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Ahad Ali


English III AP - 1st

5 January 2017

What is Success

Success holds different meaning among the minds of different people. People often consider success as the main goal of their lives and go through plenty of struggle in order to fulfill the goal. Success has a significant importance in one’s life as it reflects what a person achieved throughout his life. For some people success can be as little as winning a competition or can be as huge as acquiring money and wealth. Success is acquired when a person reaches the highest point of their life. According to Merriam-Webster, success is the attainment of a desired object. It is also considered as the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. Due to the rapid developments taking place in world, people consider wealth and materialistic things an extreme factor and are often curious about, how much does one person have? What does that person own? The modern generation mistakes the meaning of success by associating it with just money, wealth, and possessions. True success is completely based on ethics and morality rather than wealth. Success is achieved by the fulfillment of goals whether it be getting an A on this assignment or buying a new house for your parents.

Success is categorized into two different types, physical and mental success. Physical success portrays a person from the outside, it is more evident and can be easily witnessed by others. Physical success is determined through this criteria:

If a person has education;

If a person develops good relationships with other (including family and friends);

If a person has good health;

If a person has a profession.

The prime example of a physically successful person is Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook). Mark is highly educated in the field of computer science and computer engineering. Mark has developed good relationships with his fellow workers who manage Facebook day and night and make it possible to run actively without any crashes and bugs. Mark and his wife have a strong bond between each other as they take care of their daughter. Mark is free of diseases and illnesses, providing him with good health. Most importantly Mark possesses a powerful and stable profession. He puts in so much work and dedication into his profession that it reflects him filled with success. Another great example of a physically successful person is Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was a well educated man and learned a great amount of knowledge through books. Since there were no teachers at the frontier, Lincoln was dedicated to education. Lincoln developed strong relationship with others as he led America to Civil War and unified the country and most importantly addressed the issue of slavery which was an engaging topic during the 19th century. Lincoln had a good health, though he faced some medical complications when he was young. He had a great profession and is considered one of the best president of the United States. One of the border case is Steve Jobs (founder of Apple). Steve was a highly educated person. Steve didn’t have good relationships with others like Bill Gates as both of them were competing against each other. He was also selfish which was why he had bad relationship with others. Steve had a poor health as he was suffering from a rare cancer. Steve had a great profession, as Apple is a very famous tech company during the 21st century and one of the fastest growing company in the world. Steve would be considered physically unsuccessful due to his poor health and bad relationship with others.

In order to gain physical success, education is very important because lack of education means lack of knowledge which could hurt your profession as you need to know plenty of information in a profession or you could fail miserably. Developing strong relationship with others is a must because it omits stress. Strong relationships are always helpful because you never know who can help you in difficulties. Health is very precious because you just have one chance in lifetime to prove others of what you are capable of in life. Profession is also important as it creates changes in the society and always keep you motivated and working in your life.

Mental success is the most important as it reflects the inner qualities of a person. Mental Success is determined through this criteria:

If the person is happy;

If the person is honest and loyal;

If the person is intelligent;

If the person is respectful;

If the person promotes positiveness.

A major example of a mentally successful person is Martin Luther King Jr. MLK was very happy about his civil rights movement for African Americans. MLK was very honest about his movement and opinions, and he remained loyal to his followers who were fighting for their rights. MLK was very intelligent as he surpassed in education and possessed a great amount of knowledge which helped him led through the movement. MLK was very respectful as he respected everyone, but the only thing that bothered him was the condition of African Americans during the 20th century. MLK promoted positiveness throughout his life as he was aiming for racial equality in the United States during the 20th century. A prime example of a mentally unsuccessful person is Adolf Hitler. Hitler was not mentally happy due to his illnesses. Hitler was not honest at all because he came to power through a dishonest mean. Hitler was quite intelligent in defeating his opponents. Hitler was not respectful as he was discriminatory against Jews, disabled and e.t.c. Hitler did not promote positiveness because he discriminated against various groups of people. He also led everyone to a period of warfare and took a major role in mass killings of innocent people. Hitler would be considered mentally unsuccessful due to not being honest, respectful and promoting positiveness.

In order to gain mental success, being happy is important because it shows that you are satisfied of the result. Honesty is a must because it leads to the development of strong relationship with others and will always keep one out of trouble. Intelligence is required because that reflects the amount of knowledge and information one possesses. It also makes people rely on one for work and any help. Respect is important because it helps to build good relationship with others. Positiveness helps you to create strong relationship with others and allows you to make better and safer decisions in life.

    Success plays a vital role in daily life of a person. Success takes a great amount of patience because you have to struggle along the way as you face several obstacles and complications and you always have to try to overcome all the problems. The true meaning of success is far more beyond than wealth and possession.

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