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Being in the thick of a technological and computing revolution that drastically alters our lives, I'm very excited about the prospect of devoting my career to one of these dynamic, quickly advancing areas.  I strongly believe there will be dramatic developments yet to come in this field considering that we are essentially in an era where there is the significant upward push in our modern computing industry.

My exposure to Computer Science commenced after I entered a reputed institution in India. The lab facilities, course work, and professors have instilled in me a strong foundation on fundamentals of Computer Science. Since then, I have been constantly increasing my awareness in various aspects of computer Science with reference to my personal, professional and life goals. My immediate objective as of this moment is to work toward a Masters of Engineering.

I want to pursue a degree in Internetworking.  I am certain that the stimulating course work, academic atmosphere and interaction with the distinguished faculty at Dalhousie school will prove to be immensely fulfilling and will facilitate my ongoing personal development in this area.

I vividly recall enrolling myself in career targeted courses at Accel IT Academy particularly hardware, system security, networking, and Linux administration upon my graduation back in 2003.  This was the first time I got an opportunity to physically work with the internal and external connectivity involving computers and where I briefly was exposed to routers, hubs, and switches.  

These career targeted courses opened an opportunity for me to work as a customer support representative who assisted clients, vendors, and users with their computer and basic networking problems.  

A year later, I enrolled to do my Masters in Computer Science which helped me land my next job in the IT industry as an IT analyst in Malaysia and Singapore where I worked for almost 8+ years.  Through my work experience, I have good hands-on knowledge of distributed operating systems and have first-hand dealt with the various technical challenges one would encounter when working with them. It also exposed me to the broad fields of service oriented architecture SOA, distributed systems, and business process management BPM.  

This experience made me realize that there is a lot more to learn and I made a decision to switch my career in 2013 and worked as an Assistant Professor.  During my time as a faculty, my obsession to learn more about networking topics increased dramatically enough for me to feel the need to dig deeper and specialize in this area.  

I'm mindful of the kind of resolve, focus, and determination needed to have a prosperous career in this field. I believe my academic and professional background will technically qualify me to be better equipped and also provide me the proper mindset for any such a profession.

Currently, I am working as a consultant to ensure I have the finances needed to make this career transition.  

Having established myself as a successful IT consultant, at this point, I feel that this is the right time for me to take up a new challenge.  I wish to raise my understanding of computer networks and use this knowledge to increase my chances of a fulfilling career as an Internetwork Engineer which I believe will be a more hands-on approach.  I have always intended to study abroad as I believe there is more practical exposure and opportunities to understand the subject matter at a deeper level.  Further, my sister is abroad in Canada so my decision to study in Canada is an easy choice.

Keeping my long term career aspirations in mind, my immediate objective will be to work towards a Masters of Engineering. I look ahead to joining as a student for your department and having a long and mutually beneficial association with Dalhousie University.  It is my intended goal to work towards continuing my higher studies at an international university.

I believe the experience I had as an academic graduate has provided me with the necessary exposure, knowledge and basic essential skills which would immensely be useful when I do my master’s overseas.

The INWK program in Computer Networks offered by the University of Dalhousie will provide me with the right knowledge, skill and practical exposure to help me pursue my new career path.  The practical orientation of your coursework will provide me the necessary exposure, understanding, tools, and skills which I'm confident will add value in enabling me to realize my professional goals. I am confident that I will grow and gain a lot from my association with Dalhousie University and strongly feel I will be able to influence and contribute towards ongoing research work done at Dalhousie University

Ten years from now, I want to be in a position to reflect back on my various accomplishments in life and feel enriched and accomplished at the same time.  Satisfaction, on the grounds that my work made an enormous impact in my field. And if I achieve this goal, I will consider my career a success.  Over the past few years, I have come to believe that my path towards this goal will require me leveraging on my skills, aptitude, and abilities which I’ve acquired to make significant contributions to improving my understanding of systems and concepts in the field of Computer Science.  Nevertheless, I am sure that my attitude and drive will see me through.  I am eagerly awaiting a positive response that ensures I will be associated with Dalhousie University in the near future.

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