular activities during my under-graduation, despite having an increasingly difficult academic period. My interests in literature, music and spirituality help me maintain a sense of perspective in life. I was one of the editors of my department editorial- “Electragyaan”. I had also been instrumental in co-organising my department’s symposium - COULOMB. I was an active member in the debating union held in our college which also earned me a part-time job as a language & soft skill trainer. Collectively these experiences in various committees/part-time jobs has groomed me into the person that I am today.

My desire to pursue further studies at your University is because of the fact that it has a dynamic atmosphere which will provide me with an opportunity to improve my skills, and explore. With well-qualified and experienced faculty, and excellent facilities, your university would provide an ideal platform for achieving my goals.

I look forward to the programme; which is the most important step towards achievement of my goals. I will treasure this opportunity and make every effort to live up to my highest potential.

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